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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Let's Talk SUTO!!

Completed Peacock Sampler
Hello, Everyone!

I apologize for not writing for so long. Things have been on the crazy side for me. Also, typing for me, has become interesting. My left arm jerks a great deal now, because of whatever is going on with my neck and spine, so typing proves to be very interesting. The thing I find interesting is that it will jerk when I type, but not when I stitch. Why? I don't know. Don't get me wrong, I love the fact my arm behaves when I stitch. Just curious though. Jack and I may have solved this problem (the jerking arm) as far as me being able to do anything via the computer. LOL I mentioned to Jack my frustration at the jerking of the arm. He thought about it and came up with the idea of me using his remote keyboard and mouse. So, Jack hooked up the remote keyboard and mouse to my laptop. Typing this out that way works very well. I was thinking about it too. I jokingly said, “I wonder if I dictated it, if Rachel would key it out, since she can type a lot faster than Dear Ole Mamma! I wondered aloud if there was a free on line dicta-phone. Guess what there is! Even better, it is a natural part of the computer programs already on my computer!! I will have to do that next time though, because it requires some sort of microphone, which I don't have right now.

Me on  Boardwalk at steps to beach
I did get everything I needed for the SUTO retreat. Sarah and I went clothes shopping so I could have some much needed summer type clothes. I flew down a few days early. I stayed with my friend, Jennifer, for the couple of days before the retreat. The Florida trip was a lot of fun! I enjoyed myself a great deal!! Before the retreat, Jennifer took me to the beach area and she took some pictures of me on the boardwalk.

Thea was the teacher and she taught us some stitches I'd never heard of. The project is beautiful!! Part of it is hardanger, which is also new to me. The biggest section of the project that I have done thus far is in just regular over two cross stitch. The smaller parts I have done are some of the specialty stitches. This project also has me working with threads I never have before, Pearle Cotton both 5 and 8. Also silks and blended threads as well as regular DMC.

I took a picture with Thea, but its way to foggy/fuzzy for the blog. BRATS!! The most expensive thing I bought was a magnifying light/lamp, that I put over my project so I can see the holes easier and don't have to bend my neck at all!. It has proven to be very helpful. I had the magnifying, light up lamp sent directly to the house..

Progress on Peacock Sampler
I also had to have almost everything I received during the retreat sent to the house via UPS. I received everything from a scissor fob, to scissors, (BTW both of those were in the theme of the project...Peacocks) to needle minders, to kits, counting pins, markers, and so much more! I also bought a few things from Karen, the gal who brought part of her store, so if anyone needed anything it was there. I bought some beads , material, a needle minder, before I found out I was receiving two. That's okay, I now have three, so if I have three projects going, I have three needle minders! I also bought several packages of beads. Then there is what was being given away. I ended up bringing no less than five thread storage boxes and more patterns and the thread that came in the storage boxes. Some of us brought things to exchange with each other I made a bookmark, which I neglected to take a picture of. I also included a little case to keep small stitching supplies. In the exchange, I received a framed cross stitched angel. The angel, on her right finger(s), has a blue bird of some type. There are flowers on either side of her at the bottom. Underneath her SUTO 2015 is stitched. I have her atop my roll top desk, where I can see her all the time. Thea also gave us a DVD of how to do the project, step by step. Yippee!!!!!

I am getting so excited about Joann's coming to the mall! They open in mid-July! We have been without a cross stitching friendly store in town for a long time. I've had to go 70 miles [round trip] to get anything but thread. And honestly, the store that carries DMC cotton thread charges beyond the pale for it. I'll pay it, when absolutely necessary, but when they charge nearly double what everyone else does...

Life's Little Tangles
When I came home from the retreat, I was in a stitching mood. My Peacock sampler was still on its way here. I decided to try and get some of the 100 stitch blocks complete on “Life's Little Tangles”. I wanted to try and finish out certain 100 stitch blocks before I put it down to start again on the retreat project. There were a couple of squares, on “Life's Little Tangles” that has under 15 stitches. Others had quite a few. I am getting there; I can say I see my progress. I don't know how long it will take me to finish the Peacock Sampler from Thea, but I don't want to leave myself at a point where I'd be completely lost when I picked it up.

