Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Stitching Continues...

Hello, Everyone!

Wedding Bells pg 2
Wedding Bells pg 1
I have been stitching alot but not on the computer much. I did finish the 'Wedding Bells' for my cousin's son and bride-to-be. I am excited about it. Now I need to figure out the perfect frame for it. Sarah's boyfriend, Chance, took pictures for me. In the pictures that showed the entire project in one picture, you couldn't really read the metallic thread, So I had him take closer pictures of the project, which means it is divided into two pictures. The top half of the project is actually the second picture and the bottom half is the top half of the project. M ycomputer was being silly. GRRR!! In my pictures on the computer, the pictures were showing right side up, but when I went to post the pictures, they were on their sides instead of right side up! Thanks to Jack I was able to get them to post the direction I wanted. I am uncertai.n what he did, but whatever it was, worked. That is all that matters!! :)

Rose Bowl
I have also made a nice amount of progress on 'Rose Bowl'. I am aiming to have it done by next summer. My daughter-in-law's birthday is in late August and I figured it would be a good gift for her. She loves roses and she seems to like my stitching as well. The pattern called for it to go on white 28 count evenweave, but I was thinking it'd look nice on a pale pink, so I bought some 28 count even weave in a color called "Angel Blush" With all of the roses being red, I think it will look wonderful, when its done. This pattern is a total of four pages, however, pages three and four have minimal stitching because the 'bowl' actually looks more like a vase, to me. The beginning of the bowl (vase) is the yellow/gold color in the middle at the bottom of what is stitched.

A few months back I asked Chance to look through my patterns and find one he liked and would like

Chance's Wolf
me to do for him. He saw a wolf in a book I had recently been RAKed with. I am hoping to have it done by Christmas. Since the picture was taken two days ago, I have finished putting the white and ecru on the muzzle and worked on under his muzzle a bit. I still have the rest of the branch in the upper right corner and his shoulder/chest area.

Sarah is nearing the end of her CNA training at the college. She has been receiving top grades the entire time and has even started working for a private party doing CNA work. She still has her job at Subway, where she has been for over two years.

Rachel is doing well. She plays the euphonium in the high school band and recently joined the pep band. She is very talented. She played the piano for several years and then when she went to middle school (what was called junior high when I was in school) she started playing the euphonium. She plays the piano in jazz band at school as well.

I have good news to report on my dear husband as well. Some of you may remember that three years ago Jack had to have his left leg amputated due to diabetes. The prosthetic leg he was originally given was very painful to him and made the stump swell whenever he wore it, so he wore it rarely. The good news is this summer he talked with the VA hospital, since he is a Veteran, and the have made him a prosthetic leg that is very comfortable for him and he uses it frequently. He recently finished his therapy. He walks most of the time with what is called a rollater (a walker on wheels that has a seat to sit on in case the person gets tired). He has also walked half way down a flight of stairs and back up and used a four prong cane to get a few places. He has also started losing weight since he has been moving around.

We are having Thanksgiving dinner at our home. I made two deep dish pumpkin pies late this afternoon. Jack will do a big part of the cooking tomorrow. We have invited over some good friends of ours as well as one of my clients who has no one to celebrate the day with. She and I have become friends. I am looking forward to the day.

Take care, everyone and have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Happy stitching to all.