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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Ups and Downs Here, But More Ups!

Hello Everyone!

I hope and pray that things have gone well for you since my last update. I meant to update this weeks
Psalm 23 before moving
in the Q-snap
ago, but life got in the way. ;) The last few Sundays, I have attended a different church. Jack came with me last couple of Sundays. It felt good to be among others who believed in the Lord Jesus Christ. We feel like we are growing in the Lord! When I was at the nursing home I went to the church service on Sunday morning. There is something special about going to a church building, the house of the Lord though!! Two Sunday evening’s ago the service was very powerful. He talked about
The Dry Bones in Ezekiel 37. It was interesting to see what kind of things in today’s world can make a person have dry bones! God is willing to make those bones usable again!

I have two pictures of “Psalm 23”. One was taken when I had decided to move the material so I could finish the words of the Psalm. I thought it would help me not get lost on the right side. I have realized that I am using the words as a “guide” of sorts to help me stitch in the right areas. I am pleased with my progress on this project. I think if I keep up this pace, it will be done shortly.  I finished stitching the verse and then started stitching the bottom scenery. I will work my way to the right side of the project. Then I will move it again within my Q-snap. Then I will stitch the scenery on the right all the way to the bottom or visa versa. Either way, I am pleased with my progress. I still haven’t been able to get in touch with the woman for whom I was stitching this project. Jack and I talked and if I am unable to reach her, we will frame it and put it in our own home!

The motor that controls both our heater and air conditioner went out about three days after the couch was delivered. Fortunately, the weather, for the most part has been doable without either the air conditioner or heater. Yes, there were a few days that having especially the air conditioner would have been nice, but opening the windows so the heat didn’t build up in the house to bad helped a great deal. We had to wait until the beginning of October to see about fixing it, due to finances. It will be tight, but we should be able to be okay. God watches over us and He provides for our needs.

What I've done on Psalm 23
since adjusting the Q-snap
I am on the mailing list for the monthly newsletter of a designer in Canada. She mentioned in her last letter that she was looking for model stitchers. She doesn’t pay monetarily, however, she will give you access to things she sells. Jack and I did discuss me taking the steps to become  model stitcher for her. We decided together that 1) I probably don’t stitch as fast as she would like and 2) Stitching for her might add to rather than take away from my stress level. So I decided not to apply. I don’t want my stress level to rise because I’m doing something I love!

I started stitching on my wedding sampler again a couple of days ago. It has been screaming at me. Especially since I received a postcard from the couple reminding me to save the date. I spoke with
McGlasson Wedding Sampler
Sally (the bride) to make sure she would be happy with the colors of the project. She said it sounds beautiful. She was told by her future brother-in-law how much he and his bride liked their announcement. So for the next few days at least I will stitch on it. I think if I just stitch it for a few days, that a bunch of progress will be shown. We’ll see.

I know both projects need to be cleaned, but I will do that when they are done.

I was wanting to pull my hair out the other day. When I left my stitching corner the previous evening, my Ott light was working perfectly. When I went to it the next day, it would not turn on!! Rachel had the van, so I couldn’t take it up to Joann’s to have them look at it. (That’s when I wanted to pull my hair out). I did take the lamp up to Joann’s the next day though. They couldn’t figure out the problem either. I told the gal helping me my lamp was only
Ott Light
four years old. Since she couldn’t figure out the problem and the lamp is made to last quite a bit longer than about four years, she just gave me a brand new model of my Ott light! Jack put it together for me shortly after I brought it home. Yay!! I love my husband so much!! He is so good to me!!

I received my Ornament edition of “Just Cross Stitch”. I did do a couple of things out of last years edition, but I think I will be able to do more than that this year. The designs appear to be smaller, more “ornament’ size. Last year one project I did ended up as a pillow. I gave it to my niece, Danielle, and her family.

Speaking of Danielle, her husband is currently stationed in Fort Campbell, KY. The whole family lives on base. They recently got new orders. In May he will be moved to Germany.  This will be a new situation for Danielle to deal with, as well as the rest of us. I have never had a family member live overseas. We received this beautiful “Thank You” card from Nick and Danielle for attending the wedding. I feel so blessed to be her Aunt Lyn! :)

One of the episodes of violence toward police officers happened in the city where I was born and raised. Fortunately, the officers were not hurt badly. It involved a California Highway Patrol officer and a Fresno Police officer vs a group. I saw an article about it online. Not much was said. I know if the officers had been hurt or worse, my parents and/or my best friend would have told me.

