Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Stitching Update

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to do a quick update, I promised you I would.

I did scan a picture that shows page 3 of 'The Lord's Prayer'. I have not stitched on it since scanning this a few days ago. I had told you I'd try and show you page 3. You cannot see the entire project in this scan, but You can see my progress I was able to do. Most of the progress was done when I was in Tennessee with my friend. As you can see, I have to stitch the lower left corner completely and then do the backstitching. Then it will be done and I can move to page 4!

I also wanted to show you the towel that I mentioned for my parents as a Thanksgiving gift. I did decide to put aside 'The Lord's Prayer' and stitch this. I do not usually give Thanksgiving gifts, but I just felt I really needed to do this for them this year. I may also add a potholder with the same pattern. It is taking a bit longer than I thought. I have stitched on this around 10 hours. There are 22 color in this pattern, so a great deal of stopping and starting to change colors. I picked up the last color at my LNS today. I think it is turning out nice. The wreath is in the center of the stitching area and the strands go to the end of the sides left to right.

The third thing I wanted to show you was the elephant that I have decided to do for my Uncle Curt, in memory of Aunt Jane. Uncle Curt said she loved elephants. I thought it would be a good tribute to her to give this to my Uncle. We talked about me turning it into a pillow for him. A friend gave me the pattern. I put it on PCStitch and took all the redish background out and put more of a green under the elephant's feet. I cannot get the picture from PCStitch to come up here, so you will have to imagine it, if you can. With just the elephant and ground cover, the picture is about a 5 x 7.

Unrelated to stitching, I do have some good news. I talked with one of the places I turned in an application awhile back yesterday and the manager asked me if I was still looking for a job. I told him yes. He told me they were looking for someone in a certain position but he needed to talk with another employee before it was confirmed. He told me to come to the store Friday morning (tomorrow) and we would talk. To me that sounds like he wants to hire me. Please pray that this happens.

I walked 2.46 miles in 35 minutes on the eliptical at the YMCA today. That is a bit slower than I did a couple of weeks ago, but not by much. My fastest at that time was 2.52 miles in 35 minutes. I still think I did well. I haven't gone to the YMCA as much as I want to, but if I have my way, the amount of time I go will increase. I need to start swimming there again too. I haven't swam in awhile but the last time I swam I did 27 laps (3/4 of a mile) in 2 hours. I know that is slow. I am a slow swimmer because of my right side being paralyzed. My right arm does not fully do the movement necessary, nor does my leg kick very well, but I can swim! The lifeguard is impressed with the way I swim.

Rachel's cheer leading squad is going to competition very soon. She is very nervous. The football team starts their playoffs this weekend.

Sarah turned in a paper today on Tattoos for her Anatomy class today. Actually, she turned the paper part in yesterday and the poster board part today. They were actually due at the same time, but she diden't allow herself enough time this weekend to do it, so she may get 10% off the poster board part.

We heard from John and his family a few days ago. They are fine and chose to move to Modesto, CA. We hope they will be alright there. My DIL's Aunt lives there, so I'm sure she will keep an eye on them.

Jack's foot ulcer appears to be smaller than it was last week, which is a good thing.

Happy Stitching everyone, until next time!


  1. That is absolutely beautiful stitching!

    I hope that you get the job!

  2. Good luck with the job, I'm having a good feeling about it, I'm crossing my toes (need fingers for stitching)and sending a prayer for you.

    Love your stitching and the elephant looks very impressive, I'm sure he will love it!

  3. Great stitching Lyn. I'm sure your parents will love the T-Day gift.

  4. The towel is really cute, you are making progress on the Lord's Prayer and the Elephant looks ambitious. Good with with keeping up with the workouts.

  5. Great progress on 'The Lord's Prayer.
    Goodluck with the job.