Friday, October 10, 2014

Pictures, Pictures and MORE Pictures!!

Hello, Everyone! 

Creation Cat
Rough Day Cat
Some of you may remember that I stitched three different cats for my friend and sister in Christ, Jan. Dan, Jan's husband, was our pastor for a long time. About a year after he retired, which means he resigned from full time preaching, and started sub preaching, we found a different congregation.. When I stitched them, she and her family lived a few miles from us within Danville. A few months ago they moved up to West Central Michigan. :(   Her husband took a Pastoral Call there.  The congregation he is now the Shepard of is quite a bit smaller, which is what Dan was looking for, so it was perfect for him.Anyway, she sent me pictures of all the four projects in their new home. I thought you might want to see what they   

Love Spoken Here
Attitude Cat
   look like framed and hung up. Actually, Dan is holding, "Creation Cat" because the couldn't get a straight shot of the picture when it was on the wall. The fourth project is called, "Love Spoken Here". I don't think this picture is on the wall in this picture, but you can see the picture, framed, well.

Lori's Patterns

 I had mentioned a couple posts ago that my cousin, Lori, in California, had sent me an envelope full of cross stitch WIPs and supplies. She cannot stitch anymore. Not sure why, but she asked me if I
 could use them. I said of course! She sent me all of her things.She had
started both the girl in pink and the postman. I didn't take pictures of her WIPs, but there are plenty of pictures to see this time! Wow!!

About a week later my sister, Tracy, who lives in Idaho, sent me a BIG  box of  cross stitch supplies without
Material from Tracy, Baby Bib
 pattern, & Thread Chart

 even telling me the box was on its way!! Tracy is a huge reason I began cross stitching to begin with, so I was very surprised. The first cross stitched item I owned was one Tracy had made me when I was single and living in an apartment by myself. It said. “Home Sweet Apartment”. She sent me all kinds of adia, various colors as all kinds of other supplies. I called Tracy to thank her and also asked
Packaged Material from Tracy
why she sent me so much. She said she has slowed down on her stitching. She basically just does things like baby bibs now and other small things like that.

Then last week I received yet another box! This time it was from my Uncle Bill, Lori's dad. Uncle Bill is the grandfather of the young man whom I did the wedding sampler for earlier this year. He had Lori ask me if I'd be interested in the project my Auntie Faith cannot finish. Auntie Faith was diagnosed with Alzheimer's several years ago. She
Kits from Tracy
hardly knows anyone much less remembers how to do needlepoint any more. The project is needlepoint, not cross stitch, Uncle Bill was uncertain if it was complete, but, if it hadn't been completed, I believe I could have done it without any problem at
Auntie Faiths Project
all. The only color yarn he included was the cream color background. It is beautiful flowers. Uncle Bill included in the box he told me once I finish it to keep it because he has no where to put it. I will proudly find a place to hang this! This box didn't just have the project my Auntie made – stitching is all done – needs to be stretched and framed, but my uncle also sent me some beautiful tablecloths, a book called, “Gifts for the Heart”, but a watch, a radio  you  listen to with headphones, a macrame purse, and other types of memento
 items. He actually said in the letter if I didn't want any of the items to give them away.  Silly man! Why would I give away things from my
Bag of Threads
Uncle that he thought I may appreciate? He was right! I appreciate them more than words could ever say!

Tracy and Lori both sent me a bunch of DMC thread that needs to be put on bobbins. For the time being I have put ALL of the skeins. In one bag, Tracy had hers in the bag. I haven't counted how many skeins I ended up receiving, but I think its at least 200 skeins! :)

Tablecloths from Uncle Bill 
The tablecloths on the left are so pretty! There are several. Cream, white, green, red, and a cream one printed with gold thread! The picture on the right is of most of the extras that Uncle Bill sent. I know the book isn't part of the picture, but I cannot remember if there is anything else not pictured. It has a
Auntie Faith's Extras
package to put together a Bell Pull.The width looks just right to make Auntie Faith's project a Bell Pull, so that is what I am going to try. It should be interesting, since  I have never done a Bell Pull. I pray putting the hardware on it isn't hard! I may be asking either Dawn or Richard for help on this one. Be prepared, fellow stitchers, for some silly questions!

I also found out how to get the 2014 Christmas Ornament magazine from "Just Cross Stitch". That arrived a few days ago. Thank you, Sara, one of my Facebook friends with a cross stitching store! The  magazine also had a card in it for me to sign up for the normal bi-monthly magazine at more than half off! I am considering that, given I cannot find the magazine in
Stop That Cat
any store in my area!

I have only been stitching on "Stop That Cat", but I will start in on "Life's Little Tangles"  again now. Here is a picture of my progress on it. I feel like I have made good progress since my last post. There is just so much white, sometimes its hard to see the progress. What I can tell you about my progress is that the right side of the project is completely done, except the backstitching. I go no further on top. The few stitches of 762 you see at the top of the actual roll of toilet paper is the top row of the project. The darker gray (318) you see at the bottom is the bottom of the right side.
Threads on Cards
The left side has a  paw going a couple rows further down, but that is the lowest the pattern goes.

I believe I found the material I want to stitch "Heaven" on. I just need to make sure it is the right count material.

One more picture of something Tracy sent me. It was even more threads on white cards within a tan binder. The cards are from DMC and have room to put the number of the thread. She sent me 5 such binders full of thread! I feel so blessed with all these RAKs! I have no clue what to do with all of this new stuff, but I am sure I'll figure something out!!  :)

Take care, everyone and have a great week!