Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Ups and Downs Here, But More Ups!

Hello Everyone!

I hope and pray that things have gone well for you since my last update. I meant to update this weeks
Psalm 23 before moving
in the Q-snap
ago, but life got in the way. ;) The last few Sundays, I have attended a different church. Jack came with me last couple of Sundays. It felt good to be among others who believed in the Lord Jesus Christ. We feel like we are growing in the Lord! When I was at the nursing home I went to the church service on Sunday morning. There is something special about going to a church building, the house of the Lord though!! Two Sunday evening’s ago the service was very powerful. He talked about
The Dry Bones in Ezekiel 37. It was interesting to see what kind of things in today’s world can make a person have dry bones! God is willing to make those bones usable again!

I have two pictures of “Psalm 23”. One was taken when I had decided to move the material so I could finish the words of the Psalm. I thought it would help me not get lost on the right side. I have realized that I am using the words as a “guide” of sorts to help me stitch in the right areas. I am pleased with my progress on this project. I think if I keep up this pace, it will be done shortly.  I finished stitching the verse and then started stitching the bottom scenery. I will work my way to the right side of the project. Then I will move it again within my Q-snap. Then I will stitch the scenery on the right all the way to the bottom or visa versa. Either way, I am pleased with my progress. I still haven’t been able to get in touch with the woman for whom I was stitching this project. Jack and I talked and if I am unable to reach her, we will frame it and put it in our own home!

The motor that controls both our heater and air conditioner went out about three days after the couch was delivered. Fortunately, the weather, for the most part has been doable without either the air conditioner or heater. Yes, there were a few days that having especially the air conditioner would have been nice, but opening the windows so the heat didn’t build up in the house to bad helped a great deal. We had to wait until the beginning of October to see about fixing it, due to finances. It will be tight, but we should be able to be okay. God watches over us and He provides for our needs.

What I've done on Psalm 23
since adjusting the Q-snap
I am on the mailing list for the monthly newsletter of a designer in Canada. She mentioned in her last letter that she was looking for model stitchers. She doesn’t pay monetarily, however, she will give you access to things she sells. Jack and I did discuss me taking the steps to become  model stitcher for her. We decided together that 1) I probably don’t stitch as fast as she would like and 2) Stitching for her might add to rather than take away from my stress level. So I decided not to apply. I don’t want my stress level to rise because I’m doing something I love!

I started stitching on my wedding sampler again a couple of days ago. It has been screaming at me. Especially since I received a postcard from the couple reminding me to save the date. I spoke with
McGlasson Wedding Sampler
Sally (the bride) to make sure she would be happy with the colors of the project. She said it sounds beautiful. She was told by her future brother-in-law how much he and his bride liked their announcement. So for the next few days at least I will stitch on it. I think if I just stitch it for a few days, that a bunch of progress will be shown. We’ll see.

I know both projects need to be cleaned, but I will do that when they are done.

I was wanting to pull my hair out the other day. When I left my stitching corner the previous evening, my Ott light was working perfectly. When I went to it the next day, it would not turn on!! Rachel had the van, so I couldn’t take it up to Joann’s to have them look at it. (That’s when I wanted to pull my hair out). I did take the lamp up to Joann’s the next day though. They couldn’t figure out the problem either. I told the gal helping me my lamp was only
Ott Light
four years old. Since she couldn’t figure out the problem and the lamp is made to last quite a bit longer than about four years, she just gave me a brand new model of my Ott light! Jack put it together for me shortly after I brought it home. Yay!! I love my husband so much!! He is so good to me!!

I received my Ornament edition of “Just Cross Stitch”. I did do a couple of things out of last years edition, but I think I will be able to do more than that this year. The designs appear to be smaller, more “ornament’ size. Last year one project I did ended up as a pillow. I gave it to my niece, Danielle, and her family.

Speaking of Danielle, her husband is currently stationed in Fort Campbell, KY. The whole family lives on base. They recently got new orders. In May he will be moved to Germany.  This will be a new situation for Danielle to deal with, as well as the rest of us. I have never had a family member live overseas. We received this beautiful “Thank You” card from Nick and Danielle for attending the wedding. I feel so blessed to be her Aunt Lyn! :)

One of the episodes of violence toward police officers happened in the city where I was born and raised. Fortunately, the officers were not hurt badly. It involved a California Highway Patrol officer and a Fresno Police officer vs a group. I saw an article about it online. Not much was said. I know if the officers had been hurt or worse, my parents and/or my best friend would have told me.

Rachel finally got her a car. She has been wanting a car for a long time and due to circumstances she wasn’t able to get one earlier this year. She bought a 2000 Taurus for $500, cash sale. There are a couple of things wrong, but nothing that makes it inoperable. The front brakes need to be replaced and the back struts. Rachel gave her Dad the money to get the brakes and rotors. A friend who is a very good mechanic will put them on for her. The struts can wait another month or so. Rachel, handling her own money now, is learning that money doesn’t necessarily stretch as far as we would like!

I have the most AWESOME NEIGHBOR! I was outside yesterday, sitting on my front porch, enjoying the early evening. My neighbor started mowing his front yard. When he was done, I asked him if he would get the tall stuff next to my porch the guy who has been mowing hasn’t been getting. The guy
M New Coffee Cups
who has been mowing for us, uses a riding mower. This particular area requires a hand mower, if you know what I mean. Anyway, my neighbor didn’t just get the extra tall stuff, he mowed the

When I was at Joann's about my Ott light, I couldn't pass up the deal of buy one coffee cup (for a very reasonable price I might add) and get a second coffee cup FREE! These are the cups I picked out!


  1. I love the coffee cups, Lyn. You're making great progress on your projects. I hope you have everything working by now. I had to turn my heat on today for the first time but the sun is supposed to be back tomorrow.

    1. I love the coffee cups too, Cheryl! That was to good of a deal to pas up!! Thank you for the encouraging words on my projects! The person fixing the heater said the part will be here Thursday. We are suppose to have highs in the low 80's tomorrow and Thursday. I know this weekend the temps are suppose to be lower by quite a bit, but haven't heard the numbers yet. By then though, it should be fixed!

    2. I love the coffee cups too, Cheryl! That was to good of a deal to pas up!! Thank you for the encouraging words on my projects! The person fixing the heater said the part will be here Thursday. We are suppose to have highs in the low 80's tomorrow and Thursday. I know this weekend the temps are suppose to be lower by quite a bit, but haven't heard the numbers yet. By then though, it should be fixed!

  2. Your Psalms project is gorgeous! I love your updates.
    We serve a good God, don't we?
    Blessings, Donna

  3. Thank you, Donna. Yes, we serve a marvelous God. I am so glad I know Him! I'm also glad I started talking about Him in each blog!!

  4. Your stitching looks nice. Congrats on getting 2 for 1 on the cups. Very nice that JoAnns gave you a new lamp! Wow.

    1. Thank you, Meari, on both the stitching compliment and the deal about the cups! I was blown away that the sales clerk said she would just exchange them out, but I wasn't going to kick a gift horse in the mouth! It was God's answer to me getting a new Ott light! He knew I needed it and I couldn't afford a new one!

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