Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Stitching Away!

This picture was taken after working on the elephant project two weeks. I have not worked on the elephant for the past couple of weeks but did make quite a bit of progress between pictures of it. The first picture was taken after one week. That picture is on my post of November 2. Remember how I wanted to give you a picture last time updated but was having issues? This was one of the pictures I wanted to show you. This one and the first picture of the cat, seen below.

In the past two weeks I have been stitching solely on the cat for my cousin and his wife. I just have so many patterns I want to stitch right now that I had to start on the cat too. The first picture of the cat was taken by my friend, Jan, last week. She didn't get around to mailing me the picture until yesterday though and so I ended up doing a lot more stitching on the cat this week. Thank you, Meari for somehow getting the picture the proper direction! I have two friends who offered to help me get the second cat picture to cooperate with me. I sent it to both of them. I opened Meari's first and it worked, so thank you Rob too! I am so glad I have both of you as friends! I have more of the cat's head done now. Last night I finished his right ear and the right side of his face completely, put the black in his forehead, and started on his eyes. I also stitched a little more of the black extending his back.

(Nov 23) Yesterday, after my original post with the sideways cat, I finished his face completely. Now as far as hid head goes, I have just a few stitches on his left ear and the all important backstitching. I also stitched on his back and body. I only used DMC 3022on his back and body last night, but that part of him is starting to look better. Not sure how much I can stitch today since I have to clean the house I do once a week and then of course to the store for a couple of Thanksgiving items.

I have been told this week that I am hired to stitch a couple more cats. This excites me. I have been told for the longest time that my stitching is good enough that I should sell my work. This will be the first time anything of mine has been sold and they are hiring me to boot! She will be taking me to the store to get the material she wants, purchase any thread, etc., I need and then after it is done will pay me for my labor in stitching them.

I got some stoney creek books in the mail this week (thanks Ellen) with some patterns I'd love to stitch. Especially the deer and some flowers. Need to stitch a Noah's Ark pattern for my niece. I also bought my first HAED since my last blog update. So many things to stitch so little time!

Well I need to be going. I wish I could somehow get this picture to face right, but I can't! Happy stitching everyone!



  1. Wonderful progress on your pieces, as I do not blog yet I can not help you with how to get he pics up the right way.

  2. You have doe some wonderful stitching so far!

    The only thing I can think of is you have to save it the right direction before uploading. The other way is take a photo editing or even the windows photo viewer has a way to turn the photo's and then save them.

  3. Lovely stitching. Both pieces are going to be stunning when they are finished.

    A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  4. They're looking great!