Friday, February 24, 2012

Because of My Car I could Stitch!

I figured out that I have done at least 1900 stitches on ”Creation” cat since my last update. I know that each "graph like square" is 100 stitches being that it is 10x10 and I have completed 17 of those as well as at least 200 stitches in the stitching that is not every square in the 10x10 stitched. Thus far on page 2 of ”Creation” cat I have just worked on the cat's body. He is made up of three colors so far, DMC 975, DMC 976 and DMC 3827, on page 2. I know when I get to his paw area on this page he will have a couple of other colors, but, so far, page 2 has just been those three colors. I had to have Jan take me over to the local LNS and get a couple more skeins of both 975 and 976. I was almost out of the darker of the two and I knew I was going to need more of at least it and suspected I'd need more of the lighter color. Jan bought me two of each color just to make sure I have enough, especially since I still need to stitch the third project for her and we do not know exactly what colors it calls for. Next week Jan and I will go to Champaign and get the material I need for the third project.

Because Jan wanted Creation Cat done on the dark brown material, I felt like I needed to have the writing of the project in a lighter color. The pattern called for it to be done in the darkest color of the leaves. (That was DMC 3345 – Dark Hunter Green). Honestly, to me, that just didn’t look right, with the project on dark brown. So I asked Jan what she wanted me to do. She looked at it and said to use the color that was just a shade lighter from the color in the leaves. Honestly, that still didn’t look quite right. I asked Jack what he thought and he said to have it in a lighter color green, almost what he called a sea green. He asked me to bring him my green colors so he could see what color would be best. After looking over all the greens, which meant me pulling out all my thread boxes, he picked out DMC 955. I did show Jan after only putting in a few letters, just to make sure she liked how it looked and she loved it! She agreed that the greens either the color of the leaves or close to the color of the leaves just didn’t look right. She also agreed that DMC 955 looks excellent!

The car issues are still happening! We are so baffled! I went out to the car Sunday (2/19) morning to go to church and the car would not start. A friend came and picked us up for church and then took me by CVS so I could get my medicine and took me home. Later in the afternoon Jack really needed a store run done to get a couple of things related to dinner. I decided to try the car, since the grocery store is a three or four mile walk, one way. It started! Monday morning it would not start again. I had it towed to Mark’s. They looked at it and tried to diagnose it since it wasn’t working all day Monday and Tuesday,. The shop and Jack discussed something about putting in a starter button to bi-pass the electronic ignition but then it started by itself on Wednesday and so I walked about halfway to the shop and then a friendly family took pity on me and gave me a ride the rest of the way. It is soooo maddening!! Jack had me go down to the store that makes keys and make another key to the car in the event that we do end up doing something else to the car. The car is working fine for now.

I finished stitching the project about friends being the best presents Sunday afternoon after church and before that grocery trip. (2/19) I think I’d have to say that was a ‘quick stitch’. I know that I worked on it only, when I started thinking about it, but it only stitched on it three days. I kitted it together Friday (Feb. 17) when we were talking about having the car towed to Mark's Electric and having me stay with the car and have the guy tell me what he did to the car to get it going. I wanted to take something to stitch, but I didn't want to take my cat or even the elephant, which I know I need to pull out and stitch on again. I got it all together and ready to go when the tow truck got here and then the car started even though for me it didn't an hour earlier. Can you see the steam coming out my ears?! I ended up driving the car to Mark's but because it would start, they could not help me. Is anyone besides me getting mad at this yet? Anyway, when I came home from Mark's with the car Friday, I sat in my room and stitched the day away. My stress level went to zero. I did stitch on Saturday too, but I did other things as well; Friday it was a stitch and only stitch day. So, the stitching that you saw in picture 1 of this project (last post) was done on mostly Friday and a little on Saturday and then picture 2 progress was done on Sunday.

The tulips I planted in September before going to California when my friend Michele was here, have started making an appearance. I am so happy! I honestly was unsure if I was planting them right, since my dad is the “plant person” and I know very little. But I did good this time. I was also concerned on whether or not the squirrels would dig them up. I am unsure when the mums are suppose to be making a comeback, but I did what I was told to them this winter, in early December, cutting them severely back. We will see if they come back to life this spring. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they come back.

My Nordic Needle order arrived on 2/21. I was right. The order had counting pins, beading needles and one package of black beads and one package of white beads as well as something called a Star De-Tailor. What it is supposed to do is help you get your short threads tucked away properly on the back of the material. I haven’t tried it yet, but I am sure there will be a time that I can.

am using the counting pins on “Creation” cat now. I think if I ever order counting pins again I’ll buy the longest length I can get. These seem awfully short to me. They work, but they are short. I ordered the black beads because I want to put them on both of the cat projects where French Knots are called for. They look so much better than my French Knots.

