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Friday, April 3, 2020

Busy, Busy, Busy

Hello, Everyone! The past year or so has been
full and exciting!

I hadn't been able to easily get to anywhere, easily,
The Lords Prayer
especially church, because I am now in an electric wheelchair most of the time. Then I found out about the church I now attend. They have a wheelchair van, so picking me up isn't a problem. 

I've also found a Christ-centered twelve step program based on the beatitudes called Celebrate Recovery. This program helps a person deal with hurts, hang-ups and habits. From what is considered major to what is
Bookmark 1
thought of as small. The program helps a person realize they need God in every aspect of their life, not just selected parts. I have gained confidence in
myself and have just grown as a believer in Christ due to this program. Celebrate Recovery started over twenty years ago and has grown and seems to be just about everywhere now. If you want to check them out, click:

My  husband and I recently celebrated our 32nd wedding
Bookmark 2
anniversary, our sixth grandchild was born; our oldest daughter graduated as a Registered Nurse and works in the Emergency Room; our son and his family have moved here from California, so now everyone is in the same state! Our oldest son lives about two and a half hours north of us, but the rest of us live in the east central part of the state. It is exciting to have all of
Blessed Baby
us so close together. I can't wait to see how we are going to handle the various get together at holiday and such throughout the year. 

I have definitely been stitching. I stitched and gave my Mom, "Love". I also finished and framed, "The Lords Prayer". I stitched a couple of bookmarks (purple flower one was with satin
Harvest Time
threads), my grandson's birth announcement, "Blessed Baby", which only needs me to finish the beads for the eyes. I have also stitched, "Harvest Time" and I finished, "I Asked Jesus".  The backstitching on "I Asked Jesus" is completed, but for whatever reason, I couldn't get that picture to load on blogspot. Bummer!

I Asked Jesus

I am now stitching on one my aunt started. She was unable to finish it because she became ill. My cousin gifted me all of y aunt's cross stitching stuff including the project, "Aunt Verdi's Porch". I'm enjoying stitching it. It seems like it's going to be a fast stitch. I will post a picture of it on my next update. My plan is to now update this blog regularly.

Everyone please stay safe and at home during this pandemic. I know that God's got this in His hands. We need to be smart though and do our part too.

Until next time! Stay safe and well! God bless you!

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Wow, Has It Really Been Eighteen Months?

Astrid Estelle Birth Announcement
Hello, Everyone! Sorry for being gone so long! Life has been crazy! I originally stopped posting because I was devoting every minute of my time, for nine months, to a project a designer (X's and O's) asked me to stitch. It is a purse, wallet and pocket. I was told to not post pictures because it will be published in a magazine. She didn't want me to "steal their thunder" in revealing the pictures I took of it. I finished all three parts right after Christmas 2017. It hasn't been published yet, so still can't show my pictures.

I did stitch a lot in 2018. I stitched, and finished, a Winnie The Pooh Sampler with my granddaughter's name and birthday on it. Her mommy, my youngest daughter, is expecting her second child any
Psalm 23
day. She is expecting a little boy this time. His name is Jonah Lee. Fortunately Rachel and her husband, Jacob, understand how much work goes into stitching a project. I think I know which project I
Apple of His Eye
want to do announcing him, but I haven't bought the pattern yet.

I managed to finish and frame Psalm 23, which I had to stop stitching because of the model. I really like how it turned out!

I found a UFO that was 20 years old! I thought I had finished it, but it looked like something was missing. I went through my patterns and found its pattern. I had, for some reason, omitted the branches and apples in the upper left corner, above the bears. The project is now complete, for real this time, LOL!

I was going to start teaching how to cross stitch at Joann's in October 2018. I stitched my examples
Sarah Receiving Gypsy Finish
for the class, and then was told that Joann's decided to not have classes anymore. That news bummed me out but I decided to see about doing private lessons. There were three small projects: a Christmas wreath, a reindeer, and a car with a Christmas tree atop. I do have pictures of all three, but I am not sure I should post them.

Love Pansy
I stitched a pansy that I am going to give my Mom. I originally wanted to give it to her Christmas 2018. It will be in a trinket box. My husband Jack, is helping me fix the box. It will probably end up being a Mother's Day gift this year.

