Friday, March 18, 2016

Spring Cleaning Time!

Hello, Everyone!

Life's Little Tangles
I have managed to get some stitching done, both on "Life's Little Tangles" and even started another project but more about that later.

Boy have things been hopping the past week or so! Jack and I did a deep cleaning of our bedroom, something it has needed for awhile. We got rid of the clothes that no longer fit us; got a new mattress and bedding set; cleaned out the cedar chest; I reorganized my cross stitch stash; Jack and I were election judges; and, the van's engine went out on us!!

Because of the engine going out, Jack is putting up his fishing boat up for sale or trade with someone
Psalm 23
who has a vehicle they no longer need. Jack's boat to him is what cross stitch is to me. I feel bad because he has put his heart and soul into tending to that boat.  I have some cross stitch stash that I want to sell or give away. Mostly patterns (leaflet mostly) that I know I will never stitch. Some due to the fact my taste in what to stitch has changed. I'm not sure how to go about it. I doubt that I could sell my cross stitch stash for what a car would cost. LOL

I stitched  on "Life's Little Tangles". I did nearly 500 stitches, I think. Like every stitcher, I wished I could have done more, but life gets in the way!. Much better progress than before the iPad program I was introduced to!

Rachel and Sarah
On Election Day I brought the kit "Psalm 23" by Bucella to the polling place. I brought something to stitch just in case we didn't have a very good turn out. I have been an election judge for at least 15 years. Some elections, sad to say, we have had under 20 people show up to vote. We did, however, have a decent turn out, so my stitching time was limited. There were two precincts at Jack's and my polling place. My precinct had 140 voters, while Jack's had about 130 voters. I expect more voters will show up for the Presidential race.  I did stitch on it a bit last night as well. I had really wanted to stitch on my HAED, but my iPad charge was very low, so couldn't. I guess that would be the negative thing to the GoodReader program. If you don't have a good charge or a long iPad cord, your stitching time is limited.
Sarah and Dahlia

Both Sarah and Rachel have found employment. Rachel has been at McDonald's now for about six weeks. Sarah stopped working at Subway and started a new job at Circle K. We are very proud of both girls! Sarah has a full load in college courses in preparation to start the nursing program in the fall. Rachel actually has two jobs, the other helping a woman who has cerebral palsy. Rachel also does home school and volunteering as a cadet on a local fire department. She is one busy girl! I love her for everything she does! I am also very proud of Sarah. She works, goes to college (getting A's on all her tests, etc.), is raising a toddler, and maintains her home. When she can tell Mom is about to go off the deep end, she talks with me and helps me get my mind back to where it should be.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

I Cant Believe I Haven't Posted in So Long!

Hello Everyone!

I know I've been meaning to update everyone for a long time, but is it really March? 

I know I ended up putting down "Life's Little Tangles" and then stitching a couple of things from the Ornament issue of Just Cross Stitch. I also stitched at least one other Christmas related item. I gave all of them as gifts.

My niece married a nice young military man. They now live close enough that we can go to their house or they can come here for various holidays, etc. They came here a few days before Christmas. I gave her the pillow I made. I stitched the silluette of Mary sitting on the donkey and Joseph holding the reigns of the donkey. We opened gifts with them early. They spent the night as Sarah's and went home the next day. They spent Christmas Day at his sister's place on the east coast.

I also made an ornament for my client in Savoy. I also stitched an ornament for the client I help here in Danville. It was fun to make! Jack helped me put the loops on to hang on the tree. They were a great deal of fun to stitch.

I started an ornament for Sarah from a different book, but never finished it and ended up lost. I'll start a different ornament closer to next Christmas ๐Ÿ˜‰! I also wanted to stitch a total of four small projects and insert them in coasters. I wanted to give this to my son and his family in Modesto for Chrisrmas. That didn't happen either๐Ÿ˜ช. So much a stitcher wants to stitch, so little time!

After Christmas, I started on "Life's Little Tangles" again. I finished page two, went to move the material, I was stitching over two, and realized I had started stitching in the wrong corner.๐Ÿ˜ข Because of the cost of material, not to mention I'd be starting this project a third time, I decided to frog the project and reuse this material. I was doing just fine with that, thank you, when it got a hole in it. That's when I decided to stitch this over one, this time. 

I'm doing well with it. I have the width of page one completed and am working my way down. I had heard about "parking your threads". I was told this would be especially helpful with large projects. I was told of a video that was helpful in learning how to "park". I watched it and immediately understood and caught on. I decided I'd start that with this project. The last time I stitched, about a week ago, was the day I learned how to park and I stitched 300+ that afternoon. That's excellent for me! A couple of days ago I paid $4.99 for an app on my IPad called GoodReader. The woman in the video was talking about how helpful this app is. She is right! I think I'm going to be able to stitch "Life's Little Tangles" much quicker!

The bottom picture of "Life's Little Tangles" is after just over 100 completed. The top picture is after 200 more stitches.๐Ÿ˜„
Happy stitching everyone! Love you all and thanks for stopping by!