Friday, October 30, 2009

New at Bolgspot!

I am new at blogspot, but I felt like I needed to open a blog here. I hope everyone will enjoy my work and my blog. I am very new to this so it may take me awhile to actually build the blog.

I am proud of myself! I finally got the beads put on my blue bookmark that I am giving someone as a gift for Christmas. I think it turned out pretty nice. I was having trouble getting the beads on because the needle I had that a bead would fit on had too small of an eye for me to thread. I thought about it, and finally decided to try a thinner cross stitch needle - ended up using size 26 - and even though it was a tight squeeze, it worked. Thanks to a great friend in ILCS, I don't believe I'll be having that problem anymore. She gave me the tip of using size 28 needle for beading. She said she does all her beading that way, so I think I will try it, next time I need to bead a project. I put a light blue ribbon on the back of this bookmark to hide what I call the under stitching. It hid it well and I like the way it looks.

The other project I finished lately are a baby bib and a bookmark for my church's bizarre. I started work on them a few weeks ago and finished them up in short order, honestly. I had a book of baby bib patterns and was RAKed a book of bookmarks. I used one of the bookmarks from that book for the church bizarre. Maybe next years bizarre I can contribute more than just a couple of items, but I'll have to see how everything goes in life this next year before I can commit to that. I put a yellow ribbon on the back of this bookmark to hide the under stitching. I finally got the blog to work with me about adding more than one picture. YES!!!!!

I have also been working on a project I named "Sassy", because that is the name of the dog. Sassy was our best friend's dog until she passed away in January of this year. Her owners gave me a picture of her that I put on PCStitch and turned into a pattern. I recently reached the being 60% done mark. I scanned a picture of her a couple of days ago. I have done work on her since this picture was taken and feel like I am moving along faster, now that I finally finished her back. I am working on page 4 now, which has a big part of her face in it. Her face does not have NEAR the amount of colors that her back did!

I also want to do a coaster for my step-son and DIL for Christmas but haven't even started that one yet.

I am willing to accept any and all help with this blog. I am so a fish out of water when it comes to computers!

I hope everyone has a great week! I will try to post at least weekly, if not more.