Monday, May 17, 2010

My Family Pictures

Hello everyone,

I know that last time I wrote, I told you the news of my son and his family moving here from California. I have been wanting to get on the computer and share with you some of my pictures of my family. These were taken on Mother's Day by our Pastor at the church. The picture on the left is the entire gang. Rachel is in the white dress with purple, Sarah is next to her. Then its Matthew, me, John, and Denise. Jack is in his wheelchair in the middle of the picture. The grandkids are in the front. The older girl is Maria, then Ethan and then the younger girl, Adrianna. Our kids are on the right. Rachel, Matthew, Sarah and John, from left to right.

Things have been so crazy around here with five extra people!

On the stitching front, I am so close to finishing the ornament. I think Rene will love it. I have the next project lined up.

Happy stitching everyone.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The News Can Be Told Now!

Boy, is this the chaotic week! The news that I have been bursting to say can be said now! Our son, who resides in California is moving his family out here as we speak! He left California last night and is driving here to Illinois. His plan is to be here some time Friday. He and his long time live in girl friend (mother of all three grand children) and the kids will be staying with us until they find their own home. There is a four bedroom home caddy-corner back yard to us available.. I think they are looking at this one. It does require a few weeks of work before it can be lived in, so things will be rather cramped here for awhile, but we are just absolutely ecstatic they will be here in Danville!

Our oldest son will be coming down from Chicago on Saturday evening via the train. He and his friend will stay probably until Sunday evening. This means this will be the first Mother's Day, ever, that I have had all four of my kids, the two step-sons (Matt and John) and our two girls (Sarah and Rachel) as well as all three grand kids here! Boy will my little two bedroom home be full!!!

We are doing the best we can to get the house ready for everyone being here. I have been doing laundry, dishes, etc. Jack fixed the vacuum for me this morning - thank you, Sweetheart! Sarah started mowing yesterday until the mower broke. Jack ordered the parts to fix it this morning. My mind is racing about 1,000 miles an hour with everything I either need or want to do and trying to figure out which is priority task.

I do and I don't want to scan the summer ornament I am stitching for the exchange in ILCS because I don't want to give away what I am doing LOL, but the girls love the way it is looking so far. I am almost to the stage of only backstitching left. I will probably be contacting the group for some ideas of how to put the thing actually together. I showed my pastor Isaiah when he came over yesterday to give Jack communion. He really liked the way it looks. I am excited to do the car for my grandson too.

In my weight loss department, I tried on a pair of shorts the other day at the store. I haven't worn shorts since I was a kid. These shorts actually looked pretty good on me! I have lost another 8 pounds, to make the loss 128 now. I didn't buy the shorts, but just knowing that I look decent in a pair of shorts gave me a great jolt of happiness.

My housework is "calling me" so I need to sign off, but everyone have a great week!