Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The New Year Started Well

Christmas Bells
Hello Everyone and Happy New Year! I hope and pray your Christmas season went as you hoped and maybe even exceeded your expectations! We had Christmas over at Rachel’s home. Jack gave Rachel tips and helped a smidgen with the making of dinner, but for the most part it was all her. She did a fabulous job! Chance Sarah and Dahlia came over after Sarah got off work. We gave Sarah, Rachel Chance and Jacob $25 gift cards. We bought Dahlia two My Little Pony[U1]  ponies that were nice sized. They were on sale, but one get one free. We paid $30. She loves them! Jack bought me a nice new watch. We need to take it to the jewelers and have them remove three or four of the links because it’s too big for my wrist. I am so happy about the watch! I have been hinting for awhile that I wanted a watch. I hate having to hunt down my phone to find out what time it is. For me, a physical watch is easier! He also bought me a new Bible. The one I had somehow, inside the van got doused in liquid. The pages were 
Beading Threads
sticking or stuck together and the ink of the words ran. I am very happy with this Bible too! He even bought a cover for this one as well. My old Bible had a cover, but it was obviously very warn.

My birthday was quiet. Rachel and Jacob came over New Year’s Eve and we played Clue[U2]  until it was approaching midnight. We ended up staying up until probably close to two in the morning. That is highly unusual for us. I noticed that the Rose Parade wasn’t on (very disappointed about this) so we ended up watching an on demand movie. Jack went and bought me a cake.  Sarah, Chance and Dahlia came over and we had a good time. The Rose Parade and game were on the next day. We watched both. The game was excellent! The highest scoring Rose Bowl ever! I think between the teams they had scored 101 points! Both were up there, so it wasn’t a lopsided game by
Hardanger tweezers
any stretch of the imagination.

I made an order to Nordic Needle that is my birthday present. It came in yesterday’s mail! I ordered a new leather thimble. The one I did have disappeared when I was in the nursing home this past summer. I was frustrated because I had become very use to it. Anyway, I’m glad I have a new one now!! I also ordered a package of tips to put on the end of harp things, like my sharp scissors, several colors of beading thread, and a rosewood laying tool. I think all of this will help my stitching this year. If I’m going to start stitching things that have beads, I thought I better have the proper thread! I’ve been told how useful laying tools are with certain projects, so thought I’d try it! I also got some hardanger tweezers. I haven't done much hardanger, but I do have a UFO that has hardanger in it. I want to
Tips, Thimble and
 Laying Tool
learn more about it and stitch it more. I do know from when I was being taught how to do this project, the tweezers come in very handy! 

I cannot believe how many different aspects of stitching I am wanting to learn. I saw "stumpwork" and was in awe. I ant to learn it!! I put a book about it on my 1-2-3 wishlist. I should find a DVD as well. I bought a DVD on hardanger.

Isaiah 30:18 Therefore the Lord will wait, that He may be gracious to you; and therefore He will be exalted, that he may have mercy on you. For the Lord is a God of justice; blessed are those who wait for Him.

This verse tells me the Lord is patient with us. He waits for us to realize what He wants us to know. It also tells me how gracious He is. To me this means the answering of a prayer. He answers prayer every day! People who pray realize how He answers prayers every day, then they give Him the credit for the answer, rightly so, which exalts Him.  It also talks about how the Lord is a God of justice. To me this is referring to how he will allow things, both big and small to happen to try and get people to open their eyes to how good and real He is. This can be confusing to someone who doesn’t know Him. If this is you, you can contact me and I will do the best I can to answer your questions. The last sentence of the verse tells me how those of us who wait for God to do what He wants will be blessed.

Stitching wise, I did finish “Christmas Bells” , an ornament that I started last year and 
Psalm 23 Now

never finished the backstitching on. I gave it to the secretary of my counselor. She loved it. She has seen other projects I’ve done.

I also pulled out “Psalm 23”, and worked on it a bit. It was kind of tough to get back to because I realized one of the, if not the reason I put it down was the area I was at on t
he pattern had warn symbols. I got past it by looking at the actual picture of the project. The picture showed each square in the proper color. I was lucky that with my magnifying lamp I was able to tell the colors. I am now well past that part. The other issue I ended up overcoming with this project, thanks to help from a Facebook group, is one of the main colors had done a disappearing act from the project card. The number that was listed wasn’t a DMC number. The gal in the Facebook group suggested I cross reference the numbers listed on the
Wedding Bells
pattern to DMC. I found out that the color was DMC 334, which I had!

I did set down “Psalm 23” and picked up “Wedding Bells” and started working on it again. The wedding is in mid-March, but I want to have it done and framed and out to them (they live in Idaho) before, or at least by, the wedding. The wedding is actually in Southern California, where the bride is from. They know we cannot come, but they also know I’m stitching them something for their wedding.

Nancy at Victorian Motto Sampler is having a give away. You can enter here

Thank you for spending time with me. I enjoy writing my blog I 
also enjoy stitching and you help motivate me to finish projects, even when it seems like I can’t finish it, like, “Psalm 23”. Happy stitching to everyone who stitches! God Bless to everyone!

 [U1]Lyn Nalett

 [U2]Lyn Nalet0144t.


  1. Sounds like you had a nice holiday, Lyn. Happy Birthday (again)! Your stitching looks nice.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Happy New Year, Meari! We did, and thank you both for the birthday wish and the compliments on my stitching!

  2. Wonderful Blog! You are doing so well with your stitching; and looks like you will be learning new talents as well. I am also wanting to learn hardanger embroidery. Thank you for the inspiring words about our Heavenly Father. I am so glad you enjoyed your pressies! hugs, queeny

    1. Thank you, Pam! I was a bit iffy on learning new things related to stitching, stretching out of my "comfort zone", but as long as I take it at my pace, w/o putting pressure on myself, I think I'll be fine. I have been feeling, for quite awhile now, like I needed to proclaim the fact that I am a believer in Father God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, the Three in One. I decided to act on my urges. Gifts are always fun!

  3. Enjoyed reading your update and all that's going on with you. Your stitching is lovely - you sure have been keeping busy! Kudos on learning something new. I would like to try hardanger at some point also.

    1. Donna, I am glad you enjoy reading my blog. Thank you for the compliment on my stitching. Learning is fun too! Wish we lived close enough together that we could learn it together. Maybe we could Facebook call each other and learn together that way?

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