Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Rachel Summer 2014 (Left)
I have some good news! In several areas! I have so much good news I do not know where to start!

Dahlia Yesterday 6.5 months
I guess, I can start with Rachel and her braces. She has never been happy with her teeth. She had a small gap between her two top front teeth. Almost every picture she has taken over the past several years, she has refused to smile in such a way to show any teeth. I was able to get her an appointment with an orthodontist. At first they said her problem was not enough that the insurance would help
with the tab. We don't have the kinds of funds that we could just hand over that money, so it looked like Rachel would have to live with her teeth the way they are. When I explained to the orthodontist how important this was to Rachel's self-esteem, they resubmitted the request. It was granted this time. They were put on in mid to late January. She will have them for one year. Her next appointment is in mid March. She can already see the difference. She has
Rachel Today
worn glasses for years but hates to take pictures in them. I think she is beautiful either way.

Sarah, Chance and Dahlia moved out the beginning of February. They had been hoping to get a two bedroom, one bath home in a small town 15 miles west of Danville. Population 200, before they moved in,  They had been looking at this house and really wanted it. Sarah worked with the banker and was able to get a mortgage to buy the home. She also started nursing school in January and Chance landed a well paying job in February. This one he got on his own, not through a temporary agency. Jobs you land by yourself always seem to last longer.

Life's Little Tangles early February
Life's Little Tangles Today
I have been struggling for house cleaning clients. A little over a week ago Jack and I talked about me putting myself on care.com. It is alot like Angie's list. A three month subscription was very reasonable. We figured it was worth a shot. Every other venue of advertising had not generated much of anything. Within a couple of days, I received an e-mail from a gal. She wanted me to come to her house and  discuss what she wanted completed. I did that yesterday, as well as actually cleaning her home. She and her husband were very impressed. They now want me to come every other week. So, placing my name here has already more than paid for itself. Yay!!!

Jack is getting around so well now, he no longer needs the Jazzy. He uses a one prong cane to get from one point to another when the distance is quite far. At places like the grocery store or Walmart, he will use one of their electric carts, but at home 95% of the time he just walks. He uses his rollator in the kitchen, when he cooks or does the dishes because of how much time that requires for someone to be on their feet. For those of you who have not heard the term "rollator" and are wondering what on God's green Earth that is, it is basically w rolling walker with a seat, so if the person using it gets tired, they can sit a spell.

I have paid for the stitching retreat in full and actually purchased the airline tickets so now its really official. I am going to Stitching Under The Oaks!!

I have been stitching a fair amount (some might say alot). Since the beginning of the year I've been concentrating on my HEAD, "Life's Little Tangles". The picture on the right of LLT was taken something like February 2 or 3. The picture on the left was taken tonight.

 For the past few weeks I have had some pain issues in my arm. Not sure why, but I have an MRI this week. Maybe that will give some answers.

I have come up with a system that helps me if I have to stop at a point within a pattern, that is not what could be called a "natural" stopping point. The far left side of page 1 of any HAED, at the top "Section 0". As you move to the down you have "Section 10", "Section 20", and so on. As you move to the right in the pattern you have your columns. As you move down you also have rows. So, for example if you are working with DMC 3371 and you have to put your project down for a bit you can make a note. Using color 3371 at Section 60, Column 34, Row 68. That way you can tell right where you are, or at l
Numbers on Box 1
east I can.
Threads in Box 1

Something else that was recently discussed was the way you store your threads. I was asked to discuss what I do, showing pictures. When I talked about this on group I said each compartment held 5 full bobbins. I misspoke. Each compartment holds 6 full bobbins. I am not happy with the picture of the numbers on Thread Box 1, but the way it goes is white (blanc) is in the upper left corner; then ecru; then the numerical ones start. The lower right corner has the highest DMC number in that thread box box two will start with the next DMC number. I have a total of 5 DMC threads with just one bobbin of each color. I have "overflow" boxes as well, but they are not quite as organized. Box 1:  Blanc- 543, box 2: 550-829, box 3: 830-3328, box 4: 3340-3849, box 5: 3850- B5200 plus the other numbers that start with 52. I have my metallics in clear cases on stitch bows, I hope this answers the questions of those who messaged me
about how I did things.

Happy stitching everyone!


  1. Lyn, you sure do have some happy news all around! Congrats to you for being able to get braces for your dd - insurance is hard to work with,isn't it?
    Your HAED is coming along beautifully.
    And congrats on your new job - and to sh for being able to get around!

    1. Donna, You are sooo right about insurance being a pain in the keester! Thank you for the compliment on my HAED. I am so happy Jack can get around well!

  2. My girls hate things about themselves, I think its part of being a girl. Glad Rachel could get braces. I never got them and now it seems to be no point. With today's medical procedures, basically any "imperfection" can be improved, well, except for character and inner beauty.

    1. Fay, you are right about girls having a problem with the way they look. They see the models and if they don't look like them they think they are fat and/or ugly. Neither is true! Rachel weighs more than her sister, but her sister is shorter and has a different bone structure! You can't convince her of that though!!

  3. Your WIP looks good.

    My 23yr niece has issues as to how her teeth look. She had a tooth knocked out in volleyball during jr high and it was replaced. She swears it's a different color than the rest... I can't tell a difference, but apparently it really bothers her. I chalk it up to vanity.

    Thanks for sharing how you store your bobbins. Very similar to how I store mine.

    1. Thank you, Meari. Sarah had one of her top front teeth damaged by hitting her mouth on the side of the tub. The other was damaged in softball. At first the caps didn't look well. Then she had a root canal. Now her teeth look wonderful! Thanks for the compliments.

  4. That is how I store my second set of bobbins too but i have the individual numbers on the inside of the box and the number range on the front of the box.

    You have been very busy on your HAED and it looks great!

    Hope you continue to pick up some more jobs.

    1. The sheet with the numbers is taped to the inside of the lid. Thank you for the encouraging words about my finding more work. Also, thanks for the compliments on my HAED!

  5. Lyn, I am so happy your daughter is going to be able to smile with a lot of self esteem! congrats to your son on his job and house! Lots of time goes into our organizing doesn't it? looks great! and your HAED is coming along nicely! hugs, and happy stitching, Queeny

    1. Pam,I really believe the braces have alr eady helped her self esteem. When Rachel made the comment about her two front teeth being closer together, she was elated!, I am also very happy that Sarah's boyfriend got this job. He is a hard worker when he applies himself. Thank you for the compliment on both the organization of my threads and the progress on my HAED. One thing I forgot to mention about the threads is that I have thread boxes I use for the projects I am doing. As I "kit up" the project, I put the necessary threads in those boxes, in numerical order.

  6. I'm so glad that Jack is walking so well now - what a blessing! Congratulations on your family news, and have fun at your retreat!

    1. Thank you, Claudette. Its always a blessing to report good news. I plan on having fun, don't worry! Being around other stitchers will be fun!

  7. Good news all around, that is always a great thing.

    I store my floss in baggies (the small ones meant for craft items). I get a package of 100 for about $3. I started this about 6 or so years ago because I didn't like the way the floss was so kinky once you got towards the end of a bobbin. At the time, I put a piece of index card in the baggie so I could line all of the baggies up in a storage bin. I also labeled each one. I put a cardboard divider in the bin as well. Recently, I started putting pieces of scrapbook paper in the baggies. Now my floss is in fun and fancy packaging.