Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My Needles Were Hot!

Hello, Everyone!

I know, once again, it has been way too long between updates and I apologize for that. It seems like since my last post alot of things have been occurring.
Captain kissing me

Chance was laid off of his job and is trying to get the GED taken. He has passed everything except one subject. He is getting some tutoring to help him with that subject before he takes that portion over again.

Our dog, Captain has had severe arthritis for the past couple of years. We were giving him
Captain before his appointment
glucosamine, to help with the pain, but we started noticing that it wasn't working that well anymore and that he was going outside only twice a day to do business for a few days. He had been losing his hair too. We have no clue why, but nothing the vet did helped that stop.  We talked about it and decided it was time to put him down. He was a Labrador/SharPe mix. He would have been 11 on December 21. I asked the vet how long does his bread usually live. He told me 11-13 years. So he was close. You could tell by looking in his eyes he was ready to cross the Rainbow Bridge. I was a mess for a few days afterwards, because Captain was really my dog. He slept at my feet, was fed and watered my me, gave me kisses and hugs, and so much more. He protected this house against a burglar a few years ago. Needless to say, a very faithful and loving pet.
Rachel and Kristian at the Military Ball

Rachel went to the Military ball with her boyfriend. They have been going out a couple of months. He is a member of the Junior ROTC and is hoping to go into the Marine Corps when he graduates from high school. She and I shopped for a dress a couple days before the ball. She tried on the dress she was planning on wearing, but realized it didn't fit right. We went shopping at a store called Debs. They carry everything especially meant for teenage girls; from jeans to formal wear. Homecoming was a few weeks before the Military ball, so the formal dresses were drastically reduced. We bought her dress with a 70% discount. I thought that was a great deal.

I broke my fourth toe on my left foot, Not sure if it happened when I dropped a cookie sheet on it, side first. When I dropped the cookie sheet I was drying the dishes.That same night, about an hour later I stubbed that same toe in a strange way. I guess one could have started it and the second completed the break. I went to the clinic the day after. They x-rayed it and showed me the films. The break is what he called an oblique break. It starts just below the top knuckle on your toe and goes down and sideways at the same time.

Stop That Cat
I had quit smoking in September 2011, but ended up starting again in February or March of 2012. I have been wanting to quit again. I set a last date to smoke (November 3) and put the patch on the morning of November 4, when I first woke up. I can honestly say there have been a few times that I really craved a cigarette. I have not given into that craving though. I am starting week three of the "Stop That Cat!" for the slower times. That didn't happen very often though. We had a pretty good turn out in the polling place I worked. Honestly, the only real slow time was the last hour. We only had two people come in then. We had five people within 15 minutes of the poles opening though.
patch. Yay!! Why quit the day I did? Because it was election day and I was an Election judge. Therefore I didn't really have time to smoke. And when I did, I had brought along

It snowed a couple of inches here this past Saturday. We'd had flurries a couple of times before then, but nothing that stuck. This time it stuck. It has not gone away yet either. I heard it may be gone by this weekend. I hope so. I have a good friend who moved up to Baldwin, Michigan at the end of spring. She was estatic that they got five inches of snow. She loves winter. Me? I tolerate winter I
love late spring and early fall, before it gets horribly hot or cold.

Since I have broken my toe, I have been doing alot of stitching. I have stitched on "Stop That Cat" as well as "Life's Little Tangles".I have also started "Heaven", the project I am doing for my best girlfriend, Micki. Micki and I met in second grade and we have been best friends ever since.

I am pleased with how much I was able to accomplish on "Heaven", in
 Life's Little Tangles
justa few hours work. My thought was to give this to her for her birthday this coming June. I gave her mom my piece "Amazing Grace" for Christmas a few years ago.

I stitched on "Stop that Cat!" for a couple of weeks. I frogged  the lettering I had done, "What's yours?" because I realized I had done it in the wrong color. Oh well, its not like the works take a long time to do! :) I am glad that I am getting to work with the colors of the cat now. I know I have maybe 600 stitches left on the "roll" but I need to take a break from white on white.

I also have stitched on my HAED, "Life's Little Tangles". I think I have made great progress, or at least good, for about two weeks of work. I think in that time I have stitched about 2,000. I have been able to spend a nice amount of time stitching especially in the week since my toe broke

I have also done something that I don't get to do very often. I bought some stash! I bought some from a fellow stitcher as well as 1-2-3 Stitch. I have not received any of the things yet, but I'll fill you in on what I bought next time. I also sent in the post card to start receiving the magazine, "Just Cross Stitch". I am excited!!!

Well, I need to be going. I'll talk with you again soon. Happy Stitching!