I am also very excited about the fact that I have made a new stitching friend. Hey, Hey, Connie! The other day I went over to her house and we chatted and stitched. I really enjoyed myself. When we talk we talk about family and stitching and everything in-between! We have become fast friends. I started a pattern that is quite easy, that I'll only stitch when we are together. It's small in comparison to some of my other stuff, but it should be a simple pattern to sit and stitch and chat! She started telling me about this pattern she was getting in parts, being that it was the chosen pattern for a Stitch A Long.

I want this pattern very badly, even if I have to buy it! I love the clothing and things of that era.
Rachel's Cake
Reminds me that there use to be much simpler times:
Someone shaking your hand sealed a deal; meant more than, “hello” or “good-bye”
Someone saying they will do an act did it
Children didn't even consider mouthing off to their parents
The Bible was followed, not ignored
Neighbors actually watched out for each other

I could go on, but I'm sure I have made my point. I've mentioned before how much I would have loved to live in the 1800's era. Someone pointed out to me that if an accident had happened that made me disabled back then, medical science wasn't as advanced as it was in 1963. this is true. However, the argument could be made, rightly so, that automobiles were not part of the picture until very close to or into the 1900's. Since I am disabled because of an automobile accident, would I have even become disabled? Another thing to ponder.

June is a big birthday month for our family. Both of my parents, my older sister and Rachel have birthdays in June. I am pretty sure at least one cousin does as well. Rachel's is a kinda special one. She was 16.

Sarah posted a picture of Dahlia Mae standing by herself for 10 seconds a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to show it to you, but it won't let me load the video. :(

Friday, May 8, 2015

Stitching and Winding Anyone

Completed 'Heaven'

Hello, Everyone!

Whether or not I have completed a lot will probably depend on your point of view. I completely finished “Heaven” last night. I had been struggling with it a bit because the project wasn't centered within the q-snap, thus, I was having issues getting the furthest left stitches complete. I was trying, but wasn't getting very far. What I ended up doing was, I stitched one strand of each color from right to left, so everything on the right side was completely stitched. Then I moved the material from left to right, so I could easily stitch the left side of the pattern. Then I moved the pattern to the right enough that I could easily reach the left side of the material. Picture of where I was when I was done with right side)

I also started a project, thanks to Mark in ILCS needing a thread for a project he is doing. :) Mark was asking about a particular DMC number, so I went hunting yo see if I could find it and discovered how many skeins of threads I had that needed wrapping! A bunch!!  That's okay, because I have been meaning to do this for a long time. Anyway, what the project was is organizing my cedar chest and threads so I know what I really have. I purchased another couple of thread boxes because I know I have so many extra threads now that I knew I was going to need at least two more thread boxes. I ended up wrapping every single skein into bobbins. Some of these threads were from a company in New York that went bankrupt in 1972! Their factory has been turned into yuppie condos, but still has the company name on the entrance.

I worked on this exclusively for about five days. Thus far, I have two boxes filled to what I want. I want to leave some “wiggle room” in the event I get more of the color that is in that box. The two boxes I am “done” with are labeled, “Box one of Extras Blanc to 353”, and “Box two of Extras 355 to 598”. I stopped, not because I was done...I am far from done. I stopped because I wanted to work on “Heaven” some more. I really wanted to finish it, which I did! (YEAH!!!)

Now I can get back to “Life's Little Tangles”. If another small project “pops up” it won't be that big of a deal. You know how projects just seems to pop out at you?! I started receiving the Just Cross Stitch magazine this year. They have some adorable bird houses and some what looks like some pretty quick spice plant stitches for the kitchen. Then there is Wes and Jess's wedding. Then, of course, there is the project that I will be working on thanks to the retreat I will be going to in early June in Florida!

I am getting so jazzed about the retreat. I paid it off a few months ago and bought my plane tickets as well. In the next few days I will be going shopping for things I need for the retreat. I have been stitching for a very long time and have never done anything like this before. I doubt I'll ever be able to do it again. But I am sure of one thing...I will have loads of FUN!!!!

I have been given some of my Mother's Day presents already. Jack and Rachel bought me two Boston Ferns. They are beautiful! We have them hanging in front of the house right now. When I was out and about today, getting new glasses, Jack called me and asked me to pick up a little cash for him to use on Sunday. The bank was literally right across the street from where the glasses place is located.

