Monday, January 21, 2013

Catching Up

Hello, Everyone!

I am so sorry for not updating in so long. I have had major computer issues as well as working like crazy! My desk top computer had become very slow and in mid-December decided it wasn't going to let me bring up my dashboard to update my blog, Facebook to say, "hello" to anyone or even my groups. Not that I spend near the time on my computer as my daughters do on theirs or even my husband does on his, but I was getting to the  point I was about ready to completely give up on computers all together!!

I have been working rather steadily in my  house cleaning business, I am happy to report. I have a few new clients. Most of my clients are once a month, but I have a few that are every other week and even some weekly. I am happy.  I was praying it would do what it is doing...give me the funds to take care of things like groceries with the economy taking the nose dive it has. I have also been working with my in-home care client..

In early December Nordic Needle featured me in their news letter. I was very proud of what they said.. Thank you, Dawn. or giving me this suggestion. If you wanted to take a peek at the article, you can see it by going to:

I have been working on "Life's Little Tangles" as much as I could. I have the first three rows (2,560 X's) completed as well as the narrow column going down on the left side (4 stitches wide) all the way to the bottom of the page. This would be because of each square on the graph of the pattern being ten wide by ten high. It is the stitches that would make the previous page the ten by ten. I have also completed some on row four.  I need to take a picture of this project to show you, but I was hoping to cover the hole repair completely before posting another picture. I am working on the patched area right now. The hole was originally small, but became larger, unfortunately, as I was trying to attach the material for the hole. I am having to stitch a bit of the upper left corner of page 4 to cover the hole completely.  Jack and I were talking that because of the hole and repair, I shouldn't enter this into the fair, like I was  originally thinking, but the project would still work for the house.

My Christmas didn't start off the best because my older daughter and I were arguing, however, when the argument was over, I had my daughter back! She finally told me some things she has been keeping inside her for over seven years. Now we are finally healing! I am so happy to have her back! Christmas ended up pretty well. None of us got a huge number of gifts, but Jack and I have always told the girls it isn't about the number of gifts you receive. Christmas is about Christ and His birth.

In December my younger daughter learned a valuable lesson about honesty. I am just praying the lesson sticks. For those of you wondering about Rachel's arm, all has healed.

Sarah, my older daughter, has now completed High School. She only had to attend the first semester this year because she had the proper number of credits and thus did not need to attend the second semester. The first semester ended last week. She and a girlfriend of hers are going to be renting a home not too far from here. They have been gathering the things needed to have your own place. Right now she only has a part-time job, but I am hoping that she lands a full-time one before the move is official. She plans on starting college in the fall, studying first to be a CNA and then a RN.

Wes got home on December 31. He is now looking for work as a mechanic. He is helping Sarah move furniture and so on into her house.

Jack has been talking with the people from Hovaround to see about some sort of scooter for him. He has a jazzy now, but it is really on loan, so he wants to get one of his own.

My birthday was very special to me. I turned 50. I was spoiled! My husband cooked me a wonderful breakfast. I got cake and ice cream in the afternoon, along with a small party. I ended up getting tons of cross stitching related supplies. I belonged to a cross stitching birthday club that actually ended with my birthday on January 1. My parents sent me some money and I ended up buying even more stitching supplies as well as a laptop  computer!
i did take a bad fall; Saturday afternoon and could barely move yesterday. Am still sore today, but not nearly as bad as yesterday.

Well, that gives you the highlights of the past several weeks. I hope to have the patch completely covered by my next post. Happy stitching, everyone!