Rachel finally got her a car. She has been wanting a car for a long time and due to circumstances she wasn’t able to get one earlier this year. She bought a 2000 Taurus for $500, cash sale. There are a couple of things wrong, but nothing that makes it inoperable. The front brakes need to be replaced and the back struts. Rachel gave her Dad the money to get the brakes and rotors. A friend who is a very good mechanic will put them on for her. The struts can wait another month or so. Rachel, handling her own money now, is learning that money doesn’t necessarily stretch as far as we would like!

I have the most AWESOME NEIGHBOR! I was outside yesterday, sitting on my front porch, enjoying the early evening. My neighbor started mowing his front yard. When he was done, I asked him if he would get the tall stuff next to my porch the guy who has been mowing hasn’t been getting. The guy
M New Coffee Cups
who has been mowing for us, uses a riding mower. This particular area requires a hand mower, if you know what I mean. Anyway, my neighbor didn’t just get the extra tall stuff, he mowed the

When I was at Joann's about my Ott light, I couldn't pass up the deal of buy one coffee cup (for a very reasonable price I might add) and get a second coffee cup FREE! These are the cups I picked out!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Pins Are Out an Lessons Learned!

Hello Everyone,

I hope and pray that everyone is doing well. I had started to post this a few days ago, then I thought I’d go ahead and wait until after my medical procedure (yesterday) so I could report to you about having the pins out of my toes.
Psalm 23 Pic 1

I am getting there on “Psalm 23”. I am showing you two pictures of this project. The first picture is how far I was when I was originally going to post this blog. The second picture is where I am as of right now. I didn’t get as far as I would have, but I do see progress, so that is good. I worked on the line mine enemies: thou anointed my head with oil  the day before yesterday and then started to finish it up today. Lesson learned today: remember you are doing counted cross stitch, thus when something SEEMS OFF, stop IMMEDIATELY!!  I was wondering if the line was off, because it seemed off somehow. Yet, I kept stitching, all the while thinking it looked like there was one space too many between the previous line and this line. I was almost to the end of the line and realized my instinct WAS RIGHT! Thus, I spent a couple of hours frogging! That’s enough for me now, Mr. Rippit can go visit someone else! As you see, though, I did make progress on the river, grass, flowers and sheep on the right. The sheep will be outlined with 310 where you see the patches of white surrounded by grass. Once again, I only worked on this project. I think what I want to do is finish this one, then finish the wedding sampler.

I think I am about 40% done with it. (The wedding sampler). If I remember right, the wedding is in April. I know it’s next spring, just not sure of actual date. When I am closer to done, I’ll contact David and make sure of the date. When I am done with the wedding sampler, I’ll start concentrating on “Life’s Little Tangles” again. I may work on both of these projects at once, we’ll have to see.

I haven’t received the gold kreinik I told the company who made the kit that I requested. I had received an e-mail, the day after I told them I was short, saying they had put it in the mail. That was almost two weeks ago. I wonder, how long I should wait before I resend an e-mail?
Psalm 23  pic 2 (Today)

I have learned a valuable lesson this week. When the girls were younger (Sarah was pre-teen) we had a neighbor girl who clicked very well with Sarah. We liked the young lady and the girls became inseparable. This young lady started doing some things that we didn't like and we started wishing the girl would go away. As it turned out we ended up enforcing some tough love to this young lady. She wasn't very happy with us, but such is life. Anyway, to make a long story short, the girls did stay in contact, though not as close as they once did.

Several years ago, when Jack had to spend a couple of months in a nursing home, as it turned out this young lady was a CNA at the nursing home. We did chat occasionally, but my heart was still remembering the past. God did work on me, showing me Matthew 18:21-35 which talks about forgiving a person who has one something wrong against you and forgiving them for there wrong seventy times seven times. That convicted me. A song that I've been hearing a great deal is by Hawk Nelson, Drops in the Ocean, which talks about how many times God forgives us. I knew I shouldn't be hanging on to the feelings I harbored for this young lady so I did forgive her in my heart, but had no way of telling her.

