Saturday, October 29, 2016

Honest, I Was Stitching!

Hello, Everyone!

"Completed Spider Rose"
"Be Thankful" Turkey
I have not stitched on “Psalm 23” or “Life's Little Tangles” since my last update.I have been stitching though! I and I completed  both! One is an ornament I need to put together for an ornament exchange. The other is “Spiderweb Rose”, I am seriously thinking about giving this one away as well for Christmas. Sarah saw it and mentioned how pretty it was. Maybe she'll get it? Maybe the person receiving the ornament? Maybe even a third option? Who knows, I have time to breathe and figure that out. That makes me happy! :) I was debating posting pictures of these finishes, but if I don't, I'll only be able to put in the minimal progress on the wedding sampler and my turkey. I am happy with the size of the ornaments that came in this year's Ornament Issue of “Just Cross Stitch”. There is an ornament geared toward having a baby born this year. I am thinking of stitching it for a young couple who had a baby this summer. The Daddy of this little baby is like a son to us. I am seriously thinking of “Baby's First Christmas”, on page 98. I had originally been looking at “Special Delivery”, on page 92, but that seems like more of one for a “new” baby. What do you think?
"Snowman Cupcake"

I was looking through my stitching bag and found the unfinished project I had meant to get done before last Thanksgiving. I honestly don't have that much left to do on it. Maybe I should work on it next, finishing a UFO? The problem I have with it, I'm realizing, is that I got the pattern off an internet sight, of which I cannot remember the name. I had to pay for membership, small fee, but still. Anyway, point is I'm no longer a member of that sight and I cannot find the pattern ANYWHERE! Question is: should I do the best I can to finish this one or say say, “oh well”?? If any of you can help me figure out how to get the part of the pattern missing, I would appreciate the help!! The information on the bottom of the page says, "Be Thankful" by Miranda Hart (c) 2005 by StarLight Designs.

Good news!! I Have been stitching with my Mighty Bright magnifying lamp via battery power, since I came home from the nursing home. The lamp would work without the cord, but only with the cord in certain positions! Yesterday Jack and I were discussing it. He and I both remembered I had an extra cord. I had to contact the company a few months ago because of something else, and they sent me an extra cord. Anyway, I plugged in that cord and my magnifying lamp is back to working perfect!

Jack and I realized the Google computer he purchased for me when I was in the nursing home was not exactly what I needed,, computer wise. Also, the right side of the mouse didn't work. The
Wedding Sampler
computer works great with a remote mouse. When Jack and I went to take it back, the place said it was past the 15 day warranty. So Jack decided he'd take over the Chrome computer, more suited to his needs and get me a different computer online. My new computer came in a bit more than a week ago. Jack had put all my information from the computer prior to the Chrome one on a flash drive. Earlier this week I transferred information and organize this computer the way I need it.

I am very happy! The Chicago Cubs have finally made it to the World Series! They haven't been since 1945, but they haven't won it since 1908. All four of my Grandparents were small children. My Maternal Grandfather was 8 and his future wife was 3. My Paternal Grandmother was 6 and her husband was 4. I know that they didn't win game one, but that isn't the end of the series! They won game two,. That means there are going to be at least five games. There is a potential for a total of seven. games. Game 1, won by the Indians 3-0, Indians, was pretty exciting. Both teems had opportunity with the bases loaded and the pitcher managed to get out of the jam. One Indian it two home runs. One for 1 run and one for 3 runs. Game two had the Cubs plugging away, one run at a time. They ended up winning 5-1. Last night the game was a nail bitter! Pitching duel for sure! The only run was scored in the top of the seventh. So the series is then tied  2-1, with Cleveland leading. Game four is tonight. I have a feeling that the Cubs will win tonight though!The Cleveland Indians haven't won the world series, since, though they have been since 1948. Either way you look at it, the teams playing this time are fresh faces to the series. That always makes it exciting to me, instead of the same ole teams all the time. Both teams have worked hard to get here and the -Series appears like its going to be a great one!

I grew up with my family loving sports of all kinds. My Dad and Paternal Grandfather watched baseball, football and basketball every year. My Paternal Grandfather was a pitcher in the Minor League. I can't remember if I was ever told which team but I do know he never made it to the Major League. I also don't know exactly how many years he pitched. My Mom and both of my sisters played softball. Both Sarah and Rachel played softball as well. My mom was at first base; my older sister played second; my younger sister was an outfielder; Sarah was a catcher and Rachel went between first and outfield. My nieces and nephews also played a number of sports. My nephew even received a scholarship to college to play football. His sister (my niece) also received a scholarship for her basketball playing ability.