Well, that's about it for now. All the Mothers or Mothers to Be have a wonderful day! Happy stitching everyone!!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

I Got Some NEAT Things!

Perfect Coffee Cup
I am excited! The stitching friend who is in charge of helping put the retreat together that I am going to showed me a coffee cup she purchased on line. She gave me the link she used (thank you, Jennifer). Ever since then, I have been trying to get it myself! With no luck! Grrr! Well, at the beginning of April my loving husband (thank you, Jack, I love you!) found another place that sold it. The
Cross Stitcher Adict?
sight that Jennifer gave me, never got back to me. Brats!!
Anyway, He ordered it for me!!! Yaaaaay!! It was on back order (must be a popular cup LOL) but it finally arrived today! I love it!!! Now if I get the shirt I want, I'll be all set!!! I shared this shirt on my time line on Facebook and then on each of my kids time lines, saying I want it for Mother's Day, so we will see if I get it! Keeping fingers crossed!!!!

I did something a few days ago (4/11) that I had never done before. I don't know if I will ever do it again, but who knows? Jack may need me too! We had been having car problems. Jack realized that one of the problems was the battery cables were corroded, thus needed to be replaced. To take the old ones off a couple of Rachel's male friends (Jesse and Coby) helped him. When it came time to put them back on, one was at his job and I can't remember where the other one was. At any rate, he needed help tightening one of the cables from underneath the car. Jack is not a skinny guy, so he cannot get underneath a car without it being on jack stands. Anyway, I got underneath the car and was able to tighten the cable for him with him holding the tool in place from the top of the car. Most people, say, slide underneath and back out on the same side of the car. Which would have you come out from under the car the same side of the car you went underneath. Anyway, I had to be different. Because my right side is paralyzed, I could not do that. I slid underneath the car on the passenger side, stopping where Jack told me to. I worked the ratchet, then slid out, coming out on the driver's side of the car. I cannot slide going to the right because of my paralysis. Turns out that the car also needs a new starter, but at least I can say I helped a little bit in the fixing of the van. :)

The new starter arrived today (4/15) via UPS. Jack was able to put it in without help, though it argued with him big time. He did put it on jack stands this time and chalked the back tires. He was getting very frustrated. Rachel offered her help when she could see how frustrated Dad was, but he would not accept any help. Her philosophy was, “grease can be washed off”. He was able to finish it within a few minutes of Rachel's offer. The van was completed in time for Rachel to go to church. I started to take her, but got nervous about it so didn't, The red warning light indicating “battery” was coming on. We never left the driveway. It wasn't staying solid, but it was coming on. I turned off the van and came in. I told Jack what was going on. He thinks the battery might just need some extra charging, so we will put the big charger on before I have to go to work tomorrow. Lord willing, Jack is right, and a short amount of time on the battery charger will take care of it. 

Heaven as of Now
Jack looked at the car this morning  (4/16) and discovered a wire going to the alternator had come loose yesterday. That was why the battery light was going on and off. He tightened it and then put the car on the charger. The car is running perfect!

I have had good days and bad days with my pain because of the discs in my neck. I have only been stitching on “Heaven”, since my last post. I showed yet another
Where I Keep my Supplies
stitching friend (Kim, your the best!) my progress since my Resurrection Day post. She says I am 
making great progress. I need to stop being so hard on myself. I need to keep in mind that because of my disc problems, I am going to have to take breaks more often, thus things will take longer. Such is life! When I started stitching the bank if flowers at the top, I started to just do one flower at a time, working from left to right. I was feeling like I wasn't getting very far, very fast, so I decided to work a color at a time, left to right on the green. Then, when that was done I decided I would work on the pink and salmon shades of the flowers, right to left. What I am doing is working with the length of the color right to left. Why I am doing this is because the material is not exactly centered on my q-snap, thus it is hard to get to the furthest left. I am having to constantly adjust the part of the q-snap on the far left to get to the part of material I want. That has become a major pain!! By working a length of thread of each color, I am getting enough stitched on the right side that I won't have that problem anymore. I'll be able to just move the material enough that I can complete the stitching on the left side! I'll do that with the rows that need to be put on the top to match the rows at the bottom as well. I started taking a good look at this project, and realized Kim was right!! I am making very good progress on “Heaven” . At last post, I had none of the bank of the flowers and greenery done. I also only had the straight lines on either side of the word, Heaven. Now the leaves on those lines are done, all of the greenery in this bank of flowers, and the flowers are coming along nicely. The three on the right only need the darkest color [salmon] and then they are done. Then I have the four rows of stitching, exactly like the four on the bottom on the top. Then I can frame it and give it to Micki! She told me the colors of this project will go perfect in her bedroom! Yay!!

