Friday, April 3, 2020

Busy, Busy, Busy

Hello, Everyone! The past year or so has been
full and exciting!

I hadn't been able to easily get to anywhere, easily,
The Lords Prayer
especially church, because I am now in an electric wheelchair most of the time. Then I found out about the church I now attend. They have a wheelchair van, so picking me up isn't a problem. 

I've also found a Christ-centered twelve step program based on the beatitudes called Celebrate Recovery. This program helps a person deal with hurts, hang-ups and habits. From what is considered major to what is
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thought of as small. The program helps a person realize they need God in every aspect of their life, not just selected parts. I have gained confidence in
myself and have just grown as a believer in Christ due to this program. Celebrate Recovery started over twenty years ago and has grown and seems to be just about everywhere now. If you want to check them out, click:

My  husband and I recently celebrated our 32nd wedding
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anniversary, our sixth grandchild was born; our oldest daughter graduated as a Registered Nurse and works in the Emergency Room; our son and his family have moved here from California, so now everyone is in the same state! Our oldest son lives about two and a half hours north of us, but the rest of us live in the east central part of the state. It is exciting to have all of
Blessed Baby
us so close together. I can't wait to see how we are going to handle the various get together at holiday and such throughout the year. 

I have definitely been stitching. I stitched and gave my Mom, "Love". I also finished and framed, "The Lords Prayer". I stitched a couple of bookmarks (purple flower one was with satin
Harvest Time
threads), my grandson's birth announcement, "Blessed Baby", which only needs me to finish the beads for the eyes. I have also stitched, "Harvest Time" and I finished, "I Asked Jesus".  The backstitching on "I Asked Jesus" is completed, but for whatever reason, I couldn't get that picture to load on blogspot. Bummer!

I Asked Jesus

I am now stitching on one my aunt started. She was unable to finish it because she became ill. My cousin gifted me all of y aunt's cross stitching stuff including the project, "Aunt Verdi's Porch". I'm enjoying stitching it. It seems like it's going to be a fast stitch. I will post a picture of it on my next update. My plan is to now update this blog regularly.

Everyone please stay safe and at home during this pandemic. I know that God's got this in His hands. We need to be smart though and do our part too.

Until next time! Stay safe and well! God bless you!