Friday, January 22, 2010

Good Week For Me

Hello everyone!

I am happy today!

As you may know, I have been losing weight since May of 2009. I started losing, not because I wanted to, really, but because my stomach started constantly hurting. In the summer of 2009 we discovered I had a flare up of IBS that just wasn't going away. Anyway, in October I started going to the YMCA because I figured as long as I was losing weight, I might as well try not to have lots of loose skin. My weight loss has continued. I can afford to lose a great deal of weight, so I am not really worried. I am keeping my doctor informed about the weight loss. Today when I weighed, my loss had reached 100 pounds! The last time I was this weight was when I was in college. I could stand to lose quite a bit more. I am not really trying, though when my stomach does allow me to eat, I eat sensibly.

On the stitching front, I finished the baby bib for my friend's grandchild due in April. The mom had an ultrasound this week and the baby finally revealed that it was a girl. Her first name is Isabella. No middle name has been decided. Tina, the Nana to be, tells me Isabella's parents will love it. I sure hope so! I am thinking about making a couple of other things for the baby, but have not really decided yet. Instead, I may stitch something for my own grandchildren.

I have also stitched on my IS 40:31 project quite a bit this week. I feel like I have made good progress on it. This is the first time I have worked on anything other than adia. It is nowhere near as hard as I thought it would be. You may be able to tell, but what this is so far is the right wing of the eagle and the eagle's body as well as a small part of the left wing. The eagle is flying with trees and mountains behind him. The phrase will be in front and underneath. Jack thinks it is very good looking. I had a couple of different patterns of this project. He liked this pattern the best.

I went to a class a little over a week ago as a refresher course to be an election judge in Illinois' upcoming February election. I received my assignment earlier this week as far as which polling place I will work. I have been a roaming election judge for years for my county. I do live in the city, but I am needed as a judge in the county. I don't expect our election to be anywhere close to as exciting as the Massachusettes election earlier this week. I will bring a stitching project, to give me something to do between voters. I must be at the polling place from 5:00 AM to about 8:00 PM. The polls will open at 6:00 and close at 7:00, but that gives us time to set up and tear town the polling place. I have worked elections that I couldn't even think of pulling out the stitching and then other elections when we went hours between voters. I suspect this one will allow me to stitch.

I am debating myself. Do I spend my election judge earnings: 1) on new clothes for me since I lost weight 2) stash away for Christmas 2010 gifts since Christmas is always tight or 3) buy something very necessary around the house? Any opinions?

This morning I scheduled the appointment for Rachel with the eye doctor who will direct us to where to get her prism glasses made. She sees this doctor in laste February. He will then get us the appointment with the prism doctor. If this prism works, she will no longer see double. We are hopeful.

I need to be sigbning off for now. Hope everyone has a wonderful week.


  1. Think you should buy new clothes, especially since you have lost some weight. Like you new start. Since this is a non presidential year I would bring a big project to work on, it may be kinda slow, at least it is in our area.

  2. Your bib is cute and you've made lots of progress on your other progress! Good luck with more weight loss, doesn't sound like a fun way to lose it, but new clothes would be a great way to enjoy it!

  3. Your bib is cute and congratulations on your weight loss. Definitely new clothes, you'll enjoy picking clothes in a different size from before so it'll give you a lift that it was all worth it.

  4. Congrats on the finish and a nice progress on your WIP. And the biggest applause goes for bye bye to a 100lbs! And of course you should buy new clothes! It will make you feel great, it will keep you motivated to loose even more weight. That's my 2 cents.

  5. Lyn ~ the bib looks adorable and the wip is coming along wonderfully! What does the finished piece look like? Good job on the weight loss. I would spend the money on what you liked to work on.

  6. your stitching looks good. Congrats on your loss.

  7. Congrats on loosing so much weight. Even though your not necessarily trying. I would use your money for new clothes. If you are like me, family always comes before me so if you feel you can't get enough for your money to make it reasonable then try shopping at thrift stores for the clothes. The bib is adorable and yes, I do see an eagle in flight. I hope the prism glasses come soon and work for your daughter. Seeing double this long can't be any fun.

  8. Congrats on your weight loss. That bib is really cute!