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Friday, July 18, 2014

LOTS Going On!

Redone front porch with one of my Mother's Day plants
Boy, have the past couple of months been busy!

Sarah's plant to me
I ended up not stitching at all during the month of May. We were working on home improvements at that time. Jack completely rebuilt the front porch with help from Chance. It greatly improved the look of the house. Jack also put new linoleum in the bathroom and replaced the toilet. We discovered that there was a leak underneath the toilet that was rotting the floor beneath, and Jack had to replace a portion of the base of the bathroom floor. We were also doing a great deal of yard work at that time. Jack and Rachel got me matching hanging plants for the front porch for Mother's Day. Sarah also got me a plant. I originally put her plant in the kitchen window, but it struggled there, so I moved it out to the ramp, outside the backdoor and now it is doing GREAT! It has gained alot of height. It lost its light purple flowers, when it was in the kitchen window, but I know it'll bloom again. :)

As May ended, so did school. Rachel finished her first year of high school and was looking forward to summer. Softball season started. Games two to three times a week, depending on the week. Rachel's team went undefeated during the regular season, which ended last week. Most of their games were won by a very decisive margin. They are in tournament now. They won the first game of Tournament 0-16 and the second game they won 7-8. The championship game is Saturday morning @ 10:00. The Tournament is what they call "double elimination", so Rachel's team, Jorgenson Electric, would have to be defeated twice on Saturday to be in second place, but honestly, I cannot see that happening!

Rachel in some of her gear
Rachel has also become a cadet with a local fire department. She is very enthusiastic about this. She feels like she wants to be a paramedic or fire fighter as an adult. She plans, after high school to go into the Coast Guard, to learn even more about helping others. In June she attended something at the University called, Illinois Fire Safety Institute,(AKA, IFSI) to learn how to handle certain types of fires and situations. She was gone for four days. It is evidently one of the best training situations in the United States.

Jack also finished remodeling the seats of the boat. He and I actually did the sewing together. He was using his machine and I was using mine. the bench seat I showed you a couple posts back is 48" wide. The two seats we sewed in June we put on swivels, so they can completely turn around so if you want to fish from a different direction or one person watches the person on the skiis or tubing, so if they lose their grip, the boat can/will stop and pick them up. We finished everything on the boat just in time to watch the Fourth of July celebration on Lake Vermilion, called, 'Thunder on the Lake". It is the fireworks show of all fireworks shows!! Absolutely gorgeous!!

Diaper Cake at the Shower
Sarah's baby shower was this past Sunday. The group was smaller than we
expected, but it was still alot of fun. We each created a saying on a white onesie. The one I made said, " I (heart) Mimi sew much! I put a couple of x's and drew a picture of a needle and thread. Jack made one with black
Yummy Cake
lines to make it look like a prisoner jumpsuit and put the phrase, "I just did nine months on the inside". These boots on the cake are real, and trust me, Dahlia will be wearing them!

 Sarah had her final ultra sound this week and one of they things they determined was a guestimate of her (Dahlia's) weight. They believe at the time of the ultrasound she was 6lb 1 oz. Sarah isn't due until August 10, so she will probably be somewhere in the seven pound range when she finally makes her appearance.

A couple weeks ago Sarah stopped taking care of her in-home care client until after the baby is born. She is still working her other job, but has cut way back on her hours.  She tires quickly now, which is understandable. After Dahlia is born, and a few weeks old, she plans on trying to get on with someone using her CNA skills. She passed the State test for that after she found out she was pregnant. Needless to say, I am very proud of both of my girls! :) 

Completed Rose Bowl
I did start cross stitching again in early June and finished "Rose Bowl" a few days ago. I did take pictures of my progress as I went, but didn't have time to update my blog. Stitching is so calming to me. I think I'd rather do cross stitching than anything else I can think of!

Someone on one of my Facebook groups posted a picture of a shirt that is for sale. I WANT IT!!! It says,"I cross stitch so I don't choke people". Choke people is in bold letters as is cross stitch.

Baby Announcement
The day after I finished "Rose Bowl", I started Dahlia's birth announcement. I think it will be a quick stitch for me. It is a kit called, "Balloon Ride". It has three animals in a basket that has a 'ribbon' for the name of the child and three balloons attached to the basket.  I already have two of the three animals stitched. Since Sarah is so into horses, I wanted to stitch a birth announcement with a rocking horse or the like, but couldn't find one. This picture is a 5x7. Sarah loves it. That's the important thing!