She and I finally talked a few days ago. She told me she knew I had bad feelings toward her. She also said she considered me like a second mom and Jack’s and my tough love her was exactly what she needed.; She said Jack and I were the people who helped her get her life back where it should be. She also said she hoped I’d forgive her. I told her that she was forgiven. She ended up coming over this afternoon with her toddler and put a load of clothes in for me and washed my dishes! She said anytime I need her help to just let her know. I am so glad we were able to connect. Now she knows I’d forgiven her. She has turned into a very nice young lady, and is very responsible. She has been married for five years and has two jobs. She is getting ready to start school to begin a new career. I am proud of who she has become!

Yesterday I had the pins taken out of my third and fourth toes. When I went to the doctor in early September, the pin in toes two had worked its way out about half an inch, so he just pulled it the rest of the way out. No, that didn’t hurt. They put me under general anesthesia and removed the pins in toe three and four. I knew better than to try and stitch yesterday after we came home. I was in/out of sleep the rest of the afternoon and was kind of in La La Land until I awoke this morning. My toes are not sore at all.

We will be sending off the appeal to the insurance company regarding my electric wheelchaair tomorrow. They originally denied me because the nursing home had reported to them that I could walk 70 feet with minimal assistance. BTW, “minimal assistance” was with a gait belt around me at all times and a wheelchair directly behind me. We got a letter from both my spine institute doctor and my regular physician and we had to write a letter stating why we believe they should change their minds. Hopefully it works. I do need this wheelchair!!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

God Has His Hand on Me and My Family!

Hello, Everyone!
For the past several weeks, “Eye of the Storm”, has been at the top of the Christian Music Charts. This song has come to mean a lot to me. With the trials (storms) that have occurred this year, this song is a constant reminder of where I need to keep my focus. He is and always will be in control! From the blow out of the Oldsmobile’s engine at the end of winter, to my going into the nursing home in the end of July, God has constantly had His hand on this family!

A real example of this was last night when I was getting ready to post this update. Rachel called us, worried about not just us but her sister who lives in a small town southwest of us. My internet went down right before I was going to post! We had a very bad storm hit our area. Tornadoes were touching down all around us. One touched down on Ross Lane six miles south of us; another six miles north of us up by Menard's. Then to the west there was one, not sure how far away and then four miles to the east. We had heavy rain and wind but that was all...more than enough!!

Jack’s wound care doctor was very pleased with the way his foot is looking. She said he is growing new tissue, a very good thing, indeed!! She will do s procedure next week that she hopes will promote even more tissue growth. I went to my surgeon today. He took the pin out that was sticking out a bit (maybe a half inch) already. It had slowly worked its way out. Not because I wasn’t using my boot or walking properly on my heel. You can tell that by looking at the sole of my boot! The other two pins come out on September 20th.

Psalm 23
Sarah and Rachel have both made it abundantly clear they felt I shouldn’t have been released from the nursing home until the pins were out. That was what all four of us thought should happen. The insurance company had a different thought. I was notified two days before my release date that the insurance had sent a letter stating my last date of coverage. Lucy, at the nursing home, told me of the letter. I told her that I was okay with that as long as therapy said it was fine. I told Lucy my doctor had said I could go home any time the therapy department deemed me able. She talked with therapy and the next thing I know I am going home! There have been times the girls may have had a point. I have both fallen and/or almost fallen a few times. I know they’re just concerned about me. I love them for that; I wouldn’t want it any other way!!

I have been concentrating all my stitching efforts on Psalms 23 since my last post. I am pleased with my progress. I have stitched on it daily, at least a couple hours of the day. I am really liking how it is turning out! I have also changed the area of the house I stitch in. I now have my stitch area in the front room, AKA Living Room. Our bedroom was getting a bit cramped with my stitching supplies, a table that I kept my projects and a stool for me to step on to get into the bed. I moved my stitching area by the front window. My OTT lamp is to the North (left), my magnifying lamp is to the East (directly in front) of me respectively. The projects I’m stitching on are on a table to the South (right) of the window. I find the chair I’m sitting in very comfortable!

I bought an instructional DVD off a Facebook group. It arrived Tuesday. It is put out by J. Designs,
Teaching DVD
LLC. It is called “
Take the Hard Out of Hardanger”. I haven’t had the chance to take a look at it yet, but I am looking forward to learning this part of cross stitching even more! The first time I dealt with hardanger was when I went to “Stitching Under the Oaks” the summer of 2015, when Thea Dueck was there. I know I have the DVD that Thea gave us, but lately I’ve had a real thirst for knowledge!