Rachel and her friend helped get the rest of the wall paper off the north and south walls of what has been the Dining Room. Yippee! I had started the project last spring before I lost my ability to move well. I couldn't finish it, because what was left was toward the ceiling. I believe it was last week that they finished taking that off. Rachel started putting the primer on. I went and bought an electric sander ($30.00) because I knew there were some spots that needed to be done. I pray we can get the painting done soon because before winter really hits I'd like to have the new flooring down. Right now we have a hole in the floor close to the wall, where the west wall use to be before Rachel demolished it. We have something over the hole, but I'm not sure it'd keep out the cold the basement gets during the winter. We want to purchase some flooring, but we want the walls painted first.

Sarah is in the middle of her first semester of the nursing program. Last week she had to write up a paper on someone with a medical history that knew the dates of what happened when. She chose her Dad. I'm sure the paper was impressive. Today she has to show the teacher she knows how to take a pulse, and the like. Her sister is going to be the guinea pig. Rachel actually went to her sister's after work yesterday and let Sarah “practice”.

I received a letter a week ago Friday. My insurance needed one more form completed before they could start the appeal process for my wheelchair. I sent that off and called and found out it was received. Thus, the appeal is finally underway! Now I'm just praying it is completed quickly! Don't you just love red tape?

Rachel purchased a car few weeks ago. A 2000 Ford Taurus SE. It's had a couple of issues since she bought it. She paid $500 for the car. She is discovering how quickly your paycheck can go for something unplanned. She isn't a happy camper about it. Thank goodness Jack is a fair to midland mechanic! She needs her struts replaced. he has been working on that. The problem is there is a great deal of rust under the car. A bolt broke as he was taking it out. It has been a nightmare getting the rest of that bolt out. Rachel called off work today because she wants to help her Dad. They're getting a wire and spark plug it needs as well. They had it tested at Auto Zone and found out the number two plug is misfiring, thus needs replacing.

My Uncle Bill was invited to attend what was called an Honor Flight to Washington DC. The Fresno news interviewed him before the flight. In the interview Uncle Bill said, "I came home completely unscathed, and many of my friends didn't," said Bill McGlasson, barely able to contain his emotions. The Fresno veteran began his service after WWII concluded, but was called to fight during the Korean War.

"In the 91st Psalm it says, 'God will shield you with his wings, he will shelter you with his feathers.  His faithful promises will be your shelter and your protection.'  And I've leaned on that my whole life," said McGlasson. Uncle Bill, I will say I am proud of you for what you have done and for your service. Thank you! The Honor Flight is done for Veterans of the wars. They are flown to DC to tour the memorials and be honored themselves.

Well, that's about it for now. Happy Stitching Everyone

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Ups and Downs Here, But More Ups!

Hello Everyone!

I hope and pray that things have gone well for you since my last update. I meant to update this weeks
Psalm 23 before moving
in the Q-snap
ago, but life got in the way. ;) The last few Sundays, I have attended a different church. Jack came with me last couple of Sundays. It felt good to be among others who believed in the Lord Jesus Christ. We feel like we are growing in the Lord! When I was at the nursing home I went to the church service on Sunday morning. There is something special about going to a church building, the house of the Lord though!! Two Sunday evening’s ago the service was very powerful. He talked about
The Dry Bones in Ezekiel 37. It was interesting to see what kind of things in today’s world can make a person have dry bones! God is willing to make those bones usable again!

I have two pictures of “Psalm 23”. One was taken when I had decided to move the material so I could finish the words of the Psalm. I thought it would help me not get lost on the right side. I have realized that I am using the words as a “guide” of sorts to help me stitch in the right areas. I am pleased with my progress on this project. I think if I keep up this pace, it will be done shortly.  I finished stitching the verse and then started stitching the bottom scenery. I will work my way to the right side of the project. Then I will move it again within my Q-snap. Then I will stitch the scenery on the right all the way to the bottom or visa versa. Either way, I am pleased with my progress. I still haven’t been able to get in touch with the woman for whom I was stitching this project. Jack and I talked and if I am unable to reach her, we will frame it and put it in our own home!