McGlasson Wedding
I also sent the framed wedding announcement to my sister, since she was attending the wedding. She took a picture of the project, but you cannot see the frame. I am hoping for a picture of what it looks like in the frame.

I am very jazzed!!  I have been members of a group on yahoo for several years. The owner of the group has a stitching retreat at the end of May, beginning of June every year. I will be attending next year!

Well, I believe that gets you all caught up on my life the past couple of months. Please take care and have a wonderful day!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Spring Has Sprung!

Rose Bowl pages 1-2-3
Hello, Everyone! I have been wanting to update for the longest time. I wanted to have page three of "Rose Bowl" completed before I did, though. I put the final stitches in early this morning, before I went to clean a home. Life kept getting in the way of me doing a lot of stitching this month, but it was mostly good things.

Spring has arrived here in Central Illinois! My tulips are blooming, and my mums are coming back and the grass had two be mowed twice and is ready for the third cutting. I mowed it solo the first time, the Saturday before Easter. Last Saturday it needed mowing again. I did the backyard and Rachel did the front yard to earn the funds to get part of her firefighting cadet uniform, but more about that later. She is suppose to do the entire yard solo this week, town earn funds for something else related to the fire department as well.

We completed a class to officially become members of our church. Jack and I are excited about this church. You can definitely feel the Holy Spirit there! We sang a song Jack wrote and we had sung on the semi years ago all over the nation. The song fits the Good Friday service so well. The song is called, "It was Love". It talks about how Jesus was held on the cross by His love for us. Everyone that has heard it loves it. Jack played his guitar, a bass player joined in as well as a drummer.

My house cleaning business hit a rough patch. I lost one client due to death, a second due to retirement, a third, temporarily, because they need to help their daughter and yet a fourth is moving out of Illinois, to Michigan! That would be a 6.5 hour drive to do their home! Another client has, for a bit, cut their days. I will get them back to full hours in a couple of months. How long it takes to get back the client that I lost because of them needing to help their daughter, depends on how quickly the daughter finds a new job. I am praying it is soon! I did start recently helping to take care of a woman, around my age , whom has cerebral palsy like me, except hers is much worse than mine. I am mostly effected in my right hand and arm. My client is amazed that I can cross stitch and sew. The other day, when I was there, she had me repair a hole under the arm of one of her shirts. When I was done, she told me that her mom would be surprised that a cerebral palsy victim was using the sewing box her mom had put together to do minor mending.

Sarah was able to get a nice 2007 Saturn for a very reasonable price. She was very happy. She had been looking for a different vehicle, before her pick up frame broke, but the breaking of the frame escalated the need for the vehicle sooner. She had been wanting a newer vehicle before the baby makes her entrance into the world.

Sarah's pregnancy is going well.

Chance ended up applying for a job with someone else, since he still had not heard from the first company and ended up going to work two days later. It is a 40 hour a week position. I am very happy for him because I know he was getting down about being unemployed
Back to Rachel and the volunteer cadet firefighter program. They meet every Wednesday evening and every other Saturday morning. She expressed interest in becoming a volunteer cadet firefighter and we told her as long as she kept her grades up  that it was not a problem. So far, she is doing very well in the program.

Rachel has her first practice of softball season tomorrow evening.

We went fishing as a family not that long ago and had a blast! We found an area off the lake that Jack could get to with his rotator and we set everything up. We were there a good part of the day. We had some nibbles and Jack almost pulled one in on my pole, but we ended up without any fish for the day, but you know what, that';s okay. We went for the relaxation and family time togetyher and fun. We had all of that and more!!

Well, I must be going now. Please take care.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Test Day

Rose Bowl
Hello, Everyone!

I titled this update "Test Day" because this is my first attempt at posting my entire blog using my iPad. A very good friend of mine here in town gave me her old iPad about three weeks ago, when she bought herself a new one. My blog update a couple weeks ago was partly completed on the iPad and partly on my lap top. I wanted to see if  I could do this completely via the iPad.