Remember my question last week, where I asked exactly which way I should be doing the spider rose? I found the answer here! I learned that I did oops on every rose in some way on spider rose project I showed you last week. Not that big of deal though. I will fix it, with the help of this Youtube video. Hopefully by next update, I will have the project corrected and the gold Kreinik would have arrived so I can complete the whole thing!

I am also waiting (patience running thin here) for my yellow highlighter from 1-2-3. I know it was on backorder, but this is getting ridiculous. I’ve actually lost track of the number of weeks. If something is that popular, maybe they should start ordering two or three times the amount they currently order!!

Our New Couch
We have been talking about purchasing some much needed furniture for the Living Room for awhile. This week we finally did it! We went to a local furniture store and found this very comfortable and sturdy couch for a very reasonable price! We’ve had things for the kids to to sit in for years, but not much for ourselves. Isn’t that the way of a parent though? first...

In the past we have owned some recliners. However because the handle to make them operate is generally always on the right hand side of said recliner. That means I always need help pushing them back to enjoy the recline feature and help sitting it up so I can get out of the chair. We are also looking at the possibility of getting one or two wing back chairs that we would be able to set an ottoman in front of so we could have our feet up. My good friend who moved to Michigan a couple of years ago purchased a little grizzly bear foot stool several years ago. i asked her where she bought it. She started looking on line for them again and told me the price had drastically risen. I knew she wasn't using it so I offered to buy it from her. The next thing I knew she was shipping it to me, without charging me a dime!!

I also got some news that eased my heart earlier this week. In early July, my younger sister took her youngest daughter and the two of them first went to Ireland, then traveled down to Africa. She didn't tell anyone they were planning this, until the day they left, she told our parents. She didn't indicate how long they would be gone. She did occasionally call Mom and Dad to let them know they were okay. This past week, they showed up on my parent's front stoop, saying they were home safe and sound. Still for a bit more than two months we were all very concerned, including her own children! We were all relesved that they were safe and sound and back from their trip! 

Well that is all for this week! Happy stitching, everyone!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

I'm Home and Stitching!

Hello, Everyone!

Jack bought me a new laptop while I was in North Logan Healthcare. Yay! I’ll be the first to admit that I
Psalm 23
am not a big computer user, however, when I do want to
do something it is very aggravating  when I can’t get on it! I’m VERY HAPPY Jack bought me this laptop! :)

I have been thinking about things that I could do to make my blog unique but also witness to others that I am a Bible believing Christian woman. I know that one day I will be in heaven, with a new body, free from all that ails me today and the days I have left on Earth.

1 John 1:8-9 If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

This verse means a lot to me. It reminds me that everyone is a sinner. It also tells me that all that we need to do is ask that our sins be forgiven. Then He will, and our sin is erased! Not to say we won’t “slip” and sin again, we will, we are human. However, remember, He is faithful and just to forgive our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. That doesn’t mean we go and sin purposely, saying, “it's okay, God will forgive me for _________”, but that we do our best and when we do slip, we can ask God to forgive us. Because we are human we sin daily. But if we continue to keep in touch with the Lord, through the Bible and prayer, we will become more aware of what our sins are and how to rid that sin from our lives.

I left the nursing home Thursday of last week. We brought in my magnifying lamp and my Ott lamp that has the clip to hold a metal board to hold patterns with its own magnifying glass. We ended up leaving my projects in the van, as well as my iPad. I was okay Thursday because Jack and I had business in Champaign. I thought very little of my stitching that day. Friday we forgot to get my stuff out of the van before Rachel took it to work. I was a bit fidgety at first, then I decided to spend some time on the new laptop. I was on it most of the day, getting caught up on my e-mail, Facebook and such. Now that I have this laptop, my goal is to update my blog weekly. I believe that now that I will have sole use of my computer, that will be very possible.

Whipped Spider Rose
Rachel had taken the van, to spend Friday night at a friend’s house. Getting the what was left in the van out before she left wasn’t mentioned. She came home long enough on Saturday morning to say, “hi, I’m okay, bye!” before going to her job, a 12 hour shift. My stitching was left in the van, because I didn’t even have a chance to ask her to bring it in!! At first I was frustrated, then I remembered I had a UFO I could work on. I had started it last August when I was in the hospital because of my left knee infection. I pulled it out and finished everything I could on it.

