Friday, February 10, 2012

There are Two Drawings!

I apologize for taking so long to do this post...the past couple weeks have been on the crazy side!

1) I had a seizure on a Wednesday afternoon that I didn't really completely recover from for a couple of days. That is unusual for me. I do have seizures, but I generally recover within a few hours from whatever seizure I have. (Yes, I am scheduled to see my doctor in a couple weeks because of this). My seeizures have been happening more frequently, which is scary to us. More frequently in my case is instead of one every seven years or so, is since December 2010 I have probably had four seizures. One in December of 2010 and then one in September 2011. Two of them were the other Wednesday that knocked me silly. I have never ever had two seizures in one day.

2) My van's starter went out.

3) My older daughter's tires needed replacing. Jack and I got two tires at the recycle store and had them mounted.

4) My van did a mysterious, "I won't start" and I had to have it towed just to have it start at the repair shop. This happened the same day Sarah's tires needed replacing, so ended up having both our vehicles towed the same day.

5) My younger daughter developed ear infection.

6) I did finish irises and start "Creation" (the second project I am being paid to complete).

7) I placed an order with Nordic Needle that I am excited about. I am expecting a couple different colors of beads, some beading needles, counting pins, and a tail catcher.

8) I believe I have landed myself a job besides cleaning a couple of houses. I am excited about this. The job won't start until mid-March because the person that is there now isn't leaving the position until then. I will need to be trained and everything first though, so I am okay with it. The pay is very reasonable.

9) Figured out what I wanted to give away in my giveaway here. I sure hope everyone has fun! I have never done a giveaway, so this is new for me, but I have seen giveaways done on other blogs and I hope to do this one similar to what I have seen done. I will put the names entered in a hat and have my daughter draw the name. I will have two drawings.

Drawing #1 will be for a Lap Stand, a wooden hoop 8"x12", a 10" wooden hoop, an 8" wooden hoop, and two 6" wooden hoops.

Drawing #2 will include a 12x16 piece of Aida material that has sparkles through it as well as red and blue threads. It is very pretty. I will also put in Leisure Arts Leaflet 958 'The Lord's Prayer and Dale Burdett Love Bears All Things pamphlet and a personal wares Janlynn 986-42 gold lame fanci ruffled hoop (finished size 4" x 5.5").

If you want to be entered in either one or both drawings, please say if you want to be in drawing 1 or drawing 2. You may enter both if you would like. I will be drawing the names February 18.

I am excited about how my Irises turned out. I have not framed this yet. I am not sure how Mary-Beth wants me to finish it. I have to talk with her about if she wants me to just send it to her as I have it now and then let her frame it or if she wants me to frame it and then send it to her. I think it turned out very nice.

I have started my second cat project that I am being paid for. This one is called "Creation Cat". I think I have made a lot of progress on him. I am still working on page one. I am almost done with the cat part of page one. Then there is a fish between his paws and tree leaves on this page. Fish are growing on the tree much like fruit. Jan wanted me to put this picture on brown material. I wasn't real sure that it would look good on brown material, being that the cat is a tiger stripe kind of cat. I think it is probably going to turn out alright though. Page two is the lower half of the cat...he is standing on his hind legs in the a human does. There is a "flower" by his hind legs. The "flower" has leaves, but the stem is the tail of a mouse and the middle part of the flower is a mouse. The phrase on this one is: If I had been present at creation I would have given some useful hints. The thing I think I am going to have to change in this project because of the material being brown is the color of the lettering is suppose to be DMC 3345 (Hunter Green - dark). I am wondering, with the material being brown, should the phrase be written in a light color? Opinions are welcomed and appreciated.

Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day. I know I will. Jack and I will be celebrating our 24th Anniversary. We were married on Valentine's Day in 1988. We chose that day because my favorite color has always been red and I wanted red in the wedding. My girls wore red taffida dresses. We are planning on having a special dinner out, just the two of us. We don't do that very often.


  1. Wow I hope you get to feeling better and your docs figure out why you are having a spike in seizures. There are days when I hate my car and it's issues, not sure I could handle two with issues in the same day.

    Love the irises and your cat is looking great!

    I'd love to be entered in both of your giveaways please.

    Have a wonderful anniversary!

  2. Oh gosh, I am sorry about the seizures. They are scary. I hope they find the cause soon. Your stitching is beautiful. I love the cat.
    Your giveaways are very generous. Please enter me in both of them.

  3. Sorry to hear about all the car problems and health issues with you family, will be in my prayers. Would like to be entered in drawing 2 please, thanks for having them.

  4. I hope the doctor can figure something out with your seizures. Scary stuff!

    Your projects look great. Nice job.

    I'd like to be included in drawing #2.

  5. Please enter me in both of your drawings. I enjoyed reading your blog.

  6. I hope you get better and the doctors figure our what is wrong. We depend on our cars and its a pain when they don't cooperate, I get scared when i hear a weird noise because i know it won't be cheap. Please enter me in both draws.

  7. Hi Lynn,
    Please enter me in both of your drawings. The irises are beautiful. I am a follower of
    your blog.
    I hope you feel better soon & hope you can get in to see the doctor as soon as possible.
    Seizures can be scary.

    Pam Kifer in Ellwood City, PA

  8. I would love to be entered into BOTH of your drawings!!

    Please be sure to keep good care of yourself and keep us updated. I am so glad that there are some lovely positives for you coming up!!!

  9. Sorry to hear how rough things are being at the moment. I hope the doctor can help with your seizures. Lovely Irises x

  10. Hope they figure things out for you. I have stress seizures so because of this I can't drive since it could stress me out :o) I think waiting for some one to pick me up and take me where I need to go is more stressful then the driving :o) please enter me in the first drawing :o)

  11. This year hasn't had the best start for you, with your seizures, motor trouble and I feel for your daughter with her ear infection as that can be so painful. Your cat is really good and must take so much time having a black background. Have a lovely anniversary on Valentine's Day and I hope you and Jack enjoy your special dinner. Also could you please enter me in for your 2nd draw please.

  12. Sincerely hope you get to feeling better!! I would love to be entered in your Drawing Number One.
    I was married on February 14, 1969, but thankfully ended that diastrer!!
    Love and Hugs!!

  13. I sure hope your doctor figures out what is going on - that has to be scary! I found your blog from the I Love Lizzie*Kate Facebook page, and I was really surprised to see that you are from Danville, Il. I went to high school there in the early 1960's - small world. Your irises are really delicate and beautiful. The cat is amazing on the brown material - I would never have thought of that! I think both your giveaways are quite generous. Please enter me in giveaway #1.

  14. I hope you and DS are feeling better. Happy Anniversary & Valentine Day to you and Jack.
    Beautiful stitching!

  15. I hope your doctor can help you soon.
    Your stitching looks lovely.
    Since I live in Europe, I won't enter drawing nr. one, but good luck to all the rest!