As you can tell, hopefully, in have made a decent amount of progress on "Rose Bowl"  in the past couple of weeks. If I had to guess, I'd say I'm 50% done with page three. The only section ten area that is close to going as far to the left as you can see, is the first ten rows at the top and then the first three of the next section of ten. After that, the furthest stitch is probably forty-seven from right to left. The narrowest section of ten is only fifteen wide, from right to left. I have fifty-four rows that go from the top of the completed ten by ten square(s) to the bottom row.

I am hoping to get "Rose Bowl" done sooner than later. I was originally giving myself until August, my DIL's birthday, but I believe I need to push for at the latest the end of April. There are two reasons for this. My son and DIL, who live in Central California, are buying there first home. I, needless to say, am very proud of them. I was thinking this would look great in their new house.

Sarah at 22 weeks
The second reason has to do with my daughter, Sarah, who is expecting her first baby. She is  weeks along, this week. I need to do a birth announcement for her baby. We know she is having a girl. She and her fiancĂ© have decided on the name Dahlia May. We think Sarah's iron level is low, as is still very tired all the time. She still, occasionally, has nausea, but not nessecarily in the morning or associated with a particular food. The doctor has put her due date as August 10.
Broken frame

Father God had His protective hand on Sarah Thursday evening! She had put her in-home care client to bed and was on her way to Subway, the job she has had since she was sixteen. Three miles from Subway she hit a famous mid-west winter pothole.  This made her truck frame snap right behind the front right tire. Sarah had heard a grinding sound as she drove the rest of the way to work, but didn't know what caused it until she pulled into her parking spot and looked under the truck. I cannot help but think of the Country Music song, "Jesus Take the Wheel". This song is about a driver asking Jesus to take over the driving of her vehicle. Once the frame of a vehicle breaks, it cannot be safely driven, yet, Sarah made it to work! Sarah's ex-boyfriend looked at it sitting in the Subway parking lot. He is a mechanic. He agrees that it is a miracle Sarah made it to work that night. Her dad, Jack, picked her up from work that night. Today Jack went to one of the local junk yards and sold "Lucy", Sarah's truck to one of them. They will pick up "Lucy" @ 7:30 tomorrow morning. Hopefully, between what Sarah has in the bank and what the wrecking yard will give for the truck, she will be able to purchase a different vehicle.

Two Sundays ago I baked cherry chip cookies. Your typical chocolate chip recipient, except with cherry chips. I'd never done that before, but, someone gave us a bag of them, so Jack requested I try it. I made a single batch - equally fluty-eight cookies - and they were GONE in under four hours. I think I had four! I'd have to say they were a hit!

This past weekend we signed Rachel up for the softball season this summer. She is very excited. She has been talking about softball a great deal. The other thing she talks about a great deal is that she recently started becoming a cadet fire fighters.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Too Long, Again!

Rose Bowl pg 1 & 2

Hello Everyone! Once again I took a long time between posts, but I can honestly say it was not completely my fault! As it turned out, I put the cart before the horse, so to speak. As it turned out, Chance has not started with the new job, as we thought he would. He was told it would be seven to ten business days and then he would receive either a rejection letter, stating why he did not receive the job, or a phone call telling him when to come in to get his schedule. Neither has occurred. He has called a few times but naturally the person he needs to speak with is unavailable. Because of this, he spends the majority of his day on my laptop. I am okay with this though, because I've been staying very busy, between my stitching and my house cleaning.

I completed the top half of "Rose Bowl" a couple of weeks ago and started on page three. My best
guesstimate is that I've stitched 1,000 squares thus far. The progress with page three included is my second picture of "Rose Bowl". I seriously doubt that pages three and four (the final page) will take me anywhere as long as the first two pages  were to complete. Pages three and four are mostly the "bowl". Other than up by the flowers, the "bowl" is only about 300 wide, until the bottom. Then it is wider again, maybe a total of 500 wide.

I was an election judge for the spring election last week. I have been doing this for at least 10 years. We had a poor turnout - 89 out of 603 for the precinct I worked. I brought my cross stitch with me in case things were slow. I am glad I did!

In the month I have been away, I also laid out my material, cut out the pattern and started to sew it together  and I hit a snag. The pattern was suppose to come with English and Spanish instructions. That would be fine, if both were there. NOT. It had all the Spanish directions, but only the first four steps in English. The illustration pictures were with the English directions, naturally, so there was no way I could go beyond step four!! I called the maker of the pattern and told the woman my problem. A few days later I had my pattern instructions in English! :D However, now my snag is time.