I also stitched a picture of my older daughter, Sarah, with her horse, Gypsy. Gypsy passed away unexpectedly in March of 2018. Sarah had been taking care of Gypsy since she was 14, so for the past ten years. I sent a friend this picture. She has a program that turned the picture into a pattern, so, wallah, I was able to stitch this project! I was nervous about giving it to her. I wondered if she'd be upset about the picture because of how much she loved him. But, she loved it!

The Lord's Prayer
I am currently working on a couple of WIPs. One is "The Lord's Prayer". The other is,  "I Asked Jesus". My cousin gave me a WIP that my Aunt started several years ago. My
I Asked Jesus
 Aunt became ill and was unable to finish it. I think it'd be neat to give it to my cousin as a Christmas gift. I have the project and the pattern together in my area of projects to do.

That catches you up on my stitching news!

I have been able to stitch so much because my mobility has greatly declined. I am using an electric wheelchair when I am not home and sometimes in my house, depending on my pain level. I use a walker when I am not using the Jazzy (electric wheelchair). I was very bummed out bout my physical condition worsening, but I have come to the realization that is just part of my Christ story. I am getting ready to start eight weeks of intensive physical and occupational therapy at home. I remember a bit more than two years ago I could o 2.5 miles on the elliptical. Now I can't walk seventy-five feet without having massive pain. I have Degenerative Disc and Joint Disease. Surgery to repair the affected discs isn't really an option because I am already partially paralyzed. One of the risks of the surgery is causing someone to be paralyzed. I don't need to be any more paralyzed than I already m, thank you!

Because of my declined mobility, I now get 40 hours of in home help with housecleaning, food prep, etc. I hired Rachel, because I wanted someone I could trust.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day. Jack and I had a great day. It was our 31st Anniversary. Jack made dinner and Sarah, Rachel, Jacob and Sarah's daughter (Dahlia) and Rachel and Jacob's daughter (Astrid) came over for a family dinner. It was delicious!

Rachel and Jacob are going to take me up to see a friend of mine over Palm Sunday weekend. I am excited! I originally met the couple when we attended the church in which he was the Pastor. I developed a wonderful friendship with the wife. He accepted a call to Pastor at a smaller church in a small town in Michigan; a five hour drive.

Sarah is in her final semester of nursing school. She will be done in May. Then she will need to take her State Boards. Jack and I are very proud of her.

Jack is doing well. Thank you all for sticking with me and praying for us.

I have started attending a church which has a wheelchair accessible van. I have enjoyed the services I have attended so far.

May God keep and bless each of you!

Saturday, June 10, 2017


I know it has been MONTHS since I have updated. Life has been beyond crazy still.

Finished Wedding
Last Sunday, Pastor's sermon was on Ephesians 4:30-32 And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God by whom you were sealed for the day of redemption. Let all bitterness, wrath, anger, clamor and evil speaking be put away from you with all malice. And be kind to one another,tenderhearted,forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you.

This sermon spoke to me. There are some people in my life that I really wish could have heard this sermon along with me. I am still praying the relationships involved can be healed. I know that with
time they may very well be healed, but meanwhile....

I did finish "Wedding Bells". I finished it about a week after the wedding. I haven't been able to frame it, so a couple weeks ago, I sent it to my cousin, the father of the groom. He will frame it for me, making sure it matches the colors of their home. I will post the framed picture when David sends it to me.

I did get further on Psalm 23. I would consider myself at least 90% done. I do
Psalm 23
want to finish it, and will, but I have another project I'm working on that overrides Psalm 23.

The designer from X's and O's contacted me as I was finishing up "Wedding Bells", asking me if I was still interested in being a stitcher for her. We had discussed it last fall, but, honestly, I'd forgotten about it since I hadn't heard from her. I have been concentrating all my stitching on this
Perforated Paper Frame
project. She would like to have it by late September. I asked her if I could post pictures of my progress to my blog. She told me she'd rather I just told of my progress, since it is for a magazine. It is a purse/wallet/pocket combination. I'd be further on it than I am now, but I discovered a mistake I had made and had to frog several hundred stitches. If I'd been doing for myself I wouldn't of worried about it. I realized I had put one of the items 1 stitch too low. The only way to fix it properly was to frog what I did. I then had to replace all those stitches. Yesterday, I finally was able to stitch beyond what I had to frog. 😀 Even with me having to take the time to frog and then restitch, I believe I have made very good progress on
the project.

