Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Honest, Progress was Made!

Hello Everyone!

I honestly wanted to have this update with a picture of my elephant progress. Tomorrow will be one week since I updated last. I think I have made a fair to decent amount of progress. But, my scanner is not cooperating. My printer, for whatever reason, will not bring up the tab that says, "download camera or scanner". Thus I cannot get my scanner to work at all. I even had Wes look at it, to try and trouble shoot it for me and he is as confused as I am. I guess I feel good that I'm not the only lost one on this one.

I have done a great deal on the trunk and face of the Bull Elephant, as well as quite a bit of stitching on his left ear. The artist created the pattern on 14CT Adia. I am stitching it on Countfrn Old Lace 28CT. I think it is looking pretty good. I did not have a piece of Adia the proper size for this pattern and I really needed to stitch on something. Thus far in the pattern, I have used five different colors. I have added a couple of the grey type colors, more the colors I think of when I see an elephant than dark browns.

One of the biggest reasons I needed to stitch was I am still trying to quit smoking. I have been successful to now, but I do struggle from time to time and find if I am stitching on something I think of smoking less. The last time I had a cigarette was September 19. I started using the nicotine patch and started phase two (of three) on the patch last week.I really have wanted to quit smoking for quite a long time, some of you may remember when I have tried before. At any rate, I am successful thus far, this time. I honestly think I have the habit kicked, but I want to finish the program. I am stitching and chewing gum as well.

Sarah and Wes are at a movie right now. They are spending as much time as possible together before Wes must report back to the Army. He has to report back on Friday. He will be shipped over to Korea next week. I am uncertain how long he will be there, but I hope he knows how much we love and appreciate him and how much we will miss him. Sarah has told me that they are no longer together as a couple. I am honestly not sure if she is trying to convince her dad and me, herself, or both. They sure seem like a couple, if you ask me!

I have to transfer a load of clothes from washer to dryer and maybe look into some sort of dinner and check on Jack. He has been asleep for a couple of hours now, if not more. It was so good to get him out of the house today for even a couple of hours. I know he said the prosthetic leg was hurting him, but I think just getting out breathing fresh air has got to be good for him. Jack and I went to the church "Drummer Boy Bizarre" and had lunch.

Talk to you again next time. Maybe I can get my scanner working!


  1. Congratulations on your being smokeless.... keep up the good work.

  2. It is so hard to quit smoking. Took me several tries. Congrats on not smoking sp far. Every ciggie you want and don't have is a huge success. What a bummer that you couldn't show off the elephant. I do love elephants.

  3. To bad we could not see a picture, hope we get to next time. I use stitching as a way not to eat so think it is great that you are trying to quit smoking and it is helping.

  4. Congratulations on keeping off the cigarettes, we're all with you. Look forward to seeing your elephants next time.

  5. Congrats on quiting smoking!, that must be so hard to do.