The project was a kit from The Victoria Sampler Learning Collection. It is called, “Whipped Spider Rose”. I had started working on the light green band first, since that was where I’d left off. I was having a bit of trouble getting the hang of that particular stitch, so I ended up frogging it multiple times. By the time I got the hang of it, I didn’t have enough of the light green to complete the band with what came in the kit. (Not because there wasn’t originally enough, but because of all my frogging!) Fortunately, I had ordered a ball of the thread and so I frogged it yet again, because I noticed the color was just a tad different. (Not sure anyone but me would have noticed but still…) I cut enough thread off the ball to make sure I had enough thread to complete the band without having to tie off. I told Jack that I knew I’d be upset with myself about having to frog so much, normally, but that I wasn’t upset because I was learning a new stitch. Once I got the hang of it, I completed it in short order. The other new stitch to me was completing a spider rose. I’m still not sure if I got it quite right. Was I supposed to do the under and then over with putting the needle through the material or just the base of the spider web? The only reason I didn’t finish the stitching on this 100% is because I need more of the gold kreinik. I contacted Victoria sampler via e-mail and told them. They are sending more for me in today’s mail. When I get it, I can stitch the last gold line and attach the gold heart.

On Sunday, once again, Rachel took the van to work before we got my stitching out, but we called
Life's Little Tangles
her and asked her to come home and bring in the box that had my stitching and clothes as well as my big project (
“Life’s Little Tangles”) and my iPad. Her job is only a couple miles away, taking care of an older gentleman who is like family to us. When she brought me the projects, I started working on Psalm 23. I also stitched on this project on Monday. I can see my progress on this and I am happy with how it’s looking.

McGlasson Wedding Sampler 
The stitching I did during the last few days at the nursing home included on my wedding sampler for my cousin’s son and his bride, who will be married in the spring of 2017. I am happy with my progress on this one too. When I look at the last picture taken and this one, there is a lot more done. I honestly didn’t realize this until I looked at that picture. :)

I also did some stitching on “Life’s Little Tangles” in the nursing home, but didn’t get nearly as much done as I would have liked. To be fair to myself though, I did concentrate more on Psalm 23 and the wedding sampler. That was largely because “Life’s Little Tangles” is done over one on 25 count evenweave, where Psalm 23 is on 14 count adia and the wedding sampler is done over two on 28 count evenweave and my magnifying lamp was acting up. I actually have two of the lamps. When I couldn’t get the first lamp Rachel brought in to work for more than a few minutes at a time, (GRRRR) I finally asked Jack to have Rachel swap out the lamps. She brought the second lamp but I kept the original cord. In my last week at North Logan I realized there was an issue with the cord because the second lamp would go out if the cord wasn’t positioned ‘just right’.

I promised you the post before last that I would show you a picture of the beautiful Peacock lit Val Stocker gave me when we met up in my trip to Fresno in June. I was looking at it, and it is 5x7 on 18 count. I've never stitched on 18 count, but, there is a first time for everything! Thanks again, Val! I enjoyed meeting you and your husband. The needle threader to gave me has been a lifesaver! I use it all the time!

At home I am using the lamp just off of the battery power. It is doing very well that way. This will mean I need to keep myself supplied in D cell batteries, but that’s life! I was using my Ott lamp with the clip and magnifying glass until last night. The lamp tipped over and landed just right so the light broke. So
Peacock Kit
now, until we get paid, I need to use just the magnifying lamp. It will work though! Another thing that could throw frustration high but I am not going to let a light bulb (expensive, yes, but still a light bulb) get to me.

I received a letter from my insurance company regarding my electric wheelchair application, stating they were denying my application. The letter also stated I could appeal the decision. We are doing that!! Their reason for the denial was because they received information I can walk more than 70 steps with minimal aid. (That was at the nursing home with my therapist having a gait belt around me and a wheelchair behind me). I called the nursing home and spoke with my therapist. She told me she also stated that my walking was on a level service, not what would always be outside the nursing home. I went to my doctor yesterday and she drafted a letter explaining, once again, WHY I NEED the chair so much. You can tell, by looking at my boot that I am walking on my heel. She told them that between coming home Thursday and the day I saw her (Monday) I had fallen three times. Two of the times Jack had to call Rachel and have her help me up. Her training at the fire department comes in handy sometimes; he, he, he! The other time I fell, Jack and I, working together, got me up. No, I didn’t hurt myself in any of the falls!!