Rachel's ring
Castanon Family
My niece, Kayla, who lives in Idaho, became engaged in February. They are getting married in July. I told her I'd stitch her and Wes an announcement. She picked out this pattern. I ordered the kit and have it here now. I am going to do it on perforated paper instead of the material though. The circle is 12 inches in diameter. The perforated frame paper/lapstand arrived in today's mail. Now I just need to find thee right size paper!

Rachel and her boyfriend have worked things out. Her Dad and I are happy for
her and them. He is a nice young man. His name is Jacob. He had told me before they hit their rough patch that he wanted to marry her. She will be 18 on Friday. They are going yo the courthouse Friday afternoon. We will have a wedding cake for them and a birthday cake for her here afterwords. Of course Rachel's wedding and the baby give me two more projects to stitch.

The Castanon family picture is of my niece, Danielle, her husband, Nick and their children. They are
Dahlia May 2017
expecting the fourth child to make his appearance in October. Nick is in the Army and the will all be moving to Germany at the beginning of July. I did a project for the oldest two's birth, but not Elijah or the baby due in October. Wonder what else I could fit on my stitching plate?

This picture of Dahlia was taken Mother's Day weekend. Sarah and Chance took her to a friend's home where she could burn some of the two year old energy off. It is hard to believe she will be three August 7.

Earlier this year my doctor sent me to physical therapy because of all my falls. At the end of my number of sessions insurance would cover, she told me she wanted me to reapply for the wheelchair. She feels that because I am weaker than last year, I'll have a better chance at getting it. I haven't heard anything since the paperwork was filed though. I now also have a lift recliner.

Jack is doing well. He has started doing something that makes him happy. He had been spending 90% of his day on the bed, reading fanfiction on line, since he became disabled several years ago. He has found an activity that makes him heel useful. He wakes every day with a purpose and happy.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

I Am Getting Jazzed!

Hello, Everyone!

How have things been going for you so far this new year? My part of Illinois has not received hardly any snow this winter. As a matter of fact, every “snow storm” hasn't been
Wedding Bells
enough to cover the grass hardly at all. We did have an ice storm in late fall that caused some problems, but we certainly, thus far, have not had typical Illinois winter. Sometimes, we have had temperatures as high as 60 degrees, when we usually have highs in the 30's.

2 TIMOTHY 1:7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. To me this verse is important. I think that the spirit referred to is probably the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit NEVER brings bad things (fear) but ALWAYS brings good things (power, love, sound mind). God does allow bad things to happen to us, but He is in even in control of how far that goes. The bad things come from Satan, but Satan must ask God's permission to cause something bad to happen to us. God does not allow a trial (JOB 1:12) to occur unless He knows that we can handle with His help. Satan was so sure he could cause Job to deny the Lord, and
Pic 1 Pattern Books
people even wondered why he didn't. But in all of the trials that Satan was allowed to put Job through, Job still did not sin or deny God
(JOB 1:22, 2:10)

I have been concentrating my stitching on “Wedding Bells” for the past few weeks. I was able to stitch a lot last week. I ended up going in the hospital Thursday morning and not being released until Sunday morning. I had mentioned to Jack on Monday or some reason my big toe on my right foot was hurting. He looked at it and couldn't see anything. Tuesday he thought he saw something and tried to get it out. Then bandaged it. By Wednesday evening my toe was turning red, the color our skin turns when you have cellulitis. If this isn't taken care of, it can become gangrene. So I went to the walk-in clinic Thursday. He saw my toe and immediately told me to go to
Pic 2 Pattern Books
the hospital for intravenous antibiotics. I was on them until Sunday morning. Then I was put on oral medication for five days.

I do like how “Wedding Bells” is turning out. I am concerned that I'm going to run out of the filament. Hopefully I'm wrong. I am debating I back stitch the top part of the pattern before moving the pattern in the q-snap so I can get to the bottom of the pattern, or do I back stitch everything at once?

