Thursday, May 1, 2014

Spring Has Sprung!

Rose Bowl pages 1-2-3
Hello, Everyone! I have been wanting to update for the longest time. I wanted to have page three of "Rose Bowl" completed before I did, though. I put the final stitches in early this morning, before I went to clean a home. Life kept getting in the way of me doing a lot of stitching this month, but it was mostly good things.

Spring has arrived here in Central Illinois! My tulips are blooming, and my mums are coming back and the grass had two be mowed twice and is ready for the third cutting. I mowed it solo the first time, the Saturday before Easter. Last Saturday it needed mowing again. I did the backyard and Rachel did the front yard to earn the funds to get part of her firefighting cadet uniform, but more about that later. She is suppose to do the entire yard solo this week, town earn funds for something else related to the fire department as well.

We completed a class to officially become members of our church. Jack and I are excited about this church. You can definitely feel the Holy Spirit there! We sang a song Jack wrote and we had sung on the semi years ago all over the nation. The song fits the Good Friday service so well. The song is called, "It was Love". It talks about how Jesus was held on the cross by His love for us. Everyone that has heard it loves it. Jack played his guitar, a bass player joined in as well as a drummer.

My house cleaning business hit a rough patch. I lost one client due to death, a second due to retirement, a third, temporarily, because they need to help their daughter and yet a fourth is moving out of Illinois, to Michigan! That would be a 6.5 hour drive to do their home! Another client has, for a bit, cut their days. I will get them back to full hours in a couple of months. How long it takes to get back the client that I lost because of them needing to help their daughter, depends on how quickly the daughter finds a new job. I am praying it is soon! I did start recently helping to take care of a woman, around my age , whom has cerebral palsy like me, except hers is much worse than mine. I am mostly effected in my right hand and arm. My client is amazed that I can cross stitch and sew. The other day, when I was there, she had me repair a hole under the arm of one of her shirts. When I was done, she told me that her mom would be surprised that a cerebral palsy victim was using the sewing box her mom had put together to do minor mending.

Sarah was able to get a nice 2007 Saturn for a very reasonable price. She was very happy. She had been looking for a different vehicle, before her pick up frame broke, but the breaking of the frame escalated the need for the vehicle sooner. She had been wanting a newer vehicle before the baby makes her entrance into the world.

Sarah's pregnancy is going well.

Chance ended up applying for a job with someone else, since he still had not heard from the first company and ended up going to work two days later. It is a 40 hour a week position. I am very happy for him because I know he was getting down about being unemployed
Back to Rachel and the volunteer cadet firefighter program. They meet every Wednesday evening and every other Saturday morning. She expressed interest in becoming a volunteer cadet firefighter and we told her as long as she kept her grades up  that it was not a problem. So far, she is doing very well in the program.

Rachel has her first practice of softball season tomorrow evening.

We went fishing as a family not that long ago and had a blast! We found an area off the lake that Jack could get to with his rotator and we set everything up. We were there a good part of the day. We had some nibbles and Jack almost pulled one in on my pole, but we ended up without any fish for the day, but you know what, that';s okay. We went for the relaxation and family time togetyher and fun. We had all of that and more!!

Well, I must be going now. Please take care.