About three weeks ago I received a call from a woman who was needing someone to help her with cleaning a rental. She used me three days that week. I netted a nice amount that week. She was very happy with my work and told me she would use me again when another rental became available. She actually resides in Texas. The weekend before she called, I was hired by a couple, cleaning there home twice a week. The weekend after I did the rental home, I was hired to clean a couple of homes. An elderly woman lives in one. Her son and his wife live in a home about 300 yards away from the mother. It will be a once a month job, but, it is an eight hour job at my higher rate, since I am using my supplies.

I am very proud of my better half! The bench seat you see to the right here is one that Jack
Jack's Boat Seat
constructed all by himself! he bought a used Singer sewing machine in excellent shape for only $35. He had me test the machine before he bought it. He told me the only sewing instruction he ever had was when he was a teenager for about an hour. We bought the marine vinyl from Joann's in Champaign, as well as the thread. The padding we bought at our local LNS, where I purchased my sewing machine. Jack put the whole thing together by himself. The only thing I did was give him instructions on how to sew a curve so it wouldn't pucker. This will be the new back bench seat of our boat. The wood was in horrible shape on the ones that were in the boat. He plans on making two swivel bucket seats. one for the driver of the boat and the passenger next to the driver. He ordered the hardware for those seats today. Tomorrow afternoon, after our final membership class with our pastor, we will be going to Champaign to get the material.

Well that is all for now! Happy stitching, Everyone!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Good and Bad Week

Rose Bowl Feb 19
This week has been a combination of good and bad.

The Good:

1) Even though we had a bad storm of wintery mix Monday, the weather is now warming up. The storm didn't actually start until we were in Champaign, but when it started, it was bad!! I had to go to Champaign to have my new shoe on my brace Monday. I was glad Jack was with me.  He has driven winter type weather much more than me, being he drove semi for 25+ years before being medicaled out. I have probably driven as many miles forward over the years as he has backward. When he stopped driving truck he had 3.5 million safe miles. No accidents of any kind in the semi.

2) We could be in the 50's before the week is out. I am so ready for the snow to go away!!

3) I did get in some decent stitching time on "Rose Bowl" I am guessing I have less than 1,000 to finish page one.

4) Jack and I had a wonderful time on our Anniversary. He got the sewing machine I had put on layaway out, had the church wrap it, and gave it to me that night at the dinner. I have bought a pattern, material and needed supplies to make me some navy blue slacks. I have been wanting a new pair.

5) Chance did get the job for which he was applying!

The bad news:

1) My friend, Patti, for whom I was going to stitch the butterfly, passed away in her sleep Monday night. Cause is unknown. Her visitation is tomorrow and funeral is Friday. I am still going to stitch the blue  butterfly, but instead of it going to Patti, I will give it to her family as a kind of memorial to her. Maybe I could have it done by what would of been her birthday next year? That date is January 9.

Well that is about it for now...when I list the good vs bad this way, I can see it has been a better week than a bad week.

Have a great week, everyone!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I Have Stitched and Put a Machine...

My New Sewing Machine
on layaway at the local LNS store! I have been wanting a new machine for quite awhile because my current machine has been not working for quite awhile. Jack and I have been discussing what could be wrong. He was thinking it had something to do with the timing but didn't know how to fix it. I had delayed in taking it in because I was uncertain of the cost of the repair. I finally bit the bullet, so to speak, and took it in to ask about a diagnoses and or repair cost. Bill, the man who does the repairs, said if I just had it diagnosed that it would be $20. He also told me that if it is the timing on the repair the cost would be just $35. I spotted this Elan machine, very basic, which is all I need, for $154. He told me I could put it on layaway, so he is fixing my Bicor machine and I put the Elan on layaway. I am excited! I can also get
as many lessons as I feel I need with the Elan for free. I am not sure how long it will take me to pay it off, but just knowing it is there makes me HAPPY!

I have stitched a bit this week as well. I wanted to be further than this, since my last posting on
Rose Bowl
February 5, but I ended up with a high fever for 72+ hours, and could do nothing but lay in bed. I had zero energy. This started Thursday afternoon. When I awoke late Sunday morning, shortly after my Pastor prayed for me with the congregation, my fever was gone and my energy was back, and I was back to normal activities. It was hard for me to believe I had ever been ill. God works in mysterious ways for sure!