Jack made me happy! I have been worried about him because he hasn’t done much of anything except read fan fiction on his computer for the past several years really. I know that his health is not the best and I know he lost his leg to diabetes in Nov 2010 and I have been praying that he start doing something. Well today he told me that he wants to start going to the Y! If he follows through on that he may start to lose some of his weight. He was talking to me about how he needs to get his blood sugars under better control and move around more and even exercise. So maybe my prayer is answered?

I have still waiting to hear from Pam Kifer so I can get her address since she is the winner of drawing 1, the hoops of various sizes and lap stand.

I Instant Messaged Wes the other day and we talked for probably at least 20 minutes. I told him that Sarah got his package and told him how Rachel was in the paper (you can see that on my facebook). We had a good talk. I think he knows how much we all love and miss him.

Well, I neeed to be going. I am not sure if I am in charge of dinner or if Jack is, but either way, it is time to start cooking!

Take care everyone and know that I appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you for taking the time to stop by.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Drawing Day!

I feel like I have made a lot of progress on “Creation” Cat. I have taken time to stitch during the past week and I am feeling pretty good. I do not feel stressed at all right now. I am done with page 1, except for the E-N on the word GIVEN. The pattern is a full 2 pages. Page 2 is the lower half of the cat. He is standing on his hind legs. At his feet is a "mouse flower". I am hoping to give you an updated picture by next week. Maybe I'll even be done? I don't know that for sure. That is a hope, I guess.

Yesterday I woke up before my alarm went off, by at least an hour and I wanted to stitch, but I honestly didn't want to stitch on "Creation Cat" because I wanted to scan him before I stitched on it again. I have a book of smaller cross stitches and I started flipping through them and found a really nice one that I thought my friend who is getting the Irises might like. I found some material that would work for it and discovered that I had all the necessary threads, so I just started stitching away. I did go swimming at the Y yesterday, but didn't really do any chores or get on the computer. I just basically stitched the day away. But you know, that's okay because sometimes we just need to do a time out and not worry about anything at all. I basically stitched 90% of the day and got almost everything done here done. The only thing that I have done on it today was color DMC 333 and DMC white as well as all the backstitching that is done I did today. If everything goes according to what I am thinking, I will have it done some time tomorrow. All I have left to do is finish the backstitching on the bow as well as around the yellow and purple and then backstitching in the phrase. What the phase says is: Friends are the best Presents. It really isn't a huge pattern (57W x 41H) but I just thought Mary-Beth would really enjoy it.

I have always considered her a good friend, even though we have only met in person once and that was just a few years ago. She came to my area with her employment and while she was in the area, she came over and had dinner. We have been friends since we became pen pals way back in fifth grade through Girl Scouts. At the time I lived in California and she lived in Massachusetts. It would have been hard to put many more miles between two girls becoming pen pals through Girl Scouts! We use to write each other once or twice a month. It slowed as we became adults, but we do still keep in contact.

I am so jazzed! I have been looking around for a red rose pattern. My daughter-in-law really likes red roses and I wanted to do a pattern especially for her. I recently was looking at Dickey's completed projects (Dickey from ILCS). I saw this project of a bouquet of red roses in a gold vase and fell in love with it. I e-mailed him and talked with him about this pattern. I told him that I saw this pattern in his completed projects and was wanting to see about where could I get the pattern. We agreed that I would send him a gift certificate to 1-2-3 Stitch and he would send me the pattern. The package form Dickey arrived earlier this week. I am so excited! I know I need to 'kit it up' and get the material too but I really want to have this completed for her as a birthday present. Her birthday is August 31, so I feel like I have plenty of time.

We had car issues again. I went out to the car Saturday morning to get some groceries and the silly thing would not start again. GRRRR! Jack worked on the car all day Saturday (2/11) and got no where but mad. Sarah drove me to the grocery store with her pick up. We got a ride to church on Sunday. On Monday we ended up having the car towed (again). This time we had it towed to Mark’s Auto Electric. They had the car most of the day and figured out that it was some sort of fuse that needed replacing and the area around that fuse needed cleaning. The fee was very minimal. I ended up spending more money between the two times towing the van to get it fixed than the cost of replacing the fuse! (LOL) Thus far it seems to be working fine. I don't want to jinx myself though.

Ordered and received a huggie from Forever Cowgirl. I had originally wanted this huggie before Christmas because I wanted to give it to my sister on a q-snap as a Christmas present, but now I guess I’ll give it to her as a birthday gift. I may do it as a “Just Because” gift, since her birthday isn’t until June. The huggie is made out of a material that has the Marine Corps Symbol on it. My sister’s oldest son was discharged from the Marine Corps in October 2011, after completing a four year stint. He has recently enrolled in college. I am not sure what he is studying, but he is talking about once he is done with college, going back in the Marine Corps but that time going in as an officer. I am very proud of him.

I recently placed an order with Nordic Needle. I am excited about it as well. I am also getting frustrated about it though because it has been over a week now since I placed the order. I called them on Wednesday and was told that the order was shipped out on Tuesday. I have not received it yet and it is Saturday. North Dakota isn't that far from Illinois and previous orders have never taken this long.

