Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What An Interesting August!

Kit I Started in the Hospital
Hello Everyone!

I have had an interesting few weeks! Some of you may not of seen my short blog update a couple weeks ago. I ended up in the hospital for a full week because of an abscess in the lower half of my left knee. About thirty-six hours after the surgery to remove the abscess, they released me from the hospital. They made three vertical incisions. They didn't stitch them closed because they want the incisions to heal from the inside out. A nurse from Home Health Care comes twice a week and looks at it and bandages it. As long as I have her coming, they pay for all my bandaging supplies.

As to how the abscess happened, that is a guessing game. It could have been when I tripped mowing the lawn or when I was on my hands and knees in my bedroom removing carpet. There is not really
More Kits Adana Gave Me!
an entry wound. Either way, I went into the Emergency room for the second time in three days on July 31. They started IV antibiotics on me and decided to put me in the “observation unit”, which was suppose a twenty-four stay. After I was there for twenty-four hours I was supposed to either be released or moved to a different unit. I was there after the twenty-four. Shortly after I was there for forty-eight, they moved me to a different unit. So they moved me on Sunday. Thats when other doctors started getting involved. When Jack and Rachel were visiting me Monday, Jack told one of the doctors that pumping me full of antibiotics was going to do no good if they couldn't find the
Life's Little Tangles Before This
 Times Stitching
source. He told him they need to do an MRI or CT scan. The doctor agreed. I had an MRI later that day. It showed a couple of abscess areas in the lower part of my knee. Shortly after I was moved upstairs, a stitching friend (thanks Adana!) brought me several kits to stitch. She even
Even More From Adana!
 Only thing not pictured are the scissors
bought me some scissors, bless her heart!!:) On Wednesday someone from Orthopedics came in and talked with me and showed me the MRI findings. They sent the x-ray machine in because the MRI was showing that I had a “foreign object” in my knee that had caused the whole thing. The x-ray showed nothing, so it was concluded the MRI was “over analyzed”. They did the surgery Wednesday evening and I went home on August 7. Jack and I think the "foreign object was so small, it came out with the puss from the abscess unseen. 

I went to see the surgeon yesterday. He likes the looks of how I am healing. He okayed me to start doing small things, but nothing on my knees, of course! I see him again in two weeks.

I looked at “Peacock” and thought about stitching on it, but didn't. I did however stitch some on “Life's Little Tangles” and “Noel” one of the kits Adana gave me. I ran into an issue with "Noel" pattern when I made the mistake of doubling up pearl cotton size 12. Silly me was reverting back to normal DMC where most of the time you make it two strands thick. Boy did I feel dumb on that one!
Life's Little Tangles Now

I thought I needed more white. I got some white from the maker of the kit, Turns out I had just enough. But I ended up ordering the green DMC 503 pearl cotton from 1-2-3 Stitch. I need to watch a video on how to do a particular design (spider rose). I think I found one on You Tube. I am suppose to do this with DMC floss not ribbon. Most of the videos show it with ribbon, but I found one with regular floss.

When I ordered the 503 Pearl Cotton size 12 from 1-2-3, my adoring husband, asked me if I
Order From 1-2-3-Stitch
wanted/needed anything else! We found out if we added DMC 310 and B5200, both pearl cotton size 12, that it would not increase the shipping cost at all! So we did that!!

Chance and Sarah went out of state and picked up Chance's daughter so she could have her one month a summer with Dad visitation. She is a beautiful young lady. Very well behaved. Jack and I immediately loved her! She dotes on her baby sister like she is a pro! They arrived here the day I was released from the
Dahlia's Smash Birthday Cake
hospital, which also happened to be Dahlia's first birthday. She celebrated her birthday at Chance's parent's home. She had a purple frosted smash cake she had fun with!
Brianna and Dahlia Cuddling
She was wearing one of the dresses Papaw bought her for her birthday during her celebration.

Our washing machine died in early June when our basement flooded because of a very fierce storm that our drainage system in the basement couldn't keep up with. The water heater died as well, but Jack was able to fix that. The day I got out of the hospital, on the way home, we stopped by Home Depot and bought me a new machine. We talked that we were washing at the laundromat and drying at home but we were spending more on the laundry this way than if we just replaced the machine. Even though it made things tough, we just took the
Dahlia After "Smashing" Her
Birthday Cake
leap of faith and did it! Father God has seen us through this trial. We are okay!!

Another time Father God had His protective hand on Rachel and me was yesterday. We were heading down a state highway, 55 mph, when the front right tire and wheel came completely off the car!!! Rachel was driving. She has her learner's permit. She managed to get the car over enough to the right that cars could safely pass, but not so far that the tow truck couldn't pick it up. She came to as safe a stop as any professional!! :) You could see the terrified look on her face but she did great. We did not crash, did not get harmed, and the car got home unscathed. Jack says the whole thing happened because the tire that came off was a bit bigger than the other three. No harm to the tire either. What we are going to do is put the tire back on long enough to get to the tire place and then get the proper size tire mounted!!

Well, that is it for now. Happy stitching,everyone!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Hospital Time

Hello, Everyone!

I have stitched very little this week. What I did stitch was on the left peacock on "Peacock" sampler.

Most of my time this week has been spent as a patient in the hospital. I hurt myself last weekend and the wound became infected. I originally went to the Emergency Room on Tuesday. They gave me an IV antibiotic and sent me home with a prescription to fill. They told me to give the antibiotic forty-eight hours to work. If no improvement, then come back. 

Wednesday was a bit better, but Thursday and Friday my leg looked worse. Jack took me back to Emergency Room Friday. They admitted me. Originally for just a 24 hour observation. Then  the swelling area grew so kept me a second night. Now staying a third night. The swelling went down, but not away. The redness decreased, but didn't go completely away. Still in pain.

Didn't bring my stitching with me to the hospital. My husband brought me my iPad when he came to see me today.

My leg still hurts a great deal!

I am sure that next update will be more positive. Happy stitching, everyone!!