A friend on Facebook sent me an RAK. The box has several different sizes and types of material. It also has several pattern books and a kit that has bunch of beads. As you know, I have done beads, but never more than a few on a pattern. This one probably has at least 100! I'm looking forward to trying to do it. Especially since I bought the proper type of needle to deal with beads (just before the Christmas projects). I was noticing that there are several bookmark patterns in at least one of the books. There are a total of six book. There is so much more! I love it! Thank you, to this Facebook friend!!

RAK Material
I saw a project I want to stitch very badly when I was on one of my Facebook groups. I have been wanting to stitch a Christmas themed project that I can put up in my own home during the Christmas season. Look here at what I found! I think this pattern is sooo pretty! I want to do something that isn't the typical Christmas pattern. I believe this one would fit that bill.

I can't really do any more stitching on "Life's Little Tangles" until I get the first two or three pages of the pattern reprinted. I have the pages, but since I marked on them and I am on my third or fourth time stitching these pages, they are rather, shall we say, messy and hard to figure out again. I had downloaded the pattern on my iPad and was using a program made for the iPad to stitch the pattern. I was going along pretty well and then my iPad decided it wasn't going to charge any more. I can't even get the thing to come up at all! Well back to putting the sheet on my metallic board, which is fine, especially now that I have figured our a system!

Beading Kit
The saddest thing about the iPad refusing to work is that every week my good friend, who lives in Michigan, talk on FaceTime. We can't do that with my iPad refusing to work. We liked seeing each others face. We are going to try and see I Skype will work for both of us.

Rachel is still having a large amount of illness with her pregnancy. She is hoping it starts letting up soon. She is now in her twelfth week. You my want to pray for her. She is under a great amount of stress. Those of us who have been pregnant, know that stress isn't always a good thing in pregnancy.

Well, everyone, that's about it for now. I hope to finish "Wedding Bells" and then "Psalm 23". I want to buy that Christmas pattern and get started on it as soon as I can, but I do want to finish these two projects first. Then I can start with a "clean slate", so to speak! Maybe throwing in a bookmark here and there from my new books! Stitching possibilities never end! Happy Stitching to those of you who stitch. To those of you who don't stitch, have a wonderful time between now and next time!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The New Year Started Well

Christmas Bells
Hello Everyone and Happy New Year! I hope and pray your Christmas season went as you hoped and maybe even exceeded your expectations! We had Christmas over at Rachel’s home. Jack gave Rachel tips and helped a smidgen with the making of dinner, but for the most part it was all her. She did a fabulous job! Chance Sarah and Dahlia came over after Sarah got off work. We gave Sarah, Rachel Chance and Jacob $25 gift cards. We bought Dahlia two My Little Pony[U1]  ponies that were nice sized. They were on sale, but one get one free. We paid $30. She loves them! Jack bought me a nice new watch. We need to take it to the jewelers and have them remove three or four of the links because it’s too big for my wrist. I am so happy about the watch! I have been hinting for awhile that I wanted a watch. I hate having to hunt down my phone to find out what time it is. For me, a physical watch is easier! He also bought me a new Bible. The one I had somehow, inside the van got doused in liquid. The pages were 
Beading Threads
sticking or stuck together and the ink of the words ran. I am very happy with this Bible too! He even bought a cover for this one as well. My old Bible had a cover, but it was obviously very warn.

My birthday was quiet. Rachel and Jacob came over New Year’s Eve and we played Clue[U2]  until it was approaching midnight. We ended up staying up until probably close to two in the morning. That is highly unusual for us. I noticed that the Rose Parade wasn’t on (very disappointed about this) so we ended up watching an on demand movie. Jack went and bought me a cake.  Sarah, Chance and Dahlia came over and we had a good time. The Rose Parade and game were on the next day. We watched both. The game was excellent! The highest scoring Rose Bowl ever! I think between the teams they had scored 101 points! Both were up there, so it wasn’t a lopsided game by
Hardanger tweezers
any stretch of the imagination.