The motor that controls both our heater and air conditioner went out about three days after the couch was delivered. Fortunately, the weather, for the most part has been doable without either the air conditioner or heater. Yes, there were a few days that having especially the air conditioner would have been nice, but opening the windows so the heat didn’t build up in the house to bad helped a great deal. We had to wait until the beginning of October to see about fixing it, due to finances. It will be tight, but we should be able to be okay. God watches over us and He provides for our needs.

What I've done on Psalm 23
since adjusting the Q-snap
I am on the mailing list for the monthly newsletter of a designer in Canada. She mentioned in her last letter that she was looking for model stitchers. She doesn’t pay monetarily, however, she will give you access to things she sells. Jack and I did discuss me taking the steps to become  model stitcher for her. We decided together that 1) I probably don’t stitch as fast as she would like and 2) Stitching for her might add to rather than take away from my stress level. So I decided not to apply. I don’t want my stress level to rise because I’m doing something I love!

I started stitching on my wedding sampler again a couple of days ago. It has been screaming at me. Especially since I received a postcard from the couple reminding me to save the date. I spoke with
McGlasson Wedding Sampler
Sally (the bride) to make sure she would be happy with the colors of the project. She said it sounds beautiful. She was told by her future brother-in-law how much he and his bride liked their announcement. So for the next few days at least I will stitch on it. I think if I just stitch it for a few days, that a bunch of progress will be shown. We’ll see.

I know both projects need to be cleaned, but I will do that when they are done.

I was wanting to pull my hair out the other day. When I left my stitching corner the previous evening, my Ott light was working perfectly. When I went to it the next day, it would not turn on!! Rachel had the van, so I couldn’t take it up to Joann’s to have them look at it. (That’s when I wanted to pull my hair out). I did take the lamp up to Joann’s the next day though. They couldn’t figure out the problem either. I told the gal helping me my lamp was only
Ott Light
four years old. Since she couldn’t figure out the problem and the lamp is made to last quite a bit longer than about four years, she just gave me a brand new model of my Ott light! Jack put it together for me shortly after I brought it home. Yay!! I love my husband so much!! He is so good to me!!

I received my Ornament edition of “Just Cross Stitch”. I did do a couple of things out of last years edition, but I think I will be able to do more than that this year. The designs appear to be smaller, more “ornament’ size. Last year one project I did ended up as a pillow. I gave it to my niece, Danielle, and her family.

Speaking of Danielle, her husband is currently stationed in Fort Campbell, KY. The whole family lives on base. They recently got new orders. In May he will be moved to Germany.  This will be a new situation for Danielle to deal with, as well as the rest of us. I have never had a family member live overseas. We received this beautiful “Thank You” card from Nick and Danielle for attending the wedding. I feel so blessed to be her Aunt Lyn! :)

One of the episodes of violence toward police officers happened in the city where I was born and raised. Fortunately, the officers were not hurt badly. It involved a California Highway Patrol officer and a Fresno Police officer vs a group. I saw an article about it online. Not much was said. I know if the officers had been hurt or worse, my parents and/or my best friend would have told me.

Rachel finally got her a car. She has been wanting a car for a long time and due to circumstances she wasn’t able to get one earlier this year. She bought a 2000 Taurus for $500, cash sale. There are a couple of things wrong, but nothing that makes it inoperable. The front brakes need to be replaced and the back struts. Rachel gave her Dad the money to get the brakes and rotors. A friend who is a very good mechanic will put them on for her. The struts can wait another month or so. Rachel, handling her own money now, is learning that money doesn’t necessarily stretch as far as we would like!

I have the most AWESOME NEIGHBOR! I was outside yesterday, sitting on my front porch, enjoying the early evening. My neighbor started mowing his front yard. When he was done, I asked him if he would get the tall stuff next to my porch the guy who has been mowing hasn’t been getting. The guy
M New Coffee Cups
who has been mowing for us, uses a riding mower. This particular area requires a hand mower, if you know what I mean. Anyway, my neighbor didn’t just get the extra tall stuff, he mowed the

When I was at Joann's about my Ott light, I couldn't pass up the deal of buy one coffee cup (for a very reasonable price I might add) and get a second coffee cup FREE! These are the cups I picked out!