Sarah started nursing school and is doing well. We’re very proud of her. She started a couple of weeks ago with her first semester. After she is done with her second semester she will be an LPN. Then she has two more semesters to complete and she will be an RN! Sarah has a very determined attitude (good thing) about school. That’s why I know she will be fine!

Jack’s foot is starting to get better. Yay!! We are not having to put as much ‘packing’ in the wound as we were when we first started having to pack it. The last time he went to the wound clinic they were happy about how it is looking.

That’s about it, for this week. Everyone have a great week! Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Going Home At Last!

Psalm 23
Hello Everyone

The last time I posted was just three days before my bunion surgery. The surgery was on July 27th. The surgery went off without any problems. What the doctor did was break my three middle toes, putting pins in them to make them go straight. They had been leaning a great deal to the outside of my foot. When this was done, he also removed the bunion on the outside of my big toe, that had formed because of the toes leaning to the outside of my foot.

I awoke with my leg wrapped in curlex and an ace bandage from just below my knee. Actually, the curlex was from my ankle down, but the ace bandage was all the way to just below my knee. I had a fair amount of pain, but that was to be expected.

Wedding Sampler
What happened the next day I wasn't prepared for; no one had clued me in how painful the next step would be. The hospital sent someone from physical therapy into my room to see if I could walk for him. That was a joke!! I hadn't moved my leg from its being elevated position at all! When I took my foot off those pillows and then to the floor, the pain was MASSIVE!! I cried hard for five minutes, until it started easing. I was then told the pain was so high because my foot hadn't been down at all and the blood was rushing back to it. Would have been nice to be prepared! Anyway, when the pain finally subsided, all I could do was stand there. I couldn't walk one step, much less the twenty to thirty he was asking me to walk. He said he didn't think I was stable enough to go home. The hospital was originally thinking of sending me home that da

Instead, later that afternoon, occupational therapy came to assess me as well. For me to go anywhere but home, both types of therapy had to assess me. Occupational therapy agreed with physical therapy. They submitted the report together for the insurance company. The next day I went to the nursing home for rehabilitation. That was July 29th. I have been here since.

Life's Little Tangles
This nursing home does have guest wi-fi, but its spotty at best. I have spent very little time on my electronic items while here. I was directing my energies toward my therapy, both physical and occupational. I was also stitching. I worked on all three projects, rather than focusing on just one. I have also attended resident activities and just plain rested.

I was honestly surprised (pleasantly) that I was going home. I had more or less resigned myself to the fact that I will see the doctor again on September 2, but won't get my pins out of my toes until September 15. The doctor did tell me I could go home as soon as I met the therapy criteria. I guess I passed, so on Thursday I GET TO GO HOME!!

I figured out this morning how to add pictures to this with my new computer. I need to go to therapy for the last time.

Happy Stitching everyone!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

I was RAKed

RAK picture 1
When I went to California at the end of June, I didn't just see family and friends that I hadn't seen in years. I met a long time
RAK picture 2
stitching friend! We met through a yahoo group. Val and her husband, Charlie, met my Daughter, Rachel and me at DiCicco's one of my favorite restaurants in Fresno, where I was born and raised. Jack and I left Fresno in the winter of 1989. Fresno has become way to unfamiliar for me to live there. I have become accustomed to my relatively small (33,000) Midwest city. Fresno is much, much bigger than that!

Val showed me a couple of tricks for the back of the material. I probably
RAK picture 3 Part that surrounds the jar
should have written them down. For my life I cannot remember what they were. Val also found out I didn't have a needle threader. She told me she would send me one. She did, but she also sent me a black and white scarf, bobbins, beads, beading needles, thread heaven and a hand made jar lid!

On the way home from California, we made a couple of stops so we could see some people that are like family to us. We talked about making one more stop, but when we got there it was the middle of the night, and we didn't want to wake them. Where we did stop was in a town close to Oklahoma City and went to my friend since high school's home. He was very surprised to see me. The other place we stopped was Branson, MO and went to the apartment of some very good trucking friends of ours.
Jack taught the husband how to drive semi. The couple that lives in Branson, put us up in a very nice

RAK picture 4 top of jar lid

RAK picture 5 pretty scarf
hotel. Because they live there, they get deep discounts on lodging. We all sank into those beds and felt very comfortable. I was able to fall asleep after I knew Rachel was back in the room.

