Thursday, August 11, 2011

Boy, It has Been Quiet!

Since my last post, I have been stitching on my "Precious Moments" piece for my Great Niece. I scanned this picture today. The last time I stitched on it was yesterday. I am going to rotate back to "Amazing Grace" for a bit now. I feel like I have gotten alot done in the past two or so weeks since I went back to working on 'Precious Moments". I have the full length of the pattern in, most of the small flowers of quilt in (only color left there isw pink), some of the white part of quilt completed, all but the pink part of the rug in, and I have started on the girl's face. What I have left to do is the rest of her face, as well as her hands and feet, the nightgown, the rest of the white in the quilt and the verse as well as the backstitching of the whole thing.

My plan is to work on "Amazing Grace" for a t least a couple of weeks and then swap out again. Now that I figured out the problem with "Amazing Grace" ~~ the flowers between the verses off two to the left ~~ I can start on it again with confidence!

Jack and the girls left Monday morning for Dallas via rental car. They stopped in Memphis for dinner and then East of Little Rock for the night. After starting their drive again, they got to Dallas nine hours later. That was Tuesday early evening. Jack used yesterday to recoup from the drive. He hasn't driven like that since his days of driving a semi. That has been 10 years ago now. Boy, thats hard to believe! Anyway, they got there safe and sound.

I am unsure how to describe what I am feeling. I haven't been this far away from Jack since he stopped driving semi. I have actually watched the television in our family room, played music on my computer, and went to sleep in my recliner. I have been getting some of the cleaning done that I wanted. I also got the girls registered for their respective schools and even went out to lunch with mybest friend from church. I plan on stitching some tonight.

Everyone have a great couple of weeks!


  1. Great progress. Cannot wait to see more.

    Glad everyone made it to their destination safely.

    Enjoy your time alone as best as you can. We all know that it is hard for mom's to enjoy that time without worrying.

  2. Great stitching! Enjoy the alone time for a bit :)

  3. Sorry you are missing your husband, enjoy the alone time. Glad you figured out what was wrong with Amazing Grace, that can be a bugger when something is off and you can't find where.

  4. The stitching is progressing nicely. Glad to hear your family made it to Dallas.

  5. Love the progress, it's beautiful so far. Glad to hear they made it to Dallas safe and sound! Enjoy the time alone while you can because they'll be home before you know it =)

  6. Nice progress on your WIP, Lyn.

    Enjoy the peace and quiet. Who knows when you'll get it again, lol.