I made an order to Nordic Needle that is my birthday present. It came in yesterday’s mail! I ordered a new leather thimble. The one I did have disappeared when I was in the nursing home this past summer. I was frustrated because I had become very use to it. Anyway, I’m glad I have a new one now!! I also ordered a package of tips to put on the end of harp things, like my sharp scissors, several colors of beading thread, and a rosewood laying tool. I think all of this will help my stitching this year. If I’m going to start stitching things that have beads, I thought I better have the proper thread! I’ve been told how useful laying tools are with certain projects, so thought I’d try it! I also got some hardanger tweezers. I haven't done much hardanger, but I do have a UFO that has hardanger in it. I want to
Tips, Thimble and
 Laying Tool
learn more about it and stitch it more. I do know from when I was being taught how to do this project, the tweezers come in very handy! 

I cannot believe how many different aspects of stitching I am wanting to learn. I saw "stumpwork" and was in awe. I ant to learn it!! I put a book about it on my 1-2-3 wishlist. I should find a DVD as well. I bought a DVD on hardanger.

Isaiah 30:18 Therefore the Lord will wait, that He may be gracious to you; and therefore He will be exalted, that he may have mercy on you. For the Lord is a God of justice; blessed are those who wait for Him.

This verse tells me the Lord is patient with us. He waits for us to realize what He wants us to know. It also tells me how gracious He is. To me this means the answering of a prayer. He answers prayer every day! People who pray realize how He answers prayers every day, then they give Him the credit for the answer, rightly so, which exalts Him.  It also talks about how the Lord is a God of justice. To me this is referring to how he will allow things, both big and small to happen to try and get people to open their eyes to how good and real He is. This can be confusing to someone who doesn’t know Him. If this is you, you can contact me and I will do the best I can to answer your questions. The last sentence of the verse tells me how those of us who wait for God to do what He wants will be blessed.

Stitching wise, I did finish “Christmas Bells” , an ornament that I started last year and 
Psalm 23 Now

never finished the backstitching on. I gave it to the secretary of my counselor. She loved it. She has seen other projects I’ve done.

I also pulled out “Psalm 23”, and worked on it a bit. It was kind of tough to get back to because I realized one of the, if not the reason I put it down was the area I was at on t
he pattern had warn symbols. I got past it by looking at the actual picture of the project. The picture showed each square in the proper color. I was lucky that with my magnifying lamp I was able to tell the colors. I am now well past that part. The other issue I ended up overcoming with this project, thanks to help from a Facebook group, is one of the main colors had done a disappearing act from the project card. The number that was listed wasn’t a DMC number. The gal in the Facebook group suggested I cross reference the numbers listed on the
Wedding Bells
pattern to DMC. I found out that the color was DMC 334, which I had!

I did set down “Psalm 23” and picked up “Wedding Bells” and started working on it again. The wedding is in mid-March, but I want to have it done and framed and out to them (they live in Idaho) before, or at least by, the wedding. The wedding is actually in Southern California, where the bride is from. They know we cannot come, but they also know I’m stitching them something for their wedding.

Nancy at Victorian Motto Sampler is having a give away. You can enter here

Thank you for spending time with me. I enjoy writing my blog I 
also enjoy stitching and you help motivate me to finish projects, even when it seems like I can’t finish it, like, “Psalm 23”. Happy stitching to everyone who stitches! God Bless to everyone!

 [U1]Lyn Nalett

 [U2]Lyn Nalet0144t.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas Gifts

Snowman Cupcake
Hello Everyone!

I know that it’s been several weeks since I’ve updated my blog. Sorry! Anyway the stitching has been non-stop for me! First I stitched an ornament for an ornament exchange. I stitched an ornament kit called, “Snowman Cupcake”. I knew that the person I was assigned loved snowmen, so it seemed like the perfect ornament for her. The only problem I could foresee is that the kit was a RAK. I realized I had plenty of thread and I placed it in such a way that it wasn’t directly in the middle of the white felt put on the back. I can and sill stitch it for my tree next year. The ornament I
received was a pillow type. Rachel took it so quickly for the tree that I can’t remember what was on the pillow. I do remember that I loved it! I asked my daughter, who has the big tree at her house because she is hosting
Christmas, to take a picture and send it to me. She keeps forgetting, but then she does have the perfect excuse. Working 12 hour shifts and morning sickness.