I have been seeing several people talking about how they store their stitching stash. I
How the Inside of a Numerical Box Looks
thought I'd put in my two cents into that. :) LOL Anyway, I had been storing everything in a couple of those white plastic containers that almost look like file cabinets. I bought them at Walmart, and it does do the job and has worked for a long time. But, when a house cleaning client I had (RIP Patty) gave me a cedar chest, I figured that would be the perfect thing to store my stuff. Patty was ill and knew she was dying. She gave the cedar chest to me about a month before she died. We had become very good friends. She actually had two and asked me which one I wanted. Hers, or the one that belonged to her mom. Then she told me her son wanted the one that was Grandmas, so it was obvious which one I'd take. I cleaned her place once a month, on average. Sometimes, though, I'd just go over
How I Label my DMC
for a cup of coffee. Okay, get back on task, Lyn.

The little box you see atop the cedar chest is what a call a WIP box. I pull the bobbins I need for a project and put them in that box. I have about four of those. I put a note on the inside of the lid with the name  of the project. That way, I can keep them straight. I do have one big box that I use for my project threads of my big projects. Lets face it, "Life's Little Tangles" 90+ colors would not fit in a little box!

I put all of my cotton DMC on bobbins. Sometimes, I write the number, sometimes I use the stickers DMC sells. I prefer the paper bobbins, because I can write on those. That isn't true for the plastic bobbins. I do have some of those. I will admit they do last better, but how can a person identify the floss, if they DON'T HAVE the stickers? I have bobbin boxes that I store my cotton DMC in. I label these boxes numerically. I think I have a total of five boxes that go from the lowest number to the highest number. One bobbin per number in the numerical boxes. I have some cotton DMC on those same kind of bobbins, in these same kind of boxes, but they are my extra of those colors. Those boxes are still, more or less, kept in numerical order. I don't have them marked like I do the ones that have one skein of each color. If I am low or out of a particular number, if I need it, I go to my overflow boxes. If it isn't there, I go to the bags of floss that still need to be wound. Never ending job, as you know. If the color isn't there, then I will buy the floss.

I don't like to wind the metallic threads. What I do with them is put them on the bows and slip them into this plastic sheet meant for them I try to keep them more or less in order. I have them in a binder

My beads are in a smaller container, similar to which I keep my cotton DMC. I want to get more beads, but since I don't do a great deal of beading, I don't have a lot of beads. What I generally use beads for is where french knots are suppose to go. I stuggle with those.

I have some material that is not in use. I have some. I either keep it in a large ziplock (air tight) bag or in whatever it came in, if it is air tight. Of course I'd love more material. I'll get it, little by little. With the cedar chest, I have the room!

My stitching supplies, such as needles, sticky bob, soft pick, etc., are also in the cedar chest. I need to organize that part better.

Well, I think I should be signing off before I turn this into a book! Happy stitching Everyone!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

I Love Stitching!

Jesus Walking on Water
Hello Everyone!

Happy Resurrection Day! Thank you, Father God, for sending Your Son, to die on the cross for my sins (as well as the world's sins, if they will accept it). Thank you Jesus, for dying for my sins, that I may live in Heaven with you. Here is a link to a song that my husband (Jack) and I love. It talks about what today is really about:Don Francisco He's Alive! One of these days I would love to stitch this picture of Jesus walking on water, but I need to worry about what I have now.

