Friday, October 30, 2009

New at Bolgspot!

I am new at blogspot, but I felt like I needed to open a blog here. I hope everyone will enjoy my work and my blog. I am very new to this so it may take me awhile to actually build the blog.

I am proud of myself! I finally got the beads put on my blue bookmark that I am giving someone as a gift for Christmas. I think it turned out pretty nice. I was having trouble getting the beads on because the needle I had that a bead would fit on had too small of an eye for me to thread. I thought about it, and finally decided to try a thinner cross stitch needle - ended up using size 26 - and even though it was a tight squeeze, it worked. Thanks to a great friend in ILCS, I don't believe I'll be having that problem anymore. She gave me the tip of using size 28 needle for beading. She said she does all her beading that way, so I think I will try it, next time I need to bead a project. I put a light blue ribbon on the back of this bookmark to hide what I call the under stitching. It hid it well and I like the way it looks.

The other project I finished lately are a baby bib and a bookmark for my church's bizarre. I started work on them a few weeks ago and finished them up in short order, honestly. I had a book of baby bib patterns and was RAKed a book of bookmarks. I used one of the bookmarks from that book for the church bizarre. Maybe next years bizarre I can contribute more than just a couple of items, but I'll have to see how everything goes in life this next year before I can commit to that. I put a yellow ribbon on the back of this bookmark to hide the under stitching. I finally got the blog to work with me about adding more than one picture. YES!!!!!

I have also been working on a project I named "Sassy", because that is the name of the dog. Sassy was our best friend's dog until she passed away in January of this year. Her owners gave me a picture of her that I put on PCStitch and turned into a pattern. I recently reached the being 60% done mark. I scanned a picture of her a couple of days ago. I have done work on her since this picture was taken and feel like I am moving along faster, now that I finally finished her back. I am working on page 4 now, which has a big part of her face in it. Her face does not have NEAR the amount of colors that her back did!

I also want to do a coaster for my step-son and DIL for Christmas but haven't even started that one yet.

I am willing to accept any and all help with this blog. I am so a fish out of water when it comes to computers!

I hope everyone has a great week! I will try to post at least weekly, if not more.


  1. Hi Lyn, nice bookmark finish. When you are creating a post and want to add more than one image you have to click on the "add another image" line that appears above the first image link bar. It will let you add up to five images, but you have to click on "add another image" each time. Hope this helps.

  2. Nice to see you here! Nice finish on the bookmark!

  3. Welcome to Blogging, it will get easier the more you play with it.

    Lovely bookmark.

  4. Lyn,

    All your projects are very beautiful and you should be quite proud of the lovely contribution you are making to your church bazaar.

    Your Blog is perfect. It is just like all new things that you encounter, it just takes practice in using it and soon it will just come automatically and quite easy for you!!

    You have just done every thing really great!!
    Time for several "Happy Dances" with your finishes also!!

    Will be anxious to see what comes next!!

    Love and Hugs!!

  5. Welcome to blogging!
    Everything is looking great. Looking forward to more updates.

  6. Love the new pictures - great progress!

  7. Sandy, After playing with this more, I saw what you and Deborah (via telephone) were saying about "add another image", and then was able to add the other pictures. Thanks for the tip.

  8. You are doing just fine! Welcome to the bloggers world and I'm looking forward to your postings.

  9. It looks great!!! Love your Sassy - it's coming along great!! and your new blog looks great also!!

  10. Welcome to blogspot. That bookworm is very cute.

  11. All your projects look great, Lyn.

  12. Thanks to everyone for their encouraging comments on my projects. I was doing happy dances when it came to my finishes of the bib and bookmarks. Especially when I was able to put the ribbons on the back to hide the under stitching. Now I just hope that the bookworm bookmark and the baby bib sell! Also, I am very excited about my "Sassy" project. Especially since Jack usually tells me that he has a hard time seeing what the picture will end up being (because it just looks like a bunch of colors in squares) until I am close to the end. He said, when he saw her back done, "Now that is Sassy!" I want to make a great deal of progress this week on her.

  13. nice bookmark. Good luck getting everything else done.