Sunday, February 17, 2019

Wow, Has It Really Been Eighteen Months?

Astrid Estelle Birth Announcement
Hello, Everyone! Sorry for being gone so long! Life has been crazy! I originally stopped posting because I was devoting every minute of my time, for nine months, to a project a designer (X's and O's) asked me to stitch. It is a purse, wallet and pocket. I was told to not post pictures because it will be published in a magazine. She didn't want me to "steal their thunder" in revealing the pictures I took of it. I finished all three parts right after Christmas 2017. It hasn't been published yet, so still can't show my pictures.

I did stitch a lot in 2018. I stitched, and finished, a Winnie The Pooh Sampler with my granddaughter's name and birthday on it. Her mommy, my youngest daughter, is expecting her second child any
Psalm 23
day. She is expecting a little boy this time. His name is Jonah Lee. Fortunately Rachel and her husband, Jacob, understand how much work goes into stitching a project. I think I know which project I
Apple of His Eye
want to do announcing him, but I haven't bought the pattern yet.

I managed to finish and frame Psalm 23, which I had to stop stitching because of the model. I really like how it turned out!

I found a UFO that was 20 years old! I thought I had finished it, but it looked like something was missing. I went through my patterns and found its pattern. I had, for some reason, omitted the branches and apples in the upper left corner, above the bears. The project is now complete, for real this time, LOL!

I was going to start teaching how to cross stitch at Joann's in October 2018. I stitched my examples
Sarah Receiving Gypsy Finish
for the class, and then was told that Joann's decided to not have classes anymore. That news bummed me out but I decided to see about doing private lessons. There were three small projects: a Christmas wreath, a reindeer, and a car with a Christmas tree atop. I do have pictures of all three, but I am not sure I should post them.

Love Pansy
I stitched a pansy that I am going to give my Mom. I originally wanted to give it to her Christmas 2018. It will be in a trinket box. My husband Jack, is helping me fix the box. It will probably end up being a Mother's Day gift this year.

I also stitched a picture of my older daughter, Sarah, with her horse, Gypsy. Gypsy passed away unexpectedly in March of 2018. Sarah had been taking care of Gypsy since she was 14, so for the past ten years. I sent a friend this picture. She has a program that turned the picture into a pattern, so, wallah, I was able to stitch this project! I was nervous about giving it to her. I wondered if she'd be upset about the picture because of how much she loved him. But, she loved it!

The Lord's Prayer
I am currently working on a couple of WIPs. One is "The Lord's Prayer". The other is,  "I Asked Jesus". My cousin gave me a WIP that my Aunt started several years ago. My
I Asked Jesus
 Aunt became ill and was unable to finish it. I think it'd be neat to give it to my cousin as a Christmas gift. I have the project and the pattern together in my area of projects to do.

That catches you up on my stitching news!

I have been able to stitch so much because my mobility has greatly declined. I am using an electric wheelchair when I am not home and sometimes in my house, depending on my pain level. I use a walker when I am not using the Jazzy (electric wheelchair). I was very bummed out bout my physical condition worsening, but I have come to the realization that is just part of my Christ story. I am getting ready to start eight weeks of intensive physical and occupational therapy at home. I remember a bit more than two years ago I could o 2.5 miles on the elliptical. Now I can't walk seventy-five feet without having massive pain. I have Degenerative Disc and Joint Disease. Surgery to repair the affected discs isn't really an option because I am already partially paralyzed. One of the risks of the surgery is causing someone to be paralyzed. I don't need to be any more paralyzed than I already m, thank you!

Because of my declined mobility, I now get 40 hours of in home help with housecleaning, food prep, etc. I hired Rachel, because I wanted someone I could trust.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day. Jack and I had a great day. It was our 31st Anniversary. Jack made dinner and Sarah, Rachel, Jacob and Sarah's daughter (Dahlia) and Rachel and Jacob's daughter (Astrid) came over for a family dinner. It was delicious!

Rachel and Jacob are going to take me up to see a friend of mine over Palm Sunday weekend. I am excited! I originally met the couple when we attended the church in which he was the Pastor. I developed a wonderful friendship with the wife. He accepted a call to Pastor at a smaller church in a small town in Michigan; a five hour drive.

Sarah is in her final semester of nursing school. She will be done in May. Then she will need to take her State Boards. Jack and I are very proud of her.

Jack is doing well. Thank you all for sticking with me and praying for us.

I have started attending a church which has a wheelchair accessible van. I have enjoyed the services I have attended so far.

May God keep and bless each of you!