"Heaven" after 1st day of stitching again
I had been having pain in my left arm again. I knew this was related to my degenerative joint disease that I had, so I went to the doctor who give me the shots to ease the pain. Instead, she ordered an MRI to see what was going on. Even though it had been the right amount of time between the shots, she just wanted to see, since an MRI hadn't been done for several years. Turns out, I now have two discs in my neck without fluid around them and pressing against my spinal cord. Because of that I have degenerative disc disease as well now. She said I need surgery. She said if I don't have the surgery, within six months, I could use the use of the left side of my body. Considering my right side was paralyzed already, that's bad news! :Don't feel bad for me that my right side is paralyzed. It has been that way since is  I was six months 
"Heaven as of this morning
old, so I don't remember what it was like to not be paralyzed. Because of my younger sister starting to do things (ie: crawl) before me, I learned how by watching her. I also had therapy for the first thirteen years of my life. I use a brace on my right foot, but I can walk. I limp, but so do millions of people! 

I have noticed weakness in my left hand. There have been times that I ham holding something and just drop it. Its kind of scary. I have also noticed, at times, my limp is more pronounced than usual. 

To me, one of the scariest things about this whole situation, is I have noticed a major slow down in the amount I can stitch at a time. Before this started, stitching all day was never an issue. I am discovering that I cannot stitch as fast as I usually had done; nor can I stitch as long as I was doing without being in major discomfort. I am praying that this surgery will give me my stitching ability back! An example of what I am talking about (speed wise) is the "Heaven" project. I have been stitching on this again fora couple of weeks. I feel like I haven't made much progress. What I have left now is a row of pink flowers atop the word Heaven and then lines like at the bottom of the project.

God has really blessed me. When I was six months old, my mother, older sister and I were in a bad auto accident. I was the most severely hurt. This was in 1963, before seat belts, shatterproof windshields, child safety seats and so on. My sister had been four years old for almost a month. The impact was on the passenger side  of the car, the same side my sister and I were both on. My sister was in the back seat. I was in my infant seat and that was tied around the back part of the front seat. Upon impact, Tracy flew over the passenger seat and threw the windshield, landing on the street. When the seat flew forward, my head hit the metal glove box, shattering my skull, leaving portions of the skull cutting into my  brain, causing my paralysis and other issues. Tracy had a bad cut on her forehead. My mom was pregnant, she discovered in her exam after the accident. My younger sister is one of the reasons I can do alot of what I can do today, as I explained earlier. Thank you, Amy! The doctors told my parents that IF I lived, I wouldn't be able to see, hear , talk, or walk. They were wrong on all four counts. I cannot only do all those things, but I graduated from high school, and college. I have been married to the most wonderful man for 27+ years. I have two step sons, two living daughters, four grand children, we belong to a terrific church, I clean homes, we own our home, I have been cross stitching for most of my married life, how much more could I ask for? People, including my mom, say, what would have happened if she had put me in back of her instead of in front of Tracy. She put me where God wanted me. I have testified all over the United States. I am not bitter. The accident was not my mom's fault. My being so called "disabled" is not my mom's fault..

Since my last post, I have stitched on both of my projects. I think both are coming along. For the past week or so I have been specifically working on "Heaven". Prior to that I was working on "Life's Little Tangles", my HAED.

I have
Life's Little Tangles Now
made a fair amount of progress on 
 "Life's Little Tangles", I am approaching the half way complete with page two. The shortest row going across is the halfway down the page row. Part of me feels like I should have done more than that by now, but the other part of me knows better. I have made good progress. I am not able to stitch all day every day. True, I get days like that, but they are few and far between. And then with my neck problem, those kind of days will be even less.

For years, we have been talking about taking out the wall between the living room and dining room and making one big room. well a few weeks ago, Rachel decided she was going to help us get past just talking about it. She took down the wall by herself! She did a great job. She and I pulled up the carpet that was in the living room. We put it in smaller rolls, and took it to the basement for now. we need to schedule a large garbage pick up, but
Happy Dahlia
Playing Dahlia
not until we have everything in there we want. Anyway this week, Rachel put the primer on the north wall of what use to me the living room. she couldn't put any on what was the dining room because 
not all of the wall paper is down yet. I have been working on that, but I have a long way to go. This all started actually because we were talking about how we knew Rachel needed a door to her bedroom. The door to her bedroom broke several years ago when she and her sister were very little and they were playing like  and Jane on the jungle on the door. For years you could just see in the room. In the Tyarzan past year we hung a blanket over the doorway.