Then I stitch an ornament out of “Just Cross Stitch Ornament 2016” issue the ornament was “Baby’s First Christmas” for a young couple that we love a great deal. The new Dad is like a son to Jack and me.

Then I decided I’d put together four coasters that I’d bought last year and never got together. The problem: I didn’t measure quite right and so none of the four designs (I created) fit correctly. In the designs I created, it was more like connecting a couple of the motifs together or putting two or three on what was supposed to be within the coaster. So what I ended up doing is stitching one of the motifs found in a Christmas Cross Stitch book per coaster. They didn’t take very long to stitch----- at all. I even taught a young lady a bit about stitching. She stitched at least 50% of the poinsettia and the ribbon of the gift.

I was wanting to frame "Spiderweb Rose" and give it away as well. I have looked everywhere I can think of for the little zipper pouch that holds all my small frames. It has disappeared! I told the person who I was going to give it to what happened. I told them I could buy a new frame after the new year.
Lastly, stitching wise, I finished stitching “Christmas Bells”. I started stitching it last year and ended up putting it away because I didn’t get done with it before Christmas and so I started stitching on other things. Anyway it is done now.

I found a pattern that I want to stitch to put in my home next Christmas, but I need to
Spiderweb Rose
 concentrate on what else is on my stitching plate right now. I have “Psalm 23” and “Wedding Bells” that need completing. The wedding of Tyler and Sally is in April, I believe so I have a bit of time but still I don’t want to be last minute. That would make me feel rushed. Can you see mistakes when you’re rushed? LOL

The weather in East Central Illinois has been down right crazy! I’m betting we had the warmest November on record! We were in the 60’s and 70’s during the day for the majority of the month. We started out warm in December, but about a week into December, we started going the other way---record cold. We have had a couple of storms, but they’ve been of the sleet variety for the most part.  We had about ½ inch of snow, but it’s covered with about ¼ inch of ice. I had been stuck in my house because no one, including me, wanted me to try and walk on ice. Yesterday it warmed up enough to melt the ice. I was able to get out of the house and run an errand! Yay!! J

Christmas Bells
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Jack cooked the turkey, made mashed potatoes, yams, green bean casserole, cornbread stuffing, sage stuffing, a coconut cream pie, chocolate pie, and banana cream pie. I made pumpkin pies, and we bought an apple pie. Sarah cooked the ham. Chance and Dahlia’s brought it over when they came. Unfortunately Sarah had to workL, so she couldn’t join the meal. Matt came down from Chicago bringing his partner and a friend from Danville. Rachel and her boyfriend were here. We also had our niece from Fort Campbell here. Her husband is in the Army and stationed at Fort Campbell. Having Danielle, Nick and the kids was so wonderful! I can’t remember a time when our little two bedroom house was so full!

Weather in East Central Illinois has been down right crazy! I’m betting we had the warmest November on record! We were in the 60’s and 70’s during the day for the majority of the month. We started out warm in December, but about a week into December, we started going the other way---record cold. We have had a couple of storms, but they’ve been of the sleet variety for the most part.  We had about ½ inch of snow, but it’s covered with about ¼ inch of ice. I had been stuck in my house because no one, including me, wanted me to try and walk on ice. Yesterday it warmed up enough to melt the ice. I was able to get out of the house and run an errand! Yay!!
Baby's First Christmas

We’ve also dealt with an emergency medical issue. Our daughter called us needing to be taken to the emergency room because of what she was saying was kidney stones. Turns out it was appendicitis. Her surgery, a few hours after arriving at the hospital, turned out to be just in time. She spent one night in the hospital but is back to the usual routine now. 

We also had our van break down. We thought it was the battery, because of the cold, but as it turns out the engine threw the belt. The reason the belt broke was a part that it helps move decided to stop working. Grrr So much for any Christmas presents! But this season is not about what you give or receive, its about Christ.

Being the time of year that it is, just a few days before Christmas, I feel compelled to share the story of Christ’s birth.