In my order I got two different colors of beads. I have a real problem getting my French knots to look right, so I thought I'd try it with the beads. I have done it that way before and liked it. But the last beads I bought were too big to use for French knots. I also got beading needles. I just hope that threading the needle isn't too hard. I also bought some counting pins. I have heard a great deal of good about this tool and thought I'd give them a try. I thought they might come in handy, especially once I do start the HAED. I still need to get my printer working and buy the material for the HAED, but hopefully I will be able to do that soon. I know that there is at least one other thing that I ordered, but I cannot remember what that is right now.

As far as my drawings...

I had Rachel draw for the winner of the first contest and her friend Mariah choose the winner of the second contest. The winner of drawing 1 Is Pam Kifer and the winner of drawing 2 is Ayjah. Congratulations!!! :) I need both of you to send me your addresses and I will mail your packages to you as soon as possible. Ayjah, if you live out side the USA I am not sure how long it will take for your package to arrive, but I will get it off as soon as I can.

Well, that is about it for now. Please take care, everyone. Happy stitching and if everything goes right I'll have at least one finish to report by next week.

Friday, February 10, 2012

There are Two Drawings!

I apologize for taking so long to do this post...the past couple weeks have been on the crazy side!

1) I had a seizure on a Wednesday afternoon that I didn't really completely recover from for a couple of days. That is unusual for me. I do have seizures, but I generally recover within a few hours from whatever seizure I have. (Yes, I am scheduled to see my doctor in a couple weeks because of this). My seeizures have been happening more frequently, which is scary to us. More frequently in my case is instead of one every seven years or so, is since December 2010 I have probably had four seizures. One in December of 2010 and then one in September 2011. Two of them were the other Wednesday that knocked me silly. I have never ever had two seizures in one day.

2) My van's starter went out.

3) My older daughter's tires needed replacing. Jack and I got two tires at the recycle store and had them mounted.

4) My van did a mysterious, "I won't start" and I had to have it towed just to have it start at the repair shop. This happened the same day Sarah's tires needed replacing, so ended up having both our vehicles towed the same day.

5) My younger daughter developed ear infection.

6) I did finish irises and start "Creation" (the second project I am being paid to complete).

7) I placed an order with Nordic Needle that I am excited about. I am expecting a couple different colors of beads, some beading needles, counting pins, and a tail catcher.

8) I believe I have landed myself a job besides cleaning a couple of houses. I am excited about this. The job won't start until mid-March because the person that is there now isn't leaving the position until then. I will need to be trained and everything first though, so I am okay with it. The pay is very reasonable.

9) Figured out what I wanted to give away in my giveaway here. I sure hope everyone has fun! I have never done a giveaway, so this is new for me, but I have seen giveaways done on other blogs and I hope to do this one similar to what I have seen done. I will put the names entered in a hat and have my daughter draw the name. I will have two drawings.

Drawing #1 will be for a Lap Stand, a wooden hoop 8"x12", a 10" wooden hoop, an 8" wooden hoop, and two 6" wooden hoops.

Drawing #2 will include a 12x16 piece of Aida material that has sparkles through it as well as red and blue threads. It is very pretty. I will also put in Leisure Arts Leaflet 958 'The Lord's Prayer and Dale Burdett Love Bears All Things pamphlet and a personal wares Janlynn 986-42 gold lame fanci ruffled hoop (finished size 4" x 5.5").

If you want to be entered in either one or both drawings, please say if you want to be in drawing 1 or drawing 2. You may enter both if you would like. I will be drawing the names February 18.

I am excited about how my Irises turned out. I have not framed this yet. I am not sure how Mary-Beth wants me to finish it. I have to talk with her about if she wants me to just send it to her as I have it now and then let her frame it or if she wants me to frame it and then send it to her. I think it turned out very nice.

I have started my second cat project that I am being paid for. This one is called "Creation Cat". I think I have made a lot of progress on him. I am still working on page one. I am almost done with the cat part of page one. Then there is a fish between his paws and tree leaves on this page. Fish are growing on the tree much like fruit. Jan wanted me to put this picture on brown material. I wasn't real sure that it would look good on brown material, being that the cat is a tiger stripe kind of cat. I think it is probably going to turn out alright though. Page two is the lower half of the cat...he is standing on his hind legs in the a human does. There is a "flower" by his hind legs. The "flower" has leaves, but the stem is the tail of a mouse and the middle part of the flower is a mouse. The phrase on this one is: If I had been present at creation I would have given some useful hints. The thing I think I am going to have to change in this project because of the material being brown is the color of the lettering is suppose to be DMC 3345 (Hunter Green - dark). I am wondering, with the material being brown, should the phrase be written in a light color? Opinions are welcomed and appreciated.

Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day. I know I will. Jack and I will be celebrating our 24th Anniversary. We were married on Valentine's Day in 1988. We chose that day because my favorite color has always been red and I wanted red in the wedding. My girls wore red taffida dresses. We are planning on having a special dinner out, just the two of us. We don't do that very often.