Yesterday I started working out at the YMCA again. I had to stop in January of last year because of massive pain in my left shoulder and upper arm. The doctors, after a few months, figures out I had a torn bicep muscle. When I was properly diagnosed, and prayed for, the treatment didn't take very long and my arm and shoulder were back to normal. I went on the elliptical for 35 minutes, including cool down time, and went 2.25 miles and burned 305 calories. Not bad for not working out for the better part of a year, if I do say so myself!

Jack and I have our Anniversary this week. We were married Valentines Day, 1988. This year will be celebrating our twenty-sixth year. We are very happy. Yes, we have had our ups and downs, as any marriage does, but we learned the key along time ago. Put Christ in the center of the marriage and let Him take care of any issues. We plan on attending the Sweetheart Dinner at church that night. They are serving a five course meal. We signed up and told them it is also our Anniversary.

Blue Butterfly
I am toying with the idea of setting aside Rose Bowl when I finish completing page one and either starting my Blue Butterfly or "Stop That Cat". I cannot show you a picture of the latter project because I downloaded the project and there is no picture, just the pattern and color numbers. I also want to get "Life's Little Tangles" guide threads in, so I can restart it soon. I want to use guide threads for the butterfly as well. I don't think I'll need guide threads for the cat project.

It looks as if Chance, Sarah's fiance', has landed a job! We are very happy for him. He has been out of work since early November and has been looking very hard. He is suppose to have his third interview with a new store in town. From what we have been told, during the third interview the company gives you your name tag, debit card - their way of payment, and sets up an orientation date.

I am also excited to receive, in the next couple of weeks, the CD of Sarah's graduation from high school last May. We were unable to get them at the time, which had upset me, but at least we can still get them!

Finishing wise, I still need to frame "Wedding Bells" for my cousin's son and his bride-to-be. The wedding is in June, so I still have time to pick out the perfect frame, get it framed and sent out to my cousin with plenty of time to spare.

Well, that's all for now. Everyone please take care and have a wonderful week! Stay warm!! We are below zero again tonight, but starting tomorrow it is suppose to start warming up. Yeah!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Rose Bowl

Rose Bowl week 1 February
Hello Everyone!

I know, once again, it has been a long time since I have posted. This
Rose Bowl week 1 January
picture of my project for my Daughter-in-Law, Denise, has been stitched exclusively this month. I am completely done with page 2, the right side of the picture and probably have 1,500 - 1,700 stitches of page 1. I have made a great deal of progress on this project. I guess that is the advantage of being snowed in most of the time. I have been stitching as much as I can.  Pages 3 & 4 are mostly the "bowl" part, which is not nearly as wide as the flowers. If you look closely under the full flower on the right side of the picture you will see some yellow-gold thread and under the flower on the left you can see black thread. This is basically the width of the "bowl". I consider it more a vase
Rose Bowl week 2 January
than a bowl, simply because of the shape. At the bottom of the picture there is a couple of pedals and leaves.

I have other projects I want to do, some big, like restarting "Life's Little Tangles" and stitching the blue butterfly, both HAEDs. The butterfly is quite small for a HAED. As a matter of fact, it will fit in an 8x10 frame. I also have a project with a saying about friends that I want to do for my girlfriend since we were quite young. We met in second grade. We were in the same class and became best friends for life, quickly. I also want to stitch a project for my bathroom of a cat playing with a toilet paper roll, called "Stop That Cat".

I have some news that is exciting to our family. Sarah found shortly after Christmas that she is expecting her first child. She is due in late July or early August. This means I will have a grand child living near me that I can spoil. It also means that I need to stitch at least a baby announcement. Honestly, the main reason we are excited is because we were uncertain Sarah would ever be able to become pregnant because of surgeries she had as a pre-teen. She and the young man have been talking about getting married for quite some time.

Jack and Chance, Sarah's boyfriend, made Jack and I a new bed platform, headboard and foot board. The platform we had broke. We had a feeling it was going to, so we'd been planning this for awhile, but we ended up waiting until it had broken. It looks very nice!

Well, I need to go shovel snow...we got probably a foot of it starting yesterday afternoon. Have a great day everyone and stay safe in this weather! :)