Monday, April 7, 2014

Test Day

Rose Bowl
Hello, Everyone!

I titled this update "Test Day" because this is my first attempt at posting my entire blog using my iPad. A very good friend of mine here in town gave me her old iPad about three weeks ago, when she bought herself a new one. My blog update a couple weeks ago was partly completed on the iPad and partly on my lap top. I wanted to see if  I could do this completely via the iPad.

As you can tell, hopefully, in have made a decent amount of progress on "Rose Bowl"  in the past couple of weeks. If I had to guess, I'd say I'm 50% done with page three. The only section ten area that is close to going as far to the left as you can see, is the first ten rows at the top and then the first three of the next section of ten. After that, the furthest stitch is probably forty-seven from right to left. The narrowest section of ten is only fifteen wide, from right to left. I have fifty-four rows that go from the top of the completed ten by ten square(s) to the bottom row.

I am hoping to get "Rose Bowl" done sooner than later. I was originally giving myself until August, my DIL's birthday, but I believe I need to push for at the latest the end of April. There are two reasons for this. My son and DIL, who live in Central California, are buying there first home. I, needless to say, am very proud of them. I was thinking this would look great in their new house.

Sarah at 22 weeks
The second reason has to do with my daughter, Sarah, who is expecting her first baby. She is  weeks along, this week. I need to do a birth announcement for her baby. We know she is having a girl. She and her fiancĂ© have decided on the name Dahlia May. We think Sarah's iron level is low, as is still very tired all the time. She still, occasionally, has nausea, but not nessecarily in the morning or associated with a particular food. The doctor has put her due date as August 10.
Broken frame

Father God had His protective hand on Sarah Thursday evening! She had put her in-home care client to bed and was on her way to Subway, the job she has had since she was sixteen. Three miles from Subway she hit a famous mid-west winter pothole.  This made her truck frame snap right behind the front right tire. Sarah had heard a grinding sound as she drove the rest of the way to work, but didn't know what caused it until she pulled into her parking spot and looked under the truck. I cannot help but think of the Country Music song, "Jesus Take the Wheel". This song is about a driver asking Jesus to take over the driving of her vehicle. Once the frame of a vehicle breaks, it cannot be safely driven, yet, Sarah made it to work! Sarah's ex-boyfriend looked at it sitting in the Subway parking lot. He is a mechanic. He agrees that it is a miracle Sarah made it to work that night. Her dad, Jack, picked her up from work that night. Today Jack went to one of the local junk yards and sold "Lucy", Sarah's truck to one of them. They will pick up "Lucy" @ 7:30 tomorrow morning. Hopefully, between what Sarah has in the bank and what the wrecking yard will give for the truck, she will be able to purchase a different vehicle.

Two Sundays ago I baked cherry chip cookies. Your typical chocolate chip recipient, except with cherry chips. I'd never done that before, but, someone gave us a bag of them, so Jack requested I try it. I made a single batch - equally fluty-eight cookies - and they were GONE in under four hours. I think I had four! I'd have to say they were a hit!

This past weekend we signed Rachel up for the softball season this summer. She is very excited. She has been talking about softball a great deal. The other thing she talks about a great deal is that she recently started becoming a cadet fire fighters.