Back to the RAK, I was very surprised and I am going to try and start sending out my own RAKs! I know the wonderful feeling I get when I open a package I know is full of stitching yummies! I want to do that too. Not sure how often I can do it, but I want to send something to someone every once in a while.

Please keep me in your prayers as this coming Wednesday, I am having surgery on my left foot for a bunion removal. I am supposed to be in the hospital 24 hour observation then off my foot for 4-6 weeks. That means lots of stitching time for me!

BTW, Val also gave me a kit of a beautiful peacock that I adore! I will post a picture of it next update. It is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Happy stitching everyone!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Catching You Up!

Montage of Danielle and Nick's wedding
Hello Everyone!

The van breaking down in March was sooo maddening! We had to get around via bus, taxi, medical transport, or walking for over two months! The story is a long one in what led up to the van being repaired.

About six weeks before we were to go on the trip, one of Rachel's friends, who claimed to be a mechanic (that was a  lie) said he'd fix the car for $400. When this joker, who didn't
John, Denise, Ethan,
 Maria, and Adriana
work on the van until Jack prodded and then only when Jack was there to help. He didn't know the
simple stuff that a mechanic should know. Yes, he knows alot of mechanics, but that doesn't make you a mechanic. No, we didn't  pay this guy.

When the van was not fixed and we only had a couple weeks before the trip, our neighbor gave Jack the name of his mechanic. Jack called him. He got the van fixed within a week..In the end, Jack found a car on Craigslist that had the proper motor because ultimately that's what was wrong. We had a blown motor.

We were able to go on the trip to California. The trip had its up and downs. There were more ups than downs though. The downs just basically reminded us why we moved away from California.

We had decided to go to California, so we really had a deadline to have the van ready. My niece, who got married via a judge at the court house last fall, wanted a big wedding. That was on June 26. We had also wanted
Framed "Heaven" for Micki
to see our son and his family, my parents, who are now 76 and 84. When we visited John, Denise, and the kids, we took a day and went fishing as a family and had a blast! I also wanted to see my two best friends ever, besides Jack and Jesus! We wanted Rachel to see the ocean and the mountains. Rachel went to the ocean (Monterey, CA) with her cousin, Kayla and Kayla's boyfriend. Also, My great friend, Jeff, and I, took Rachel to Yosemite. She had a blast both places. Rachel and I also went to lunch with Val (from ILCS) and her husband, Charlie. She gave me a beautiful Peacock pattern. I am looking forward to stitching it. Even though I brought my stitching on the vacation, I doubt I stitched more than 10 stitches the entire trip! That's okay though, I was there for getting re-acquainted with my friends and family.
Rachel and me in Yosemite
John and Rachel after swimming

Sarah Acceptance Letter
Unfortunately Sarah couldn't join us because of work. She did receive some wonderful news shortly before we left though!! Sarah, received her letter that she has been accepted into the nursing program! Yay! I am so happy for her! So proud of her!

Since my last post, my health has declined. I have had Degenerative Disc Disease as well as Degenerative Joint Disease for several years. I started having major pain in my lower back and the back of my thighs. Walking is a chore quite often. it just hurts too much. These diseases have been in the neck area of my spine and shots helped ease the discomfort. Now they are in my lower back, which effects my walking. I am also going to have bunion surgery on July 27. The normal complete recovery time for that is about four months. Because of my pre-existing conditions, recovery time could be quite a bit longer. I could also end up in a nursing home at the beginning of recovery.
1-2-3 Purchase

Life's Little Tangles.

Wedding Sampler
Yes, I did do some stitching, but because of the stress of what was going on for the past several weeks before the trip, I lost all desire to stitch. Since we've been back and the stress level is down I am stitching again! :) I have been concentrating mostly on "Psalm 23", but have also stitched on "Life's Little Tangles". The wedding sampler I am stitching for my cousin's son's wedding next summer has received the least amount of attention. When we came back from California, I also placed an order to 1-2-3 Stitch. I need to order a new leather thimble. The thimble I had was eaten by the "mechanic's" puppy. It will need to be next month.
Psalm 23

I'm planning on giving "Psalm 23"  for her birthday. She loves the Chapter. I did frame and give "Heaven" to my great girl friend, Micki. I am stitching "Life's Little Tangles" for my house

I have a feeling these projects will get alot of stitch time after my surgery, when I cannot put ANY weight on my foot for an extended period of time.

Hope everyone is doing great!