Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Very Fast Summer

Hello Everyone! This summer has been flying by! In early June I went to SUTO (Stitching Under the Oaks). I had an absolute blast! I met so many stitchers and had a wonderful roommate in Anna 😂 I am very glad I went!

Since the retreat I have been stitching on “Life's Little Tangles”. I was not happy with leaving it as it was before I started concentrating on stitching on the retreat project. I now have it at a place that I will be able to pick it up easily and not be lost. A part of me wants to keep stitching on it. Another part wants to pick up the SUTO project. The picture here of "Life's Little Tangles" has the width of pages one and two completed
Life's Little Tangles

I am excited and nervous to start stitching the “Peacock” sampler again. It has a great deal of stitches in it that I've never done before. Some of the threads are silk, some are normal DMC (cotton) and others are pearl 5 and 8. Part of it had a metallic kind of thread. It also has a hardanger section. Before the retreat, I had used cotton DMC, some metallic thread, and in one project I used glissen gloss. Before the retreat was over, I tried to do a little of each stitch in class. Thea also gave us a CD, so if we needed to watch it being done again we could. She also gave us the material to turn it into a bag for our WIP's.

I am very excited...Joann's has opened in our mall! :D Rachel and I went opening day, and “window shopped”. I was ecstatic! I saw everything I need to do do cross stitching. I also saw some cute stamps and that made me think about maybe making some cards, especially since I've seen the end result of others doing cards. You never know, you may be the recipient of a handmade card! 😉

We are in the process of getting things organized here. I have all the music related stuff tucked away and the stack of stuff needing to be shredded done. I also have all of the wallpaper off the north wall in what was the dining room that can be reached by me without a ladder. I still need to do the south wall. It won't take near the length of time as the north wall, because it has a very large window. The east wall has paneling, so we are leaving it be. The west wall Rachel tore down Now, instead of a Living Room and Dining room, we are creating a Great Room, I believe is the term.

I also tore up the majority of the carpet in Jack's and my bedroom. When Jack was having to use an electric wheelchair (AKA Jazzy) it tore a major hole in our carpet in the bedroom. I have fallen a few times because of catching my foot on the carpet. There is a hardwood floor underneath, but the reason we covered it to begin with is there are various issues with the hardwood floor, such as paint splatters and needing sanding and resealing.

I am still going through tests, so I don't have final results, but the CAT-A of my brain showed I do not have any aneurysms forming. That is the good news. On the other side of the coin it showed I have what they term as a “small” benign tumor in my brain. I am scheduled to talk with my neurologist anyway on Friday. The main doctor office said he will discuss with me the options and then I may see the surgeon.

My granddaughter, Dahlia, is growing a great deal. She started walking about two days before this video was taken. That was a couple weeks ago now. Her first birthday is August 7. It took her a bit longer than I remembered my girls taking, for her teeth to come in, but once they started coming in, watch out! Now she had seven teeth, I think.