Jack and I talked about ways that I could potentially advertise my cleaning business and maybe increase in clients. We found out we will be losing income and we knew we needed to replace it because we rely on it to take care of every day life. So, what we did was put my name on It worked! I am getting more calls. I have one more permanent client. I've had others call for just a one time clean. We are praying that I can get enough permanent clients that it makes up for the income we are losing this summer.

I thought you might enjoy some pictures of my baby granddaughter. She will be 8 months in two days. She is a pro at crawling and is trying to stand. I know her mommy started walking at nine months.

Well, I need to be going now. I hope everyone has  a wonderful Resurrection Day

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Rachel Summer 2014 (Left)
I have some good news! In several areas! I have so much good news I do not know where to start!

Dahlia Yesterday 6.5 months
I guess, I can start with Rachel and her braces. She has never been happy with her teeth. She had a small gap between her two top front teeth. Almost every picture she has taken over the past several years, she has refused to smile in such a way to show any teeth. I was able to get her an appointment with an orthodontist. At first they said her problem was not enough that the insurance would help
with the tab. We don't have the kinds of funds that we could just hand over that money, so it looked like Rachel would have to live with her teeth the way they are. When I explained to the orthodontist how important this was to Rachel's self-esteem, they resubmitted the request. It was granted this time. They were put on in mid to late January. She will have them for one year. Her next appointment is in mid March. She can already see the difference. She has
Rachel Today
worn glasses for years but hates to take pictures in them. I think she is beautiful either way.

Sarah, Chance and Dahlia moved out the beginning of February. They had been hoping to get a two bedroom, one bath home in a small town 15 miles west of Danville. Population 200, before they moved in,  They had been looking at this house and really wanted it. Sarah worked with the banker and was able to get a mortgage to buy the home. She also started nursing school in January and Chance landed a well paying job in February. This one he got on his own, not through a temporary agency. Jobs you land by yourself always seem to last longer.

Life's Little Tangles early February
Life's Little Tangles Today
I have been struggling for house cleaning clients. A little over a week ago Jack and I talked about me putting myself on It is alot like Angie's list. A three month subscription was very reasonable. We figured it was worth a shot. Every other venue of advertising had not generated much of anything. Within a couple of days, I received an e-mail from a gal. She wanted me to come to her house and  discuss what she wanted completed. I did that yesterday, as well as actually cleaning her home. She and her husband were very impressed. They now want me to come every other week. So, placing my name here has already more than paid for itself. Yay!!!

Jack is getting around so well now, he no longer needs the Jazzy. He uses a one prong cane to get from one point to another when the distance is quite far. At places like the grocery store or Walmart, he will use one of their electric carts, but at home 95% of the time he just walks. He uses his rollator in the kitchen, when he cooks or does the dishes because of how much time that requires for someone to be on their feet. For those of you who have not heard the term "rollator" and are wondering what on God's green Earth that is, it is basically w rolling walker with a seat, so if the person using it gets tired, they can sit a spell.

I have paid for the stitching retreat in full and actually purchased the airline tickets so now its really official. I am going to Stitching Under The Oaks!!

I have been stitching a fair amount (some might say alot). Since the beginning of the year I've been concentrating on my HEAD, "Life's Little Tangles". The picture on the right of LLT was taken something like February 2 or 3. The picture on the left was taken tonight.

 For the past few weeks I have had some pain issues in my arm. Not sure why, but I have an MRI this week. Maybe that will give some answers.

I have come up with a system that helps me if I have to stop at a point within a pattern, that is not what could be called a "natural" stopping point. The far left side of page 1 of any HAED, at the top "Section 0". As you move to the down you have "Section 10", "Section 20", and so on. As you move to the right in the pattern you have your columns. As you move down you also have rows. So, for example if you are working with DMC 3371 and you have to put your project down for a bit you can make a note. Using color 3371 at Section 60, Column 34, Row 68. That way you can tell right where you are, or at l
Numbers on Box 1
east I can.
Threads in Box 1

Something else that was recently discussed was the way you store your threads. I was asked to discuss what I do, showing pictures. When I talked about this on group I said each compartment held 5 full bobbins. I misspoke. Each compartment holds 6 full bobbins. I am not happy with the picture of the numbers on Thread Box 1, but the way it goes is white (blanc) is in the upper left corner; then ecru; then the numerical ones start. The lower right corner has the highest DMC number in that thread box box two will start with the next DMC number. I have a total of 5 DMC threads with just one bobbin of each color. I have "overflow" boxes as well, but they are not quite as organized. Box 1:  Blanc- 543, box 2: 550-829, box 3: 830-3328, box 4: 3340-3849, box 5: 3850- B5200 plus the other numbers that start with 52. I have my metallics in clear cases on stitch bows, I hope this answers the questions of those who messaged me
about how I did things.

