Friday, August 22, 2014

Will It EVER Slow Down?

I'm beginning to wonder if life will ever slow down enough for me to post weekly, like I WANT to,
McGlasson Sampler Framed
or if it'll stay this hectic forever!!

Rose Bowl Ribboned
The couple I made the wedding sampler for sent a picture of it in it's frame. I like how it looks in the frame. Most importantly though, Brittany and Randy love it! I do wish I'd been able to get more of the wrinkles out before framing it, but Jack told me that that is one of the ways you can tell it was hand made for them, with it having a couple of wrinkles.

I finished Rose Bowl in time to enter it into the Georgetown Fair. It was in the beginning of August. As you know I did this for my Daughter-in-Law, Denise. I was making it her birthday gift this year. I felt like I had time to enter it into the fair since her birthday isn't until the end of August. I wasn't sure if it'd place because my cats managed to put a couple of small snags in the material and there was a small spot that didn't appear to come completely out. Nonetheless, I ended
Dahlia Mae less than 24 hours old
up in sixth place. I am not complaining, at all. I am proud of my work and Denise opened her gift early and loves it! I think I am probably my own worst critic. Everyone who sees it loves it. I doubt anyone besides me can see the flaws I am talking about. But isn't that all of us?

Dahlia's Announcement
My granddaughter, Dahlia Mae VanRyan arrived into this world on August 7, at 12:07AM (after 46 hours of hard labor). She was 7lbs 10oz and 20 inches long. She didn't want to open her eyes very much at first. When she did open her eyes, it was just one and that wasn't very long at a time. She opens them (both now) for longer periods of time. She currently has dark blue eyes. Chance has blue eyes, but they are a lighter
Sarah and Dahlia
blue. Sarah's eyes go between gold and hazel, depending on her mood, just like her dad. I stitched a baby announcement for Dahlia. I don't have it framed yet, but it is done. Jack suggested I put the time she was born under the date, on the same  squares thus far. I may see about doing that. Then my signature. I just realized as I was posting this picture that I accidentally put a hyphen between the 1 and the 4 of the year. I will frog that and put the time in smaller numbers to the area to the right of the date. I am actually very proud of the kind of Mommy Sarah is being to Dahlia.

I have restarted "Life's Little Tangles", again. You may remember when I was stitching this last time I have been working on it about a week. I think I have made pretty good progress. I have stitched about 1,100. I decided I'd used the red guide thread this time on it and I like how quickly it seems to be coming along.  I would say I've been
Life's Little Tangles
Stop That Cat
stitching on this about a week. Jack says if I can get it done by the time next year's fair rolls around I'd "smoke the competition". The first place ribbon in this year's competition went to a project of the Titanic.  It was gorgeous! It had every square stitched. So will "Life's Little Tangles". This picture isn't the best quality, but you can still see it pretty well. Hopefully my next picture will be better quality.

Also, here is a picture of "Stop That Cat" thus far. I have been putting most of my stitch time towards "Life's Little Tangles" so have not made much headway on this one, yet. I know the quality of this picture isn't the best, but hopefully you can see what I have completed.

Rachel started her sophomore year of high school this week and Sarah returned to Subway, small shifts for now. She will start looking for CNA positions now that the baby is born. Chance has been told he will be made perm at his job, but nothing has been signed yet. Jack was given a different prosthetic leg by the VA. The one he had before had become way too big because of his weight loss. This prosthetic actually has a bending ankle and middle of the foot.