Luke 2:1-7 And it came to pass in those days that a decree went out from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be registered. This census took place while Quirinius was governing Syria. So all went to be registered, everyone to his own city. Joseph also went up from Galilee, out of the city of Nazareth, into Judea, in the city of David, which is called Bethlehem, because of the house and lineage of David, to be registered with Mary, his betrothed wife, who was with child. So it was, that while they were there, the days were completed for her to be delivered. And she brought forth her first born Son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid Him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn.
The things said in Luke 2 are exciting to me the first few verses talk about why Joseph and Mary were having to go to Bethlehem. Verse 6 talks about Jesus being born! Verse 7 announces where and why Joseph and Mary had to lay Him where they did.
Luke 2 9-10 Behold, an angel of the Lord stood before them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were greatly afraid. Then the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid, for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which will be to all people. For there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord. And this will be a sign to you: you will find a Babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger”.
Luke 2 9-10 are where the angel is announcing that Jesus is born to the shepherds.
The more I think about this story the more it amazes me. It is so awesome! Christ came to earth to live among us and teach us and lead us into eternal life. I am sooo grateful! I would be so lost if it weren’t for Christ! A couple years ago a person whom I knew told me I could take my Christ and put it where the sun don’t shine. I feel sorry for this person and can do nothing except pray for him. Maybe God will put a different person in this acquaintances life who can lead him to the saving knowledge of Christ the Lord.

I hope and pray everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Happy Stitching Everyone!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Honest, I Was Stitching!

Hello, Everyone!

"Completed Spider Rose"
"Be Thankful" Turkey
I have not stitched on “Psalm 23” or “Life's Little Tangles” since my last update.I have been stitching though! I and I completed  both! One is an ornament I need to put together for an ornament exchange. The other is “Spiderweb Rose”, I am seriously thinking about giving this one away as well for Christmas. Sarah saw it and mentioned how pretty it was. Maybe she'll get it? Maybe the person receiving the ornament? Maybe even a third option? Who knows, I have time to breathe and figure that out. That makes me happy! :) I was debating posting pictures of these finishes, but if I don't, I'll only be able to put in the minimal progress on the wedding sampler and my turkey. I am happy with the size of the ornaments that came in this year's Ornament Issue of “Just Cross Stitch”. There is an ornament geared toward having a baby born this year. I am thinking of stitching it for a young couple who had a baby this summer. The Daddy of this little baby is like a son to us. I am seriously thinking of “Baby's First Christmas”, on page 98. I had originally been looking at “Special Delivery”, on page 92, but that seems like more of one for a “new” baby. What do you think?
"Snowman Cupcake"

I was looking through my stitching bag and found the unfinished project I had meant to get done before last Thanksgiving. I honestly don't have that much left to do on it. Maybe I should work on it next, finishing a UFO? The problem I have with it, I'm realizing, is that I got the pattern off an internet sight, of which I cannot remember the name. I had to pay for membership, small fee, but still. Anyway, point is I'm no longer a member of that sight and I cannot find the pattern ANYWHERE! Question is: should I do the best I can to finish this one or say say, “oh well”?? If any of you can help me figure out how to get the part of the pattern missing, I would appreciate the help!! The information on the bottom of the page says, "Be Thankful" by Miranda Hart (c) 2005 by StarLight Designs.

Good news!! I Have been stitching with my Mighty Bright magnifying lamp via battery power, since I came home from the nursing home. The lamp would work without the cord, but only with the cord in certain positions! Yesterday Jack and I were discussing it. He and I both remembered I had an extra cord. I had to contact the company a few months ago because of something else, and they sent me an extra cord. Anyway, I plugged in that cord and my magnifying lamp is back to working perfect!

Jack and I realized the Google computer he purchased for me when I was in the nursing home was not exactly what I needed,, computer wise. Also, the right side of the mouse didn't work. The
Wedding Sampler
computer works great with a remote mouse. When Jack and I went to take it back, the place said it was past the 15 day warranty. So Jack decided he'd take over the Chrome computer, more suited to his needs and get me a different computer online. My new computer came in a bit more than a week ago. Jack had put all my information from the computer prior to the Chrome one on a flash drive. Earlier this week I transferred information and organize this computer the way I need it.