Happy stitching everyone!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Way Too Long, Way Too Crazy!

Baby Raymond's Bib
I know it has been WAY to long (almost a full two months) since my last update and I apologize for that. These last couple of months has had my head spinning wondering which side was up!

Framed Dahlia Announcement
I made a local friend who was due to have a baby. He was born healthy and is doing great - beautiful baby Raymond - on the Friday before Thanksgiving. I decided I'd stitch a baby bib for him. I didn't start on it, largely because I didn't have a bib to stitch on, until after he was born, but I was able to get it done in just a couple of days.

I noticed I had made an error on Dahlia's Birth Announcement. I had put the year as 1-4, instead of 14. I corrected that and added the time she was born. Then I framed it and gave it to Sarah for Christmas. She loved it.

Dahlia's Footprints
Chance made something neat for us and his mom. He and Sarah put paint on the bottom of Dahlia's feet and then turned the feet into butterfly
Rascal Sneaking a Peek
wings. I do not know how Peggy, Chance's mom, felt about it, but Jack and I LOVED it!! We went ahead and had it framed.

I also completed "Stop That Cat". I want to frame it and put it in  my bathroom. When I saw this pattern, I thought of our cat, Rascal, immediately. he definitely lives up to his name regularly! I finished stitching this project on New Year's Eve.

 In the picture of Rascal (right side) he is looking underneath my bedroom door that leads into the kitchen, watching Sarah's cat, Mindy. He and Mindy do not get along at all, so when she is roaming the house, he is in our room. When he is
Completed "Stop That Cat"
roaming, she is in her cage. If we don't do this we will learn the definition of "Cat fight" in short order. It really isn't fair to either cat to have to be locked away for any length of time, but, that will end when Sarah and her family move out. These two do this to
each other on a regular basis, so in a way this is funny. When Rascal is locked in our bedroom, Mindy will sit on the kitchen side of the door where he can see her under the door and taunt him (that's whats happening in this picture). If Mindy is in her cage, in Rachel's room, Rascal has been known to sit atop her cage. Rascal is 2. Mindy is more like 8 or 9.

I ave also made a fair amount of progress on, "Heaven" for my friend since second grade, Michele. Mickie (AKA Michele) knows about this. I  have made great progress, especially since my goal is to have it done by her birthday in mid June!

Because of putting my stitching efforts into these two projects, I did not stitch on my HAED. I plan on it though, now that I have one of my projects completed.

Speaking of June, I have exciting news! In summer of 2014 I was invited to attend a stitching retreat in Florida, called, "Stitching Under the Oaks" in June of 2015. After Jack and I talked about it, I said, "yes, I want to go!" I have NEVER been to a stitching retreat in all my years of stitching. I have heard alot about them and they sounded fun. I was honestly a bit nervous about saying yes, because I was unsure if we could afford for me to go. God is good!!! He provided!!! My parents sent me some Christmas money. I had paid alot on it already, but was hitting a snag at the end of the year. We were told of some finances that would be coming my way because of an auto accident I had been in June 2013. The other person was at fault, got the ticket, etc., but her insurance was trying to say I was 50% at fault. She had a stop sign, I didn't. So my parent's Christmas money paid for the remainder on the retreat, save $39, and the settlement paid the rest plus my  round trip airline tickets!

If you're wondering why I haven't talked about my house cleaning business lately, it because things slowed to almost a halt. there has been nothing to report. Hopefully, I will be able to go "client hunting" soon.

Take care everyone! Have a Happy New Year and happy stitching!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My Needles Were Hot!

Hello, Everyone!

I know, once again, it has been way too long between updates and I apologize for that. It seems like since my last post alot of things have been occurring.
Captain kissing me

Chance was laid off of his job and is trying to get the GED taken. He has passed everything except one subject. He is getting some tutoring to help him with that subject before he takes that portion over again.

