Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ribbons, Ribbons, Ribbons!

I stitched these project a few years ago. I gave it to my daughter Sarah "Hunting Dogs" as a birthday present. I stitched Isaiah per Jack's request after his bout with and win over cancer. I ended up not actually framing either one until this past fall when I went to Fresno, but I had given both projects to whom the people meant. .

Jack has been encouraging me to enter my cross stitching in the fair this year after seeing last year's entries. We discussed it and decided that "Hunting Dogs" and "Isaiah" would be good entries. "Isaiah" did not place, but "Hunting Dogs" placed third. It is the first time I have ever entered anything I have stitched. I don't think that was too bad, for the first time making an entry in something like this. Jack says I was 'robbed'. We did notice 'Best in Show' and 'first place' were both pieces where every square of the project was stitched.

I have already discussed with the owner of "Sassy" about entering that project next year. I just posted a picture of the project for you to see. This was it before she was framed. Sassy is basically 8 x 10 and every square has a stitch. It is an original pattern because I created it using a program  called PCStitch. Originally the picture was taken of Sassy playing with her ball while on the bed. I took that picture and turned the bedspread into a cloud, to make it look as if she was playing with her tennis ball in heaven. The owners are very pleased.

 The other project I was thinking of entering next year is "Life's Little Tangles". I scanned this picture yesterday, I believe. I have stitched another 300 or so stitches since this picture. If you look closely, I believe you can see that what I have stitched thus far is tree tops and sky. I am loving this so far! This is the width and length of page 1 of the project. When Rachel found out how many pages of pattern there were in this project she nearly choked. She is use to me stitching projects maybe 4 pages as the largest. This one has 24 pages of pattern. Not all pages have the same amount of project. I discovered that every 6 pages the width isn't as much. Not sure about the length. Page 1 is 80w x 100h.

A couple weeks ago Sarah was in her first horse competition and ended up getting one second place ribbon and three forth place ribbons.Her Dad and I were very proud of her. She is also getting a promotion at her workplace. She is being trained for Assistant Manager. Not bad, for only being there since October and still being in High School. She starts her senior year this fall. Needless to say we are beaming because of these accomplishments!

Both girls are playing softball this summer. Sarah is in the 'Twilight' League, which is basically high schoolers and Rachel is on 'A' League. She goes into 8th grade this fall. Rachel just mentioned she needs someone to catch with, so I am going to go try. This will be interesting since my right hand does not work at all. I know that there is a professional pitcher that is one armed, so I know it can be done. Neither girl's team is in first place in their league, but don't know the rank either. Both are having fun and that is what counts.

We took our baby kitten to the vet for the first time last week. Partly to make sure of her gender - its a girl - and partly to get her her shots. We also took one of our dogs, Captain. He has been losing hair on his back by and above his tail and on his tail. The vet put him on a couple of different medicines and he is doing better. The kitten, named Ember, is doing wonderful!

Well, I need to sign off and put in a load of laundry. Take care everyone!