I am very happy! The Chicago Cubs have finally made it to the World Series! They haven't been since 1945, but they haven't won it since 1908. All four of my Grandparents were small children. My Maternal Grandfather was 8 and his future wife was 3. My Paternal Grandmother was 6 and her husband was 4. I know that they didn't win game one, but that isn't the end of the series! They won game two,. That means there are going to be at least five games. There is a potential for a total of seven. games. Game 1, won by the Indians 3-0, Indians, was pretty exciting. Both teems had opportunity with the bases loaded and the pitcher managed to get out of the jam. One Indian it two home runs. One for 1 run and one for 3 runs. Game two had the Cubs plugging away, one run at a time. They ended up winning 5-1. Last night the game was a nail bitter! Pitching duel for sure! The only run was scored in the top of the seventh. So the series is then tied  2-1, with Cleveland leading. Game four is tonight. I have a feeling that the Cubs will win tonight though!The Cleveland Indians haven't won the world series, since, though they have been since 1948. Either way you look at it, the teams playing this time are fresh faces to the series. That always makes it exciting to me, instead of the same ole teams all the time. Both teams have worked hard to get here and the -Series appears like its going to be a great one!

I grew up with my family loving sports of all kinds. My Dad and Paternal Grandfather watched baseball, football and basketball every year. My Paternal Grandfather was a pitcher in the Minor League. I can't remember if I was ever told which team but I do know he never made it to the Major League. I also don't know exactly how many years he pitched. My Mom and both of my sisters played softball. Both Sarah and Rachel played softball as well. My mom was at first base; my older sister played second; my younger sister was an outfielder; Sarah was a catcher and Rachel went between first and outfield. My nieces and nephews also played a number of sports. My nephew even received a scholarship to college to play football. His sister (my niece) also received a scholarship for her basketball playing ability.

Rachel and her friend helped get the rest of the wall paper off the north and south walls of what has been the Dining Room. Yippee! I had started the project last spring before I lost my ability to move well. I couldn't finish it, because what was left was toward the ceiling. I believe it was last week that they finished taking that off. Rachel started putting the primer on. I went and bought an electric sander ($30.00) because I knew there were some spots that needed to be done. I pray we can get the painting done soon because before winter really hits I'd like to have the new flooring down. Right now we have a hole in the floor close to the wall, where the west wall use to be before Rachel demolished it. We have something over the hole, but I'm not sure it'd keep out the cold the basement gets during the winter. We want to purchase some flooring, but we want the walls painted first.

Sarah is in the middle of her first semester of the nursing program. Last week she had to write up a paper on someone with a medical history that knew the dates of what happened when. She chose her Dad. I'm sure the paper was impressive. Today she has to show the teacher she knows how to take a pulse, and the like. Her sister is going to be the guinea pig. Rachel actually went to her sister's after work yesterday and let Sarah “practice”.

I received a letter a week ago Friday. My insurance needed one more form completed before they could start the appeal process for my wheelchair. I sent that off and called and found out it was received. Thus, the appeal is finally underway! Now I'm just praying it is completed quickly! Don't you just love red tape?

Rachel purchased a car few weeks ago. A 2000 Ford Taurus SE. It's had a couple of issues since she bought it. She paid $500 for the car. She is discovering how quickly your paycheck can go for something unplanned. She isn't a happy camper about it. Thank goodness Jack is a fair to midland mechanic! She needs her struts replaced. he has been working on that. The problem is there is a great deal of rust under the car. A bolt broke as he was taking it out. It has been a nightmare getting the rest of that bolt out. Rachel called off work today because she wants to help her Dad. They're getting a wire and spark plug it needs as well. They had it tested at Auto Zone and found out the number two plug is misfiring, thus needs replacing.

My Uncle Bill was invited to attend what was called an Honor Flight to Washington DC. The Fresno news interviewed him before the flight. In the interview Uncle Bill said, "I came home completely unscathed, and many of my friends didn't," said Bill McGlasson, barely able to contain his emotions. The Fresno veteran began his service after WWII concluded, but was called to fight during the Korean War.

"In the 91st Psalm it says, 'God will shield you with his wings, he will shelter you with his feathers.  His faithful promises will be your shelter and your protection.'  And I've leaned on that my whole life," said McGlasson. Uncle Bill, I will say I am proud of you for what you have done and for your service. Thank you! The Honor Flight is done for Veterans of the wars. They are flown to DC to tour the memorials and be honored themselves.

Well, that's about it for now. Happy Stitching Everyone