Our dog, Captain has had severe arthritis for the past couple of years. We were giving him
Captain before his appointment
glucosamine, to help with the pain, but we started noticing that it wasn't working that well anymore and that he was going outside only twice a day to do business for a few days. He had been losing his hair too. We have no clue why, but nothing the vet did helped that stop.  We talked about it and decided it was time to put him down. He was a Labrador/SharPe mix. He would have been 11 on December 21. I asked the vet how long does his bread usually live. He told me 11-13 years. So he was close. You could tell by looking in his eyes he was ready to cross the Rainbow Bridge. I was a mess for a few days afterwards, because Captain was really my dog. He slept at my feet, was fed and watered my me, gave me kisses and hugs, and so much more. He protected this house against a burglar a few years ago. Needless to say, a very faithful and loving pet.
Rachel and Kristian at the Military Ball

Rachel went to the Military ball with her boyfriend. They have been going out a couple of months. He is a member of the Junior ROTC and is hoping to go into the Marine Corps when he graduates from high school. She and I shopped for a dress a couple days before the ball. She tried on the dress she was planning on wearing, but realized it didn't fit right. We went shopping at a store called Debs. They carry everything especially meant for teenage girls; from jeans to formal wear. Homecoming was a few weeks before the Military ball, so the formal dresses were drastically reduced. We bought her dress with a 70% discount. I thought that was a great deal.

I broke my fourth toe on my left foot, Not sure if it happened when I dropped a cookie sheet on it, side first. When I dropped the cookie sheet I was drying the dishes.That same night, about an hour later I stubbed that same toe in a strange way. I guess one could have started it and the second completed the break. I went to the clinic the day after. They x-rayed it and showed me the films. The break is what he called an oblique break. It starts just below the top knuckle on your toe and goes down and sideways at the same time.

Stop That Cat
I had quit smoking in September 2011, but ended up starting again in February or March of 2012. I have been wanting to quit again. I set a last date to smoke (November 3) and put the patch on the morning of November 4, when I first woke up. I can honestly say there have been a few times that I really craved a cigarette. I have not given into that craving though. I am starting week three of the "Stop That Cat!" for the slower times. That didn't happen very often though. We had a pretty good turn out in the polling place I worked. Honestly, the only real slow time was the last hour. We only had two people come in then. We had five people within 15 minutes of the poles opening though.
patch. Yay!! Why quit the day I did? Because it was election day and I was an Election judge. Therefore I didn't really have time to smoke. And when I did, I had brought along

It snowed a couple of inches here this past Saturday. We'd had flurries a couple of times before then, but nothing that stuck. This time it stuck. It has not gone away yet either. I heard it may be gone by this weekend. I hope so. I have a good friend who moved up to Baldwin, Michigan at the end of spring. She was estatic that they got five inches of snow. She loves winter. Me? I tolerate winter I
love late spring and early fall, before it gets horribly hot or cold.

Since I have broken my toe, I have been doing alot of stitching. I have stitched on "Stop That Cat" as well as "Life's Little Tangles".I have also started "Heaven", the project I am doing for my best girlfriend, Micki. Micki and I met in second grade and we have been best friends ever since.

I am pleased with how much I was able to accomplish on "Heaven", in
 Life's Little Tangles
justa few hours work. My thought was to give this to her for her birthday this coming June. I gave her mom my piece "Amazing Grace" for Christmas a few years ago.

I stitched on "Stop that Cat!" for a couple of weeks. I frogged  the lettering I had done, "What's yours?" because I realized I had done it in the wrong color. Oh well, its not like the works take a long time to do! :) I am glad that I am getting to work with the colors of the cat now. I know I have maybe 600 stitches left on the "roll" but I need to take a break from white on white.

I also have stitched on my HAED, "Life's Little Tangles". I think I have made great progress, or at least good, for about two weeks of work. I think in that time I have stitched about 2,000. I have been able to spend a nice amount of time stitching especially in the week since my toe broke

I have also done something that I don't get to do very often. I bought some stash! I bought some from a fellow stitcher as well as 1-2-3 Stitch. I have not received any of the things yet, but I'll fill you in on what I bought next time. I also sent in the post card to start receiving the magazine, "Just Cross Stitch". I am excited!!!

Well, I need to be going. I'll talk with you again soon. Happy Stitching!