Saturday, November 28, 2009

Her Body is DONE!

Hello, All!

I wanted to let everyone know that I finished Sassy's body on Thanksgiving morning. I wanted to show you all that day, but I haven't been able to really get on the computer, so I hadn't post a picture. I felt so good when I finished Sassy's body, that I took the project over to Harold and Tina's to show them the project. I think I now have Sassy 85% (?) done.

Thanksgiving day went very well for us. Jack made the turkey and cornbread stuffing as well as oyster stuffing. He also made his macaroni salad and one sugar free banana cream pie and a chocolate chocolate chip pie. We went over to our friend's home and Tina made Ham, green bean cassorole, mashed potatoes, and cream cheese pie. Another friend came over and brought the bread and another couple desserts. We ate until we stuffed ourselves and tyhen some ate even more. I ate more on Thanksgiving Day than I had all week because of my stomach issue. I was gladly surprised that my stomach didn't argue about eating!

I ended up going back to the doctor about the thing under my arm on Tuesday before Thanksgiving. She said that it was soft enough that she could drain it. The doctor did put me back on the anti-biotic. When I left the office, the luimp was about the size of a dime, much smaller than it had been. It has since increased in size. It almost feels as big around as it was before she drained the lump. I believe it is now being considered a cyst. It is not painful today, although there are some days that it is painful to the touch. I will call the doctor at the beginning of the week and let her know that the cyst is getting bigger. What worries me so much about this is that Jack is not the healthiest right now and we are looking into eye surgery for Rachel in the near future. (She has evidently been seeing double her entire life. We found out earlier this year!) I need to stay healthy to take care of everyone!!!

Well, I hope everyone had a great holiday and I pray that the rest of the season goes great for you!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Life This Week

I have not been able to stitch near as much as I would like in the past week or two. I was hoping to have more of Sassy done than I do by now. I had actually put in quite a bit of the cloud around her left ear, and then started thinking I may have accidentally 'erased' part of her ear when I was creating the pattern on PCStitch, so, rather than keep going on that part of the pattern, I frogged and then started stitching more around her right eye. I am going to take a closer look at the original download of the picture onto PCStitch before I tackle all sides around her left ear. I would rather be safe than sorry. Part of me doesn't feel like I have done very much, but another part says, "yes you did"! You can definitely see where her right eye will be as well as the top of her head and even the bridge of her nose.

I have the coaster/hot plate for my son and DIL kitted up, but I do not know if I will be able to finish it by Christmas. I may take a break from Sassy after I finish her face, so I can work on the coaster/hot plate. I had originally hoped to get Sassy done by her birthday, December 1, but I doubt that can happen, since that is only 10 days away now. I may shoot for her date of death instead now, January 16.

My husband has not been feeling very well the past week or so. He has Meniere's Disease. It is an inner-ear illness that causes dizziness and disorientation. This is what originally took him out of his job. Anyway, the disease comes in spurts, what we have come to call 'spells'. They have tended to come more severely when the weather does a change. The poor man has been in a spell for basically a week! Can you imagine you world on "washer fast spin" for a week? He says things finally appear better this morning. I am so happy at this news! Each spell takes a little more of his hearing away. He will eventually go completely deaf in the effected ear.

Rachel brought home her mid-quarter report of what her report card would look like if she received it now. She was very happy. At this point, she has straight A's! I have to admit, I was a bit surprised because she keeps telling me that she is struggling in math and is having a hard time understanding it. In the past three days, she was having to show the factors of all the numbers between 1 and 100. She was having to show which numbers are "prime". She had three days because on day one, the teacher asked for 1 through 36; day two, she had to show 37 through 60; day three, 61 through 100. The assignment really frustrated her, but she did get it done. Rachel is in fifth grade.

Sarah's mid-quarter report came in the mail because she is in high school, and they don't pass the reports to the students at that level. Her report showed she is struggling in a couple of her classes. Sarah admitted that she probably needs some tutoring in those classes, biology and algebra, but she thinks she should do it by herself. Knowing Sarah, what it comes down to is she hates asking for help. She told me this morning when I was taking her to school that where she is goofing up in biology is on the exams. In the classwork part of the class, she does fine.

This week, one of her classmates has been helping her study for an exam she missed because of a migraine headache. Sarah actually spent two nights at the classmate's home because Sarah has been helping her get around lately. The poor girl massively hurt her foot on the side of the pool at the YMCA and has been on crutches. She will continue to be on crutches for at least another week. Jack and I are proud of Sarah for stepping in and helping her. It makes us feel like we are doing something right. I know earlier this year I stepped in and helped our good friends in town first when the wife had to have neck surgery and was off work for almost three months and then last month again when the wife's mother became ill and died. I think Sarah realized how important really good friends could be when I did that.

We have finally figured out what we are doing for Thanksgiving next week. Jack will make the turkey here. He is also going to make his famous macaroni salad. We will take those over to our friend's home. They are making a ham, green bean casserole, and I don't know what else. Another friend will bring a pumpkin pie and another dessert. We have not heard anything from our son, Matthew, who lives in Chicago about him coming down on the day. We kind of doubt he will though because he has no car. He sold it earlier this year. Our other son, John, lives in California, so we know he won't be coming. It would be too much of a trip for he and his wife and three young children. John's oldest is 5. The youngest just turned 2.

I have a lump under my right arm which the doctor is calling a boil. She put me on an anti-biotic last week, which she said would help it. Thus far, it doesn't seem any better. As a matter of fact, now it is painful to the touch. Before it wasn't. The lump is literally almost the size of my armpit. Jack said he has never seen a boil that big. I am not done with the medicine yet, though. If it doesn't appear any better when I finish the medicine though, trust me, I will return to the doctor!!

I do not feel bad at all. As a matter of fact I feel pretty good. I was able to get alot accomplished around the house this week. Hope everyone is doing well. If I cannot post again before Thanksgiving, I pray everyone has a great day!

Friday, November 6, 2009

What the Week Entailed

Last week I showed you the progress I had on Sassy. I meant to get more done on her than I did, but I thought you would be interested in the progress I did make. So, here it is! I was able to complete the bottom few rows of the picture on page 4 and then I completely stitched her tennis ball she loved. I also have managed to outline the rest of her head, put some of the color of her face and somewhat outline her eyes. Sassy's eyes were unique in that her left eye is blue and her right eye is brown. I also managed to get the majority of the blak part of her nose done. I guess I should be proud of my progress?

This week at home first of all involved driving the girls around on Saturday night to go trick-or-treating, which was a great deal of fun. Sarah dressed up as a witch, using the little black dress she wore to the homecoming dance and Rachel was a pirate. The only props I had to purchase this year was a hat for Sarah and a sword for Rachel. Rachel's outfit was Sarah's a couple of years ago. They both looked great. A good friend of mine did take a picture of them, but hasn't downloaded the picture yet, so I cannot show you. Part of me wants a camera for things I want to show everyone, the other part of me is scared of not being able to operate everything properly since I am not very savvy when it comes to things like cameras downloading or computers in general.

On Wednesday Rachel went to chime choir practice. She really enjoys that.

Jack and I went to breakfast on Wednesday as well. We had a great time! We are going out on a date tomorrow night. The date tomorrow night requires reservations and is a Western theme. That is all I know. I had to go buy me a jeans skirt yesterday and Saarah and I are getting ready to go shirt shopping. My clothes size has drastically reduced. I bought a size 22 skirt. The last clothes I bought were 30!

This morning I swam 16 laps at the Y. I found out not long ago that 36 laps is eqivalent to a mile.

Well, I must